Tuesday, February 03, 2015

When two tribes go to war, but are they both from the same tribe?

Get that pop corn out folks this looks like it will be one hell of a ride. Our resident state Anarchist Agent Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard has painted himself into a corner, or has he?

Lets start with some background. 

On one hand we have Andy Fleming. Andy is the state sanctioned  leader of the Australian anti-fa. His connections to the Australian Labor Party, CFMEU and Islamic Fundamentalists is well known.  There is no love lost between the staff at WLT and old Andy Fleming. We have been following this idiot for a very long time. 

Andy Fleming was one of the founding members of the now defunct Fight Dem Back group. Fight Dem Back was a Jewish run operation with  friends in the ALP, The Greens, The Australian Democrats, and various Judges, Lawyers.

On the other hand we have Shermon Burgess and his Reclaim Australia following. To be honest we truly don't know much about these guys. But our feeling towards these type of groups is well documented. If indeed these groups are White Nationalist at all, as we suspect they are not. Its most likely they are also unknowingly  State Controlled, unlike like Andy Fleming who is purely a State Agent. They all serve a purpose and we suspect the purpose of this group is a recruitment drive for the ADF. So be it, its more than likely anything Reclaim does would be better than doing nothing at all.  But be warned folks, handle with care.

So here we are. The ding dong battle of the year, Australian Anti-Fa versus The Great Aussie Patriot. Lets now look at some stats. Starting with Andy Fleming. 
Andy has a small public following for an Anarchist/Anti-Fa. His gang made up of mostly middle class students, will eventually grow up to despise who they once were. His number of public followers although growing, has taken a few years to get there. Its not his followers we should be worried about. Its his Union and Political followers who you don't see that pack the punch, did we mention he also has the ear of the State Run Media? Yes folks Andy Fleming doesn't hide his identity for fear of being bashed, killed or attacked. He hides his identity so others connected to him do not get exposed. 

Above the very cheesy but obviously affective "The Great Aussie Patriot", Shermon Burgess. His gang, that is growing at a rather astonishing speed is made up of every type of Australian. Most likely these people are majority working class and easily led. They are but a step away from learning the horrifying truth. They are Andy Flemming's worse nightmare, mainstream Nationalism questioning the state. 

Its of no surprise that Andy Flemming came out swinging when he was upstaged recently by the Reclaim mob with the following we reported on WLT.  We are still laughing at that. So round one goes to Shermon, nice work. 

Meanwhile Andy Fleming retaliates in the only way he knows how. He blames it on a conspiracy from members of this blog and the leader of the Australia First Party. Creating fake conversations, Andy has a sad attempt at taking wild swings at his old enemies. Obviously trying to shift the blame for his blunder. We are still wondering if there will be a legal response to this. Seeing as it is a fraudulent attack on a Public Figure, one would hope so. See Below.

So big swing no ding from Andy Fleming. That wont perturb our State sponsored Anarchist.

He just pulls out one of the weapons in his armory, bullshit slinging and invoking the standard mantra, Nazi, Bogan, Bigot, Racist. 

That brings us to another weapon Andy likes to use. The new and not much respected or liked group Squadron 88. Now leaving our personal opinions to the side, Andy had already attempted to discredit Australia First with this group. But the majority of the White Nationalists and true followers of National Socialism in Australia (not to be confused with Hollywood Nazis) have already distanced themselves from this failed group. Squadron 88 is at best an ignorant bunch of well meaning blokes led by disturbed individuals, at worse something more sinister. Either way they are about the most embarrassing group you can find in Australia and ready made for media and state consumption.

So as it goes April 4 will be worth watching. A lot will happen between now and then we suspect. So far Reclaim hold onto the high ground. 

This is make or break for Andy Fleming. He may have to show his hand trying to halt the massive ground swell of support for Reclaim Australia. It will show us all how well connected he still is since the demise of FDB. He isn't just dealing with a handful this time around. 

Does he still have the backing of the Jewish elite? We may just see a token attack from Andy and that will be it.  Will his fight back be just enough that it doesn't blow his cover, or upset his masters? We hope not, we would love to see this turn into something bigger. Either way it will show us what he is made of. 

For now the battle honors must go to the well meaning yet mostly ignorant every day folk who are preparing for April 4. We just hope security is tight and it wont turn into a false flag event for the War on Terror.

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Anonymous said...

You make a lot of offending assumptions regrding the people who will march on April 4th. I think you will find many people like myself educated to post graduate level will stand with Reclaim Australia and show our disappointment in a government that is letting the Australian Way of life slip away.