Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stupidity Anti-Fa Style.

Not sure how many laws are being broken by Australian Anti-Fa but it must be getting some attention from the authorities. But I think the claim that a Russian Female hacker is at large this time around is a bit rich. But Anti-Fa are well know for telling lies, blackmail,intimidation and just being the most fascist anti fascist that ever existed. They truly do give fascism a bad name. 

But they persist in leaving up the address of a Nationalist Mothers house. What is wrong with these people? They then try and cover their arse by saying its ok, he lives there. Well no he doesn't, in fact you would be hard pressed to find a nationalist that is, unemployed, living with mum and dad. going to uni, doing any type of drug or publishing addresses of innocent people. In fact all the Nationalists we know are family people paying off the mortgage. 

Anyway, blackmail and tactics like this is not new. In fact Andy Fleming used these tactics way back when. Hacking the personal computer of an author of this blog and blackmailing Ben Wyrem from Redwatch. Its just another day in the life of some truly screwed up people. Who the hell protects these people and allows them to get away with so much?

So now the "we are all slackbastard" army are gloating over blackmailing and the hacking of private emails. But it has nothing to do with Andy Fleming, its just some chick from Russia ok. FFS. 

Dont ask me who James is as we have no idea, he pissed fat boy off at some time obviously.

Yeah that apparently gives them clearance to blackmail and intimidate by wire? Thats a new approach. They call us stupid?

The following exchange is also that ridiculous that it immediately gave away the game. After April 4 we are in for some fun. Andy must be thanking them for taking the heat off him for now.

Deathsec is some Russian chick got it, not a potato shaped internet wanker from Australia. We could be wrong they both could be as dumb as dog shit?

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