Thursday, March 12, 2015

Andy Flemings Anti-Fa Army sink to a new low.

Lets see if I wanted to truly piss off the average patriotic Australian, how could I do that? Well photo shop pictures of dead Anzacs by super imposing faces of criminals, fascists and others on them. Anti-Fa and Andy Fleming think this is real funny. 

We at WLT are not surprised in the least. But it would appear the average Australian is not used to dealing with vermin like this, they don't read WLT, maybe they will now?

I recall way back when it first dawned on me how truly evil these people are. Many folk like myself when first confronted with the reality of how corrupted and twisted these groups are, simply have no idea how to combat it. When you are at odds with people with out a shred of honour you have to learn to adapt.

If they cant get their way, nothing is out of the question. From what we have observed of late Andy Fleming has just about used up all their options. There is still a few left, but we wont see them until the very end. What will that be? Well if you are a WN you would be well aware of what they do when they cant stop you from holding a rally or a meeting.

Like spoiled children who throw tantrums, if they cant have their way they inevitably turn to mummy, in this case the state. They will agitate to the point that the state will have to step in and shut the rallies down for the sake of public safety. This is common with Anti-Fa, as they will call venues or councils stating if the meeting or rally goes ahead they promise there will be trouble. The next method if the above doesn't work is to call in a bomb threat the day before a meeting or a rally. Think it doesn't happen? I can assure you Mr and Mrs average Aussie it does.

So there isn't much you can do with the last option, but you can help put a stop to their other. Don't take the bait. They will be sending their army of agents to your pages. They will say things to ruffle feathers and invite your readers to retaliate. Making it look like the rallies will turn into violent clashes. Don't take the bait and don't engage.  We wish you luck.

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