Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"Black Power Gangs" Take to the Streets in QLD.

Yes while the good people of Queensland stood by and in some cases applauded the unfair round up of Outlaw Bikers under Queensland the Stalinist State VLAD laws, Black Power Gangs from New Zealand have been busy recruiting, trafficking and dealing illegal drugs.

So putting aside the fact that innocent white bikers and their families have been locked up and blamed for all types of BS. Forgetting for the moment that the Queensland Police the former LNP Government and a host of corrupt lawyers and Judges, set up a Star Chamber that found you guilty with out charge. Not to mention the false claims of criminal activity on the Gold Coast that started this whole stripping people of everyones rights and freedom under the VLAD legislation.

The media who co-sponsored the theft of our rights with some serious spin doctoring actually convinced the population to walk into what can only be called a Stalinist Dictatorship. All blamed on White Bikers. How many more examples of media complicity and State collusion do we need to see? At home and around the world.

But recently the media on the Gold Coast have wet their collective pants over reports of a PRIVATE BBQ held on the Gold Coast by members of Blood and Honour QLD. No doubt tipped off by Andy Fleming in an attempt to discredit the people from the Reclaim Australia Rallies, who he is currently accusing of being "Nazis". 

Although not a single White Nationalist or National Socialist group in Australia support the Kosher Nationalists of Reclaim, the Gold Coast media have taken to accusing them of being "Nazis"..

Black Power gangs standing over people, selling drugs. Sounds like organized crime to me? Yet the media are more concerned about people who do not do drugs nor break any laws. But they are guilty of being White and Proud and in the Reclaim Australia Rallies case, standing up to Islam. That makes them all "Nazis" in this case. Far bigger issue than a Black Power Gang well known for its vicious criminal antics.

Lets see a single anti racist group, a single anarchist group, a single Aboriginal group call this for what it is. Lets see the mostly non white folk from the Australian Race Discrimination Commission speak out about this Racist anti white crime gang. Lets see Andy Fleming organize a single rally with his mates from the CFMEU, ALP, Greens and anti-fa. Lets see them carrying banners down the streets of Beenleigh calling for the death, murder and imprisonment of Black Racist Thugs.

At the same time groups such as Right Wing Resistance patrol the streets of New Zealand in an attempt to prevent gangs like Black Power taking over their suburbs. State Sponsored Anarchists and Media pets such as Andy Fleming accuse them of being Nazi Terrorists, yet will not say a word about the Black Power Gangs in QLD.  All I can say is good work Kyle from RWR. Wish we had you blokes here. 

Read on and let it sink in. 

Violent New Zealand Black Power gang has moved into the Gold Coast and there’s nothing cops can do.

Robyn Wuth
Gold Coast Bulletin
March 04, 2015 12:00AM Source

A NEW Zealand street gang notorious for brazen violence, drugs and extortion has moved into the Coast’s northern corridor and there is nothing anti-bikie police can do about it.

Black Power is actively recruiting Maori and Pacific Islander members and has moved into the drug trade in the south east corner.

The gang is escaping the statewide crackdown because it is not named in Queensland’s tough anti-gang laws.

Anti-gang police squad Taskforce Maxima says it is monitoring Black Power’s activities, but because it is classified as a street gang and not a criminal motorcycle gang, it falls under the dominion of local police.

Black Power has carved significant territory in Beenleigh, taking over what was formerly Hells Angels heartland, and police say it has been causing problems for months.

Last month police intercepted gang members waving blue bandannas outside the windows — a sign used to intimidate and flag rival gangs.

A day later at Waitangi Day celebrations at Kingston, 15 Black Power members surrounded police as they spoke to the chapter president.

“Clearly it was an act of intimidation,” a police source said.

“When 15 gang members surround police officers in the course of their duties, it’s not for a friendly chat, is it. This is a very real concern to police.”

Black Power members wear bikie-style patches but do not ride motorcycles, similar to now-defunct street gang Notorious.

Wearing blue and black gang colours, members have proudly announced their presence on social media. “Black Power Australia Black and White … COMING TO AN AUSTRALIAN CITY AND TOWN NEAR YOU!!!” it states on the gang’s Facebook page.

It is understood the gang meets regularly and has elected a president, a 42-year-old man from Logan, but a clubhouse has not yet been established.

The New Zealand Police said the gang is involved “in serious violence, selling and distributing drugs, possessing firearms and offensive weapons, and using intimidation and threatening tactics in pursuit of their criminal activities”.

The criminality and brutality of the gang is well documented in New Zealand.

Its members are Maori and Polynesian, and many have intimidating facial tattoos.

A decades-long rivalry with another feared and largely Maori street gang, Mongrel Mob, has led to many violent clashes in public.

According to police intelligence, Black Power began as the “Black Bulls” around 1970 in response to the rival Mongrel Mob gang and white power-associated gangs.

One can only wonder how many of the Maori CFMEU members who threatened patriots at the Golden Dawn Rally belonged to this gang?


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Oscor Tallan said...

Black Power NZ are maori and white nzders With the establishment of Aussie clubs Rebels and Bandidos in NZ do you really wonder about the establishment of BP and MM in Australia you may not like it but Mongrel Mob will establish in Aussie they are a maori and white club.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I do recall Mongrel Mob attempting to start a chapter in WA a few years ago now. That didn't work out for them. I cant see them trying again in that particular area. These groups will only take off in areas that are already third world slums in Australia. I doubt they will venture into the more civilized parts of society until they get much bigger.

Anonymous said...

Racist pig!

Anonymous said...

I'm half Ozzy/kiwi and trust me, Australians have no idea about either Black Power or Mongrel Mob. These boys fucking roll hard and, if guns are as easy to obtain in Oz as it seems, will roll harder. We've had wild west shoot outs, gang rapes, home invasions, the whole gambit here for years.

The only reason you don't hear much of either in NZ these days is because business (i.e. drugs and yeah, shit loads of P) is where it's at. True, the older OGs in Notorious and within the Blacks have moved away from crime for their tamariki and mokopuna, but crews like the Dogs (Mongrel Mob) don't give a shit, mate.

I reckon the Lebs will love the Mob. You Ozzy's already know where their headspace is at, eh? Just be glad the NZ Nomads aren't out your way because that is one harty, cold as fucking ice crew in every respect (they're ex Black Power). By the way, if you're a Commanchero then fucking get your arse over here!

Rebels are here and big already. HHFFHH, skull flames up!

Unknown said...

Its time for the Maori,s to go home drop off this is Australia our land and if u think 4 1 second we will let u take it ur wrong more and more of u,s are being sent home everyday people are sick and tied of ur bullying crap u came here to live remember we didn't ask u too..

Anonymous said...,8952.0.html

A link back from your friends at the Creativity Alliance' Racial Loyalty News.

Keep up the good work. RaHoWa!

Anonymous said...

Rebels are in new zealand.. so fuck up..

Anonymous said...

I'm not that well educated but I,m sure I could string a sentence together.

Oscor Tallan said...

Rebels are all over New Zealand now I think Melbourne has more to concern themselves with Apex