Monday, April 27, 2015

Cultural Marxist Infitrating Local Council.

Above Cultural Marxist and Pelerang Councilor Peter Marshall. Picking on a guys 2 month old kid, seriously that just crossed a line.

Yes folks Peter who has been stalking and harassing Reclaim Australia supporters most likely from his work computer on rate payers time. 

So what to do? 

Maybe notify his boss? Tell him that one of his councilors supports a group calling for Militant action against Patriots and is posting on Ultra Left Wing Face Book pages?

Above, a public call to arms from Antifascist, will their well placed supporters in local council give aid and comfort to these anti Australian traitors?

Contact details for Pelerang Council.

Antifa and The Australian Unions.

Well it would appear that Australian Antifa are attempting to force Unions around this country to take up militant action against the working class. Now we have seen a lot of rubbish coming out of the Kosher Nationalist camp of late, but take this very seriously.

Antifa and in particular Andy Fleming are agitating for direct militant action against Patriots of every type in Australia. We know they have nothing, we know when they say "militant" they can only mean one of two things. Islamic thugs or Union Thugs.

At the Golden Dawn Rally last year Patriots and Nationalists were assaulted by members of the CFMEU. They were not only assaulted at the rally in front of various witnesses including the Media and the QPS, but also later at the Red Brick Hotel in Brisbane. The later assault resulting in charges and the up coming hearing mid this year.  People had to be hospitalized by the cowardly attacks of that night.

We know antifa are unable to carry out these types of attacks with out the support of either Islamic thugs or Union thugs. They know this also. Hence Andy Fleming and others are not only lying to get Union support, but openly pressuring them to carry out their illegal acts on their behalf.

The following video is explanation enough. Face it we need Unions, in fact the majority of us have either been in a Union or belong to one. We are also aware that in most cases the Unions would be on our side, the working class. Yet there appears to be some elements in our Unions in particular the CFMEU who share the same agenda of Antifa.

If you are in a Union talk to them, explain what is going on. Reclaim not only Australia for the Patriots but Reclaim the Unions for the Working Class.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lest We Forget.

No more Brothers War.

Antifa Making Friends and Influencing People Part 3.

Oh dear, shrugs shoulders.

So much more to come. So much more :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Antifa Making Friends and Influencing People Part 2.

Just recently we were advised to do a little more research into the Antifa Band "Scab Eater". We unfortunately had used the picture of another band from SA stating it was "Scab Eater"by mistake. Sloppy work from us I'm afraid.

Not having to much time on our hands we emailed the folks from NRG and asked them if they could get their army of  Patriots onto this and see what they can find. We had no idea the following would result.

Shit Andy, my guess your mates will think twice about doing anything you ask them to do again. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Antifa Making Friends and Influencing People.

Well just a couple of things today. First this article HERE.

"How we speak matters no less than how we act. Perhaps by attending to this, organisers of counter-rallies may answer the basic question: if the formation of Reclaim Australia and the resurgence of the extreme Right primarily threatens Indigenous people and people of colour in this country, why are they disproportionately underrepresented in anti-fascist organising on the streets?"

So the questions are, why are they so white? If Reclaim and others are so racist, why is there a lack of Non Whites speaking out?  The answer is so simple that even a simpleton would know the answer.

First and most importantly they are not anti racists. This is a description given to them by the media. They are openly everything else from Marxist, Anarchist, Antifa and Communist. Yet the media call them anti racist. They use the cloak of anti racism as a cover. 

Now dont try and tell me journalist all over this country who have followed the Reclaim rally's, and every other counter rally run in the past 10 years. Have not seen the Anarchist Banners, Communist Banners, Antifa Banners? How could they fail to grasp the fact that the sea of faces at the counter rally's (or any rally held under the guise of anti racism) are almost 100% white. 

It matters not if its a Golden Dawn rally or a Reclaim Rally. They are the same people counter demonstrating time and time again. They do not hide the fact that the real reason they are there is to attack isolate and distort the truth. They just use the anti racism angle, or what ever angle is needed. All done with the open approval of the MEDIA. 

How can anyone who has been to University and studied journalism, not be aware that this is exactly what happened in Russia at the end of WW1.  Why is it that people such as us, with no real education outside of state school can see the obvious?  

Could it be the media are in on it also? Of course they are. They all share one common belief, Cultural Marxism. Truly gives meaning and substance to the saying "Anti Racism is just a code for anti white".

