Monday, February 09, 2015

The Jacki Howe Revolution will not be televised.

For those who don't know, Jacki Howe is an iconic Australian figure who sheared his way into history wearing his famous Jacki Howe singlet. More HERE. 

Well the folks from Reclaim sure as hell are not in the taking prisoners mood. As a matter of fact judging by Andy Flemings silence and his total inability to do anything of substance so far, I would say the war is going well. 

Just a couple of observations. Looks like Andy Flemings fear of everything and being exposed has hampered his response. Maybe Andy is leading from the rear? (pardon the pun). Or maybe the majority of flak Reclaim is getting at the moment is from scattered groups that do not communicate with the ring leader (again pardon the pun) Andy Fleming?

The best these scattered groups have done so far is managed to truly piss off their intended victims. Not a smart move by the looks of it. Obviously these small and truly ineffective anti-fa groups have been reading the Slackbastard archives and following his SOP on confronting "the fash". Although his information is off the mark and very outdated, the fact that they repeat it gives everyone on our side a good laugh and insight into how much they don't know. But it gives the anti-fa kids something of a moral boost I suppose, we just cant wait to see their reaction when it all goes to shit.

The bottom line is that besides pretending to be in control, Andy truly has no control outside of his circle. His claims of having to hide his true identity for fear of being attacked by his opponents is total BULLSHIT. 

The only threats and actual violence has come from his mates and his mates only. He is more concerned about his friends being exposed, who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes. The fact that he works in the shadows is great when taking on the few. But when you are taking on Reclaim, you are taking on a very very large group. Face it anti-fa you mugs are in over your head.

So what should us WN,s and NS folks do? Well nothing for now. Let Reclaim do what needs to be done. Although they are attacking the symptom and not the cause is of no concern to us for now. We must stay focused and out of the way. Sure join the rally on April 4th. But leave your flags and banners at home. Go and stand with the working class, after all they are our people also. 

Awesome video, truly strikes a note with the majority of Australians. Well Done Reclaim, good luck with the Jacki Howe Revolution.

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Anonymous said...

Reclaim are looking at the infected limb, not at the disease itself. For example, I only had to read the headline and the author of this simply evil article to know she was a Jew. Looked it up, yep, this piece of vermin is a Jew.

What Reclaim need to realise is that Multiculturalism is a classic Golem, created by Jews for their own purposes and it has turned on them, in the case of Islamist attacks on Jews in the West.

Then wads like Australian Protectionist Party and Geert Wilders wave Israeli flags in support of those who created the multicultural Golem in the first place.

Oh Vey.