Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slowly the State Agent Mask Lifts off the Non Person Andy Fleming.

Just read a great write up on our very own Cultural Marxist Andy Fleming on The Daily Stormer. Its good to see a bit more light shown on this trouble making fraud. We tip out hat, as the Daily Stormer has been giving the lefties in Australia a bit of a canning of late. 

Oh boy is the opposition to Andy Fleming building. Its like the magic bus that is currently carrying Australia's largest passenger list of  hypocritical Marxists is about to drive itself off a cliff. So lets throw some more oil on the road.

Reading some of the comments on the Slackbastard FB truly does show the cowardly and outright silly behavior of the State led Australian Anti-Fa. Truly reminds me of another group who scream in pain when slapping another. This one was my favorite yesterday. Im sure there are a few more since then, but this one is truly hard core. 

Hard Core Anti-Fa Benjamin is a real laugh.

A great example of how not to raise your kids.
But in the mean while, it would appear that a FB cold war has begun between the State indoctrinated Anti-Fa and the at times annoying but adorable Kosher Patriots at Reclaim. In what can only be considered a carbon copy of the actual Cold War many of us lived through, both  sides are in the middle of a Arms Race. Recruiting followers on FB and reporting each others pages, setting them on the path of (MAD) mutual assured destruction. Again in another obvious example to the Cold War the patriots are in the lead and the Commies are resorting to propaganda to hide their lack of support and armaments. Saying that, make sure you report the following pages, as they are in breach of FB guide lines. Slackbastard, Slackbastard2 and you may as well report these idiots also HERE

But otherwise its full steam ahead to the revolution. So enjoy the ride, we are.

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