Next check this lot "Scab Eater" and what they have been accused of doing. They will be in Brisbane this weekend. No doubt telling their mates at the gig on Friday Night to go out and desecrate War Memorials in and around Brisbane the night before Anzac Day.  The gig will be at the appropriately named African House, 38 Lytton Road Brisbane. I guess they can hold an anti racism rally at the same time?

A for asshole. Behold you're A typical anti racism supporter.  Lest we forget, especially this Friday night. Full story HERE

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler

Take the time today to remember the birth, life and sacrifice of one of the words greatest men.  Who loved, fought and died for his people, and in whose glorious footsteps we humbly follow and try to uphold his ideals.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Its the Joos" over at Slackbastard.

First we will let the following comment from Australia First open group on FB have a crack at this. Then we will weigh in. Always makes for good Sunday Morning reading.


"It seems that Andy Fleming’s starting, like an unlikely divining rod, to inch closer to a truth that his hated foes in Aussie White Nationalism have understood for a long time – international Jewry's influence on, and untouchable status in, socio-political narratives in not just this country, but the entire western world.

Out of the mouths of babes of drunks and anarchists -- Andy says it himself:

"I wonder if, perhaps, had a synagogue (rather than a mosque) been subject to a suspected arson only weeks after public rallies demanding that Jews (as opposed to Muslims) be expelled from the country, might it not trigger some reaction on the part of the national government? Maybe, inter alia, a statement of condemnation and an expression of solidarity with those subject to such attacks and public vilification would be issued? It might even be that other political actors would also take notice, and note with concern a rise in anti-Semitic (as opposed to Islamophobic) attitudes and behaviors, ideologies and movements, and re-commit themselves to the fight against racism and xenophobia.

It’s a good question, if for the fact that Andy doesn’t seem to comprehend the very contradictory nature of Jewry (or just refuses to acknowledge it).See, you’re almost there, Andy – but for the fact that at the same time international Jewry stokes the flames of what you term ‘Islamophobia’ through kosher conservatism,the pro-Zionist press describe Andy's mob of anti-social anarchist thugs as 'anti racists' in a tone that would suggest they're social justice heroes. They even today held up Stacey Eden as this week's penultimate 'anti racist' hero (even though Islam is not a race) for defending a Muslim man and woman on a train who didn't have the kahunas to defend themselves from a hateful, bigoted, Reclaim Australia woman. So, Andy now acknowledges Jewish privilege, but hasn't detected striking hypocrisy given that no group condemns louder that which it covertly vilifies behind the Southern Cross.

Andy, we might make an Australian Nationalist of you yet. Props to you, mate for officially buying into what you often deride as a loony conspiracy theory."

There isn't much you can add to that. We were hoping to at least do one story this week on the dangers of Zionism. Just trying to give ourselves a break from Kosher Nationalism and filthy traitors like Andy Fleming. In fact we were just about to do an article on the following.

Israel pushes to have “anti-Semitism” recognized as international crime

"Think about the severity of these recent developments folks: the Jews are pushing to have “anti-Semitism” (i.e., stating basic facts about the subversive, criminal nature of organized Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel) internationally recognized as a crime. If the Jews get their way, “anti-Semites” will literally be arrested and extradited to stand trial at an “international court of justice.” If this isn’t the epitome of total Jewish tyranny implemented on an international scale, I don’t know what is.
And consider what the Jews did during the Bolshevik revolution almost as soon as they took over. They criminalized “anti-Semitism” and made it an offense punishable by death."

Now not that long ago a post on WLT such as the one above would have Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard chastising writers on this blog as conspiracy nuts. In fact many claims made on this blog and previously at Victor Whitelaw, have since turned out more truth than conspiracy. Yet to Andy this was a sure sign of our mental instability and a fatal flaw in our beliefs.

But as you can see above, Andy Fleming has either had a Peter Watson Road to Damascus Conversion, or he has just become increasingly desperate as his little battle with Reclaim goes further south. One things for sure its a long way from the Andy Fleming of old. The Slackbastard who during the last two Palestinian intifada's said absolutely nothing for fear of upsetting his Jewish pals. No matter how mush phosphorous was dumped on the worlds biggest open air Prison Gaza.

What about the Andy Fleming who claimed on his blog  back in 2006  that he was Jewish? No wonder his pal and antifa Jewish Super Hero Asher "Ash" Goldman just vanished. No wonder many people think the ghost writer Andy Fleming, is more than one person?

Maybe he is just bat shit crazy with multiple personalities? Maybe he is a self loathing Jew? Maybe he is the controlled opposition? Or is he just all of the above?

