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Has the CFMEU been caught out?

Seems the scales of justice move slow when it concerns Nationalists in this country.  With all the serious threats of violence from the left of late, it is with great pleasure we give you this update.

Source Australia First.


A man will appear in a Brisbane court in June to answer charges relating to assaults on Australia First members on May 2 last year.

Australia First members had demonstrated in Brisbane against the political imprisonments of Golden Dawn members of parliament in Greece.
Our demonstration was counter-demonstrated by various groups.

The assaults on our members and supporters were carried out by a criminal structure operating within the CFMEU. This group drew in some workers who provided via loud street theatre, a gloss for a premeditated action; these workers were motivated by the false claim made to them by the criminal group that Australia First Party had favoured Campbell Newman’s anti union laws in Queensland.
The entire fracas was linked also to the disinformation Slackbastard website. 

The editor of Slackbastard, believed to be one Andy Hutchings who operates out of an office in South Yarra, appeared on ABC 7.30 Report a few months ago, boasting that he organized the counter-demonstration. If that is so, he may have knowledge of what was intended.

The CFMEU based criminal group has been subject to investigation by a Royal Commission and other agencies. It is also an enemy of genuine Australian workers.

One of this gang has recently been subject of legal proceedings. He has an interesting criminal past.

 CFMEU’s Luke Collier has entry permit suspended for 12 months
Above Luke Collier standing with a flag he stole after assaulting a member of Australia First. This assault and theft was witnessed by Queensland Police, who stood by refusing to act on threats and actual violent attacks on Nationalists.  
Needless to say this inspired these CFMEU thugs to attack Nationalists at the Red Brick Hotel later that day in a cowardly hit and RUN attack. This attack saw a 70 year old member of Australia First hospitalized after being sucker punched in the back of the head. Such bravery should be rewarded.
The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has suspended Luke Collier’s right of entry permit for 12 months, after an application made by FWBC. The CFMEU currently employs Mr Collier as an organiser.

Union officials can apply to the Fair Work Commission for a right of entry permit to enter building and construction sites to hold discussions with workers or investigate possible problems.

FWBC claimed that Mr Collier made false declarations when he applied for a right of entry permit in 2013.

In the application lodged on his behalf by the CFMEU, Mr Collier declared that he had never been convicted of an offence involving entry onto premises, fraud or dishonesty, or intentional use of violence against another person or intentional damage or destruction of property.

In its application to the FWC, FWBC submitted that in 2003 Mr Collier was convicted of recklessly causing injury and criminal damage. He had a Community Based Order imposed upon him by the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court in Victoria.

Mr Collier was found to have failed to comply with the Community Based Order.

In 2007 Mr Collier was convicted of theft and going equipped to steal in the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court.

FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss said holding a right of entry permit was a privilege.

“All this agency asks is that people go about their work within the law, and this includes honesty and full disclosure when making an application for a right of entry permit,” Mr Hadgkiss said. Mr Hadgkiss said Mr Collier would be added to FWBC’s ‘No Permit List’.

“The list is a critical tool for site managers across Australia. The No Permit List is a list of people who do not have a valid right of entry permit. Some of them have a history of attempting to enter building sites without valid permits.”

There are currently 20 people named on FWBC’s No Permit List. Of those 17 are from the CFMEU, two from the ETU, and one from the AMWU. Mr Collier will take the list to 21.

The 12 month suspension of Mr Collier’s permit began on 29 January 2015.

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