Friday, March 27, 2015

Anti Antifa notes.

Well this has been enjoyable, but maybe just maybe it is going to end real messy. It is now likely a completely innocent person will be the first victim,  our guess closely followed by a so called bystander. Well its hardly a bystander if you are a combatant on the field  denying your involvement, but that's another matter.

We have been watching with popcorn at the ready as certain people from antifa have been outed over the past week. The one thing we noted is the common theme of working for the Australian Tax Department. Yep anarchists working within the ATO and one even working for Australia Post, how interesting. There has been a lot said and done over the past few days and well like we said, we have just been taking notes.

It would appear that a few feathers have been ruffled in the process. Andy Fleming and his potato shaped friend from reclaimwhat have retaliated at first with some rather ridiculous denials, but that wasn't enough to take the heat off the creator of reclaimwhat. Oh yeah no doubt they have got him/it, but more on that wanker after April 4. 

In what many of us see as no big surprise, the dumb arses from the "we are all slackbastard" (nope not kidding) have gone and outed the reported head of NRG promotions Neil Ericksons mother. Real smart for a super savy antifa hacking group who most probably just pulled his tax file illegaly from the ATO. Let that sink in, they just published the address of this guys mother. The poor woman just so happens to live in Melbourne. Cultural Marxist capitol of Australia. Just a bit of a flask point don't you think?

Shit just got real folks, how this ends now is anyone's guess. Either way we can wait, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Yeah real smart Andy, just like the old days now isn't it. Last time Andys gang of idiots blew up the letter box of what they thought was a Nationalists house in QLD. Yep you guessed it, it was his elderly mothers place. 

The whole reclaim rally in Melbourne is looking rather shaky, and I think its possible antifa may just get that one shut down. Threats and counter threats are running hot between the Patriotic anti Islam pro Israel group and the anti Israel pro Islam Marxist anti fa. One would think that Melbourne's rather large Jewish community are as confused as hell. Mum and Dad Jew will be going with reclaim and their snotty nosed pimply faced reactionary kids will be hanging with antifa. Whats not to love about this?   

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whitestorm72 said...

This just gets funnier and funnier as the days go by! Antifa, you bunch of muppets!!!!