Monday, April 13, 2015

More Media Manipulation And One Admission From Antifa.

Yep the media still insist on painting the violent Fascist Anti Fascist as peace loving tree hugging anti racists. 

SBS insist on calling these scum anti Racist Protestors.

But Queen Bee Andy Fleming, who just happens to be the ring leader and the one who feeds the media his garbage, openly admits they are Antifa. Props Andy.

But yeah as was reported yesterday on our FB, a small protest by some Kosher Nationalists and Animal Rights people was openly attacked by Fascist Anti Fascist. Screaming Nazis out or what ever their mantra is. They then immediately attacked the gathered protest. By the looks of the video HERE they may have a spot of bother with the Police.

Note how this not so new tactic from Antifa, is straight out of  the 1930s. How things have escalated since the Reclaim rally.  If you cant scream your opponent down, attack them. 

But dont expect any change from the media. Especially the State Run and financed ABC and SBS. After all when Islamic Terrorists can murder 140 Christians in Kenya over Easter and the ABC still refuses to admit it was an act of Islamic Terrorism whats one to think? 

Does anyone else wonder why the Fascist Anti Fascist are being protected by the Media? Yet Mum and Dad Australia are being branded Nazis? Has the penny dropped yet? 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

And The Real Enemy Is?

Well it would appear that the media is trying to steal away the bogey man of the year award from Islam. Yes while the good people of Reclaim started out innocently enough trying to warn other Australians of the danger of Islam in this country, they uncovered an even bigger threat, the media. Yes folks a left wing biased corrupted media.

Although we do not wish to paint all media with the same brush. As there has been one or two articles that could be considered unbiased. The rest have all been for the most part recycled garbage sourced from Anarchist and Communist groups disguised as peace loving anti racist collectives. The truth is vastly different from what the Australian Media is reporting.

Lets start with an easy one? The Reclaim Rally is a Nazi front. This is the main angle the media are trying to sell. An angle being pushed by the above Anarchist and Communist groups. Groups the majority of the Reclaim Protestors didn't think even existed anymore.

We will use the Melbourne Rally as nearly all the media attention is focused on that. First we need numbers and a fast break down to compare who made up what. Reclaim Melbourne was the only rally that was dominated by the Communists. We will stick to that term as these people are most definitely Communist. Of the Communist, the Police have reported their number as around 300. Of that 300, the majority of the attendees not being anti racist do gooders as reported, but a mixture of Communist, Marxist and Anarchist.  One of the organizers and promoters of the counter rally the Socialist Alliance is an openly Communist group with Anthony Main sitting at the leadership table. The other was MAC, Melbourne Anarchist Club who also boasts another well know left wing ding bat Andy Fleming. There has been a lot written about this lot on this blog, please feel free to search. Unless of course you are the media, then please continue to ignore. After all this blog has only been writing about and listing their crimes since 2006.

Reclaim Rally numbers in Melbourne differ. At the start it has been claimed that the numbers were even. 300 a side is the best figures. 150 patriots cornered into an area that they had established as a rallying point. Another 150 to 200 separated by Communist agitators. This number dwindled to about 100 as the day went on as many just gave up trying to get through the Communist blockade and left. So Reclaim had 150 at the rally point and about 100 trying to get in at the end of the day. 

This was a mistake on their part as this action gave encouragement to the wishy washy Communists, who no doubt would have stayed away. These gutless un Australian human junk now convinced they had the numbers, boosted the rank and bile as the day went on. Safe and secure in the knowledge they now could dominate the Reclaim folks. Thats about as honest as it gets. 

Now who made up what? Lets look at the claims that Reclaim is a Nazi racist front, or being influenced by a some secret society of Nazis trying to overthrow the state.

What the hell is a Nazi to start with? Well unless there is a few still living out their lives in South America my guess they would all be dead or de Nazified by now. Any surviving Nazis from WW2 gave up a long long time ago. So that leaves us with people who identify  politically as National Socialist. Fascism is a totally different belief often confused by the Communist and just thrown into same bag and labeled Nazis.

We are not claiming to be experts or the only ones in the know, but we are at liberty to have a better idea than most of the actual numbers of "Nazis" in Australia. Well there is no real Nazis in Australia at all. If there was they died a few years ago. There is a group of people who would identify as "Nazis" in different sub culture groups such as "Skinheads". Of this, only a small and we mean small amount of these people attempt to live and behave by the same code as the "Nazis" of yesteryear. 

