Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Comedy Gold from Anti Golden Dawn.

Seriously we are not making the following up. You know we may get it wrong sometimes, but seriously we don't usually have much to go by. But we never get it this wrong.

It would seem that the Admin over at another Left Wing Facebook Page just took out the "I'm the biggest bullshit artists of them all" award. This page just so happened to be involved in working with Andy Fleming in organizing the violent counter protest during the Golden Dawn Rally in Brisbane last year.

It all starts with Neil Erickson, Andy Flemings latest target. So far Andy has accused Neil of being a "Convicted Neo Nazi". Even though Neils Granddad served during WW2 and was a guest of the Germans for a few years, Neil was never, and we repeat never in the docks at Nuremberg.  Nor was he kidnapped by the Mossad and taken to Israel to face charges of being a "Nazi".  Andy has also been stretching the truth accusing Neil of being a convicted anti-Semite. Again totally false. Is that even possible to be convicted in Australia for being a anti-Semite? Possibly, remember Brendon O'Connell?

We can say that he was convicted of being a drunken dickhead and was given a Community Corrections Order. He was then ordered to clean latrines at the local synagogue.

Ok so maybe I just  made up the "ordered to clean latrines at the local synagogue" bit, but the following is truly breath taking. 

So with no evidence or any other collaborating voices, this guy accuses Neil of being on Parole and bashing people, Jews as a matter of fact. He did once call a leading Rabi while drunk and acted like a dickhead. He was found guilty of that offense, publicly humiliated by the Press and the state anti-fa agents, and given a Community Correction Order. 

No bashing, no attacks just some very stupid behavior that did him no favors that's for sure.  Of course if it wasn't a Rabi and a very well connected Rabi at that, we would not have heard a thing. Still not a smart or very good way to communicate a belief.  

As for the next Claim that he was the Author of a recent article on the Daily Stormer, I think the fact that the Author put his name to it should seal that one. I guess our brave defender of truth missed that?

So even though the aggrieved contacted the page that is slandering him, they ignore his request to remove the lies and publicly apologize.   

Crazy stuff, but that's what we deal with every day. Still the media use them often as credible experts.

Don't leave yet. it gets better.

So we have a screen shot of a post by some kid probably  being a drunken dickhead like our friend Neil. Just stupid shit that kids do. But our champion of truth and justice posts it up linking this kid to Australia's number one Hollywood Nazi fly by night group Squadron 88. Using a link from Andy Fleming. If you want to tag someone with some Hollywood Nazi BS roll out S88 and Andy Fleming. But it gets better.

Our intrepid Nazi hunter does some FB stalking of this kids page and immediately warns his followers of this vicious gang. But whats that, is that a non white kid hanging with Squadron 88? I shit you not it doesn't get any better than this. He even goes further and posts the following picture of one of the Nazis.

Any questions?

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Anonymous said...

Third time lucky?
I would wager Reclaim Australia have the right p.o.s this time.
That little I.P trap they set sounds pretty watertight, especially if he looked right away. Although he’s kept his real life online identity free of political hints like the coward he is, there is a few things that point to him being the real deal this time.
- Former art student. Art faculties are renowned for breeding and harbouring left wing twats
- Likely son of Italian (or Italian Jewish) parents, explaining why he has such a bug up his ass about “fascists”
- Works in IT, would explain why he has so much time on his hands to run that site.
- Doesn’t look like the average unwashed anti-fa, and given his obsession with AFL and Collingwood, I always thought that strange for a so called anarchist

I bet his legion of followers anarcho-communists can’t wait to find out about his quite successful capitalist business and his globalist, corporate clients, who I don’t think will be real impressed once they find out who is doing contracts for them. Capitalism is a death cult, Robert? I agree, but you seem to be doing quite well out of it. Maybe not so well from now on. If Godino is confirmed to be “Andy Fleming – Slackbastard, a lot of people will be coming to finalise their accounts, I imagine, and not just your former corporate clients.

Robert Godino,aka Slackbastard, the Ace the Face of the Australian anarchist movement – revealed in the end to be nothing more than a bellboy for the capitalist, corporate system he pretends to hate and oppose so much.