Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Great Aussie Patriot, Andy you're My Bitch Now.

Seriously folks we are loving this. Now its either a really good way of getting free advertising from us or this guy is truly owning Andy Fleming. Ha who, cares its awesome. Hey Andy, it would appear the working class have rejected your Cultural Marxist message.

Oh lordy the gnashing of teeth, the emergency meetings, the phone calls to his media mates at the ABC. Help me everyone the Nationalists have called me out, and I have nothing. Go to 1.45 and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

This dickhead put up a post Nazis at their rally's....whilst putting up pics of the Reclaim Australian "Multi Cultural" struggle against radical Islam.....
Cultural Marxist once again..The white man is kicked in the guts and betrayed....Forward to the Socialist dream.