In a nut shell their numbers have been in decline for many years now. My best guess the true believers of the "Skinhead" sub culture who mind their own business, have jobs and families would number no more than 50. Add the recruits who have a huge turn over because its more of a fashion show for them, you could take that number to between 70 and 100. Shocked? Well that's about it so you can discount an overthrow of the state by Nazi Skinheads. 

So we now have another group of "Nazi Skinheads" . This group failed to gel with the groups above. Believe it or not the above groups have standards and if you are a Hollywood Nazi,  you are soon spotted and asked to leave. You see one has morals and a code of Honour the other, well they just like the notoriety and long for the old days of RAC.  Their number is even less than the established legit groups, numbering no more than 20 across the nation. Hopeless actually.

Then we have the real deal. These guys are not Nazis nor are they Fascist. They are a mixture of many ideologies in a lot of cases blended as one.  Having asked the right questions and studied the truth, these people are the everyday White Nationalist still trying to sell an idea that preserves their Culture their Race and Nation. They have an uphill battle on their hands. These are the guys who have worked long hours to give a real legitimate face to their beliefs, only to see it melt away before their eyes as that 20 we spoke about always gets the press. 

That brings us to Reclaim. This group is so new none of the above can still believe it was that easy.  Its been so successful that the majority of White Nationalists and National Socialists have purposely kept a distance. Not as the media has suggested at all now is it.

Sure you could say there was White Nationalist and even a few old School Skinheads at the rally, but you wouldn't see them. They were standing there with all types of people including the people the Communists say they hate. But how many of them attended? We are talking about less than one percent of the Rally participants nation wide. Hours upon hours the Communists have spent going over all their footage and pictures trying to locate anyone they could use to prove their Nazi Racist theory.  They even printed out pictures of people they accuse of being Nazis to hand out around Australia. What did they find?   

Once again we will use Melbourne. They found two, yes folks two Nazis. The other 18 used their heads and stayed home. Two guys at one rally. A rally that had over 300 participants.

So keep that in mind, there was two guys who attended a rally that was 300 strong. Those two guys are now being used by the Communist and their Media mates as propaganda to damage an other wise ground roots or possibly state run movement. Now its been said that the total of the Reclaim protesters nation wide was just under10k. They have a following that is growing by the day on Social Media of around 24k. The only evidence of a Nazi take over is the pictures of two guys from Melbourne. Who although should have stayed home for the sake of change, also have the right to protest just like anyone else.

On the other hand we have the Counter Protestors, as we know are Communists and or Anarchists.This lot gets no mention in the Press at all, unless they are simply described as anti racist protestors. Their numbers by our best guess numbered around 1000 at the most nation wide, the majority in Melbourne. All with one common goal, overthrow of the State. This is openly expressed and totaly ignored by the media.  So we have a group that actually flew Communist era flags and North Korean flags supporting Islamic terrorism disguising themselves as anti racist protestors. Then we have a media labeling Mum and Dad Australia as Nazis because of two people. Lets not even go down the path of what side of politics in Australia support these traitors. 

Thats the cold hard facts folks that the Australian media totally ignore. So I ask you who is the real enemy of Australia? Is it Abdul down at the Kebab shop or is the dirty stinking Communist and their mates in the media? Give it a few years at the rate we are going and it will be both, but for now its certainly the Left in this country and the Cultural Marxist in the media.

This blunder by the media showing their hand has not only drawn attention to themselves but to those they serve. This is the start of something big. How they put the cat back in the bag (haha sorry Andy) is anyone's guess. But we all know one thing, Australians are not a forgiving lot. So unless the media go and recruit that 20 give them a cash flow to start a group and roll them out when ever Reclaim has a demo, I would say your days are numbered. 

Onward Reclaim you good thing. Put on those Jacki Howe singlets and stand up to all the traitors of this Nation.Welcome to the struggle.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Never Underestimate the Little Guy.

Well if you are not shocked and a little surprised over the growing success of Reclaim, then you must be suppressing the truth for some type of agenda.

This truly has been a success of the little guy. We all know who he is, the new guy at your meeting sitting up the back. Full of ideas and vocal about them. You probably didn't like him, you probably got a bit cranky at this upstart telling you how things should be done. He is like so many before, sick of reading articles and simply wants action. Well he has broken free and just stole the show.

No matter if you are a Civic Patriot a Kosher Nationalists or a White Nationalists, these new kids on the block have done something groups like Australia First and the Kosher APP franchise have never been able to achieve. I doubt any of these little guys have ever written a political article in their life, unlike the hundreds written by those above, including us. Their approach of Keep It Simple Stupid, has not only worked but is wildly successfully.

