Friday, March 06, 2015

The Non Person Andy Fleming is full of surprises.

Sheesh just when you think you have seen it all. The master of bullshit and disguise, the non person Andy Fleming is co-writing a book. Shit I hope we get a mention.

"This book provides a comprehensive history of the Australian extreme right as well as an analysis of the pattern this country followed in the creation and shaping of this political group, compared to that of other western countries. While it will offer a chronological account of its various movements, it will also investigate the reasons why the Australian extreme right failed to gain the same prominence its European counterpart has gathered over the past two centuries. This book will provide an original and critical analysis of the creation of the Australian ethos, which will be argued to have played a major part in preventing the rise of the extreme right through the co-opting of its politics within the mainstream. The book offers an insightful and innovative account of Australian history, as well as a compelling argument as to the development of the Australian ethos and national identity. It is not only a historical account of the development of the extreme right, it is also an analysis of its impact on contemporary politics. As such, it fills a gap in the existing literature and also adds to the debate regarding the present state of politics in Australia"

Well his co-author is taking one hell of a gamble if he is sourcing any of his info from Andy Fleming. In fact I can already see a class action against the only real person who is putting their name to this work.  Aurelien Mondon I figure you may need to do some back ground checks into anything Andy Fleming has to say. 

That reminds us, it would appear that some nice fellows are getting together to create a documentary on our pal Andy Fleming. So if you can help out contact these lads in the Vid below. 

Further news from the trenches, it would appear the smear machine Slackbastard Facebook page has been removed. I bet that hurt. 

Either way we look forward to reviewing this book as long as someone else pays for it. Maybe we just buy one and pass it around to everyone for a read. If its anything like Andy Flemings blog its sure to be a hell of a laugh. Just how someone who thinks they know so much, can get even the most basic of information on Australian Nationalism so wrong is beyond us. But I tell you one thing, now that Nationalist have a real person that can be made responsible for the lies written about us, expect no quarter.

One does wonder how stupid they will look if this Reclaim Nationalism takes root. Imagine spending all that time and effort chasing a couple of hundred White Nationalists in Australia, when in fact its the hundreds and thousands of every day Aussies that will be the ones that turn the tables. Maybe they are still writing that part?


Anonymous said...

It appears his co-author is charging over a hundred quid for his tomes. What a cluck. And it's a self publishing job, too.

Jim Saleam's thesis on the far right, The Other Radicalism, is the definitive work to date.

Kelt said...

That FDB 6x4x2 amounts to 48 as does OHPI suggests that SlackBastard 42 is a Cabalistic monstrosity borne of the BnaiBirth.

Members of the BnaiBrith should be banned from the Australian War Memorial and all ANZAC remembrance ceremonies.

The remembered would not want the evil bastards present, and neither do I as their direct racial Kin.

The BnaiBrith only go so as to piss on their graves and they've been doing it for decades.

Kelt on February 6, 2015 at 2:07 pm said:

The British Army exist to serve the interests of the jew and their ‘israel’…..
The interests of the jew in the UK are to destroy the racial integrity of the indigenous peoples of those islands…. The progam is the same in all European derived racial Nations.

This jewess was a member of the Ladies Auxilliary of the BnaiBrith and did her part in Canada to ensure the use of Corn Poppies or Red Poppies over other options as a means to ‘remember’ deceased servicemen..

The more likely reason, and thematically consistent with the nasty set of ideas that comprise ‘judaism’ is to mock the death of those they have duped and destroyed…

The initial gematria of Corn Poppies is 3 16…… 19 when summed and 48 in product… amounting to 1948…… Other names in product and sum amount to 14 and 48…. The European Wars of 1914 and 1939 were ulitimately for the benefit of blood sucking jews and their ‘israel’.. The jew now pisses on the graves the ‘remembered’ and has done for years.

A stamp was released on 9 11 1948 to commemorate the use of poppies….

The numbers 9 and 11 are important to some because they form a circular calculation in sum and product… As in 20 sum 99 is 119

Who has racial Kin that fought in WW1 and 2 ? I’ve been told my GrandFather was part of a mobile anti-aircraft gun crew in the European theatre…He was in his late thirties at the time…. His wife’s Brother part of a Tank crew in North africa.

The Filth that advocate for the jew and prostrate themselves so as to elicit the approval of the Kike are a fucking disgrace to their memory amongst the 10’s of thousands of others whom they betray….

They would not have wanted the destruction of the UK as a racial nation…… Any who assert otherwise I would assert to be either a jew or one of its lickspittling snivellers.

Some will simply deny and be unable to comprehend the extent of the inner malevolence of those whom they have always believed to be the consumate persecuted victim…..