Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dirty Tricks and Andy Fleming once again.

Again and again and again.

Well it would appear that local Authorities are doing the rounds and knocking on the doors of the wrong people once again. No doubt this intelligence gathering operation has again been inspired by Australia's favorite Anarchist (we truly use that word loosely)Andy Fleming.

Andy has shown time and time again he and his mates Cam Smith and Donald Oorst (Perth) have no issues with sending the state on harassment duties on their behalf. 

I will break it down for the state. Reclaim rallies have nothing to do with us on the right. In fact everyone from the silliest to the most dedicated have only given tacit support at most. If any one has something to gain from these rallies being well attended and non violent it is us. The only people who will benefit from it becoming a violent disaster is Andy Fleming and his Cultural Marxist brigade.So why are we, the smallest minority, being questioned?

Cant the authorities see that the rallies that have been organized have all the approvals needed? Do they not see that the counter demos that have been organized by Andy Fleming are not approved and just so happen to be at the same spot and times as the legal Reclaim rallies? Do they not understand that the only people who are intending to carry out attacks and disrupt is Anti-Fa and Andy Fleming?

Again who benefits?  Even if the Reclaim rallies are a success it is only a small victory for us.  On the other hand a success is a massive victory to the Kosher Nationalists and the Pro Israel groups in Australia. All we want to see is the average Australian start questioning the PC madness and see Anti-Fa outnumbered and embarrassed.

Seeing as Anti-Fa, Andy Fleming and various Unions including the CFMEU have become the voice of Islam (as I haven't heard anything from Islamic groups) I would have thought the Authorities would be questioning them? Maybe even questioning some of the Dual Citizen Jews involved in this? Hell does anyone from our circles believe that these rallies could have even got this far with out getting the nod from Bnai Brith?

We hope the Rallies go off with out any problems. The last thing we need is for this to go pear shape and wake up the next day to even further laws taking away our rights. That my friends is my greatest fear. 


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