Friday, February 27, 2015

We get sick of saying this, Andy Fleming works for the state!

He truly is the Clayton's anarchist with his friends in high places. Not to mention his minions that just love working for State Security. You see folks its not Islam that is the threat, its the every day people of this country. You know the white working class, the ones they claim to represent. Well if you are burger flipper at Maccas or a corrupt woman bashing drug using CFMEU official, Andy and his mates have got your back.The rest of you are racists bigots, illegally occupying Australia.

So it would appear once again Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard has something planned for patriots in Western Australia. Its not the first time Andy has told outright lies to his friends in the State Security Intelligence Group.

Yeah so "mind your P's&Q's" Andy, we don't want anyone thinking that you are a fraud. Yes my bet they are big fans and sponcors Andy.

So it would appear all this is because some evil bigots obviously not Union members reported his FB and had him shut down. Now his FB flag ship Slackbastard is all a drift with no one at the helm.

Anyway if you haven't heard of the State Security Intelligence Group in Western Australia we suggest you Google them. You will see a common theme.

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