Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Desperation from Andy Fleming.

Oh dear, rolling out the Fight Dem Back reporter of the century Greg Roberts. Propaganda at its finest. We will state, no one, we repeat no one who has ever written for this blog "White Law Towers" has ever been charged let alone been found guilty of  a single race hate crime or any other crime. We have never set foot in a court of law as Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard may suggest.

Being found guilty of a crime via the media is not proof of a crime. Specifically if the reporter is a paid up member of Andy Flemings old anti racist group Fight Dem Back. The question is what ever happened to Greg Roberts "we are the fucking press"? 

A recent post from Andy Fleming attempting once again to play the victim and the champion of upholding the law in Australia. Using a article that just so happens to be penned by his close mate Greg Roberts. Who just happened to source his information from Andy Flemings other mate Cam Smith. Not to mention the link he now provides is from the American group the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Andy Fleming throwing about some home grown BS

The above says it all. Bomb throwing Islamic terrorist supporting anarchist calling for the outlawing of groups that oppose them. Not to mention that Cam Smith and Andy Fleming both infiltrated White Nationalist forums as ultra Right Wing "Nazis" in an attempt to use anti terrorism laws against the very people who warned the Australian public of what is happening right now.

Back to Greg Roberts.

02 Jul 2007


Just doesnt get any creepier than this folks.  The following has left us speechless, it also gives the reader some insight into the mind set of the author and anti racist campaigners.

More on that lot HERE.

It would appear that Reclaim has given Andy a bit of a keyboard kicking. Andy Flemings response is to back away from Reclaim and get back to what he does best, make up lies about "Nazis". As we said earlier Andy is hopelessly outnumbered by Reclaim and his eminent demise on Facebook has forced him to rally the troops. Its all about Nazis now, but hasn't it always been? As you know he is writing a book about that, so he best stick with the lies? 

16 Jul 2011


Anonymous said...

Andy cries out in pain as he types another string of scurrilous lies.

Anonymous said...

Anti-white Andy has crossed the line and gotten away with it for far too long.

Section 474.17 Criminal Code Act | Use Carriage Service to Menace Harass or Cause Offence