If you had told me last year that a working class guy in a Jacki Howe singlet and Nationalist with a video camera would have the Australian Left in a shambles we would have said you are crazy. But this is exactly what has happened. In one weekend they achieved what we have been trying to achieve since 2004. In fact this makes the destruction of Andy Flemings previous project Fight Dem Back, look like amateur hour.

One man in a singlet preaching Patriotism and solidarity and another embedded amongst the filth,  capturing the real traitors of Australia with a video camera. Mind you the later done so at great risk as Andy Fleming and his Fascist Anti Fascists created a hit list with this mans picture on it. Singling him out for special attention at the Reclaim Rally in Melbourne. Certainly one of the most surprising acts of sheer audacity seen in Nationalist circles for many years.

The desperation from Australian Media who are cut from the same Cultural Marxist cloth is worthy of note. They didn't see it coming either. The media with its one sided reporting along with the hopelessly Left Wing Agenda of hip TV programs, has awoken the masses. They have turned to Social Media and the little guys for the truth.

I guess when the media desperately looks for one guy among thousands who fits a Nazi profile to ridicule Reclaim. At the same time ignores North Korean and Soviet Flags in the openly Communist and Marxist counter protests, it tends to make a lot of people very suspect of an agenda. Calling mum and dad Australia Nazis, then giving comfort to the real enemy of the West has been noted and will not be easily dismissed.

This whole approach of taking it to the streets and voicing your beliefs and standing proud has worked in the past. So next reclaim rally get off the computer, stop typing out shit that just preaches to the converted and get amongst it. Turn off the MSM laugh at their lies, laugh at their propaganda, you have just taken the first step to true freedom and real say in your Nation.  HUZZAH! HUZAAH!

Reclaim Counter Protests Zero Credibility.

Things just get bad to worse for them. I suspect a scene reminiscent of a Frankenstein movie with the villagers seeking revenge may be on the cards. Face it Andy Fleming, you and your mates can put as much spin on it as possible. Even the Left Wing media who obviously support you mugs cant hide the fact that it is you who are the problem. Fascist Anti Fascist and fully fledged Communists and Marxists will not be tolerated by the average Australian.

The tide has turned, this is just the start. Every Union, Every Stinking Politician you know will have to step back from supporting you and your lies. Hell these guys don't even need the media as the working class of this nation is talking about this openly at work, at home and down the pub. Its over dickhead, pack your bags for Spain, Australia has had enough of your Cultural Marxism. Leave now.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Antifa Fail, Spitting on Muslims.

Well we did tell you on the day that Antifa not only abused a group of Muslims at the Reclaim rally, they also spat on them. Would you like to see the proof? So much more to come punters. Stay tuned.

Chan Man "This is one of the most powerful images I've seen in a long time"

We agree Chan, so we thought we would run with it. Make a great avatar folks. Every time you use this image or post it, a lefty cries.

Monday, April 06, 2015


Certainly not the truth.

"Also, regarding the manure flinging at police, we have not seen any evidence of this"

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Making a Silk Purse from a Pigs Ear.

Thats not Halal or even Kosher. Whats with Antifa and their lies? I read the following post on Andy Fleming Slackbastard page and I thought, what the hell we have had zero reports of any "Bone Heads" or "Skin Heads" getting beaten by antifa. Believe me we would know if it did happen. 

We instantly thought well it may have happened in Melbourne, as there was a lot of small scuffles? So we thought better check this out. 

So we had a look at Jerremys page to see what state he is in. If there was any chance of his claims being true, it was going to be in Victoria.

Brisbane, come on. Of all the reclaim events you claim to beat people up at, Brisbane or the Gold Coast would be the last place that will happen. Come on Jeremy get with the program, put down that crack pipe and rejoin society. No don't stay right where you are.
A picture tells a thousand stories, include that with all the video footage we have and pictures, Im sure we can dig up what rally this imaginary beat down come from. Hahaha antifa, gangster.

What did happen on the day all around Australia certainly does not match Jeremy Robertson recollections.  Unless being challenged with a camera, having shit thrown at you, being spat at, being subjected to speeches from potty mouthed kids is considered a beat down. 

Sure people got beaten up by antifa, old ladies, women, mums and dads all types of everyday folk got assaulted on the day. That will come back to haunt you all. 

But when you all had to face resistance, even when you have the numbers you lot go to shit. You have no honour, you have nothing.

Reclaim Brisbane Huge Success.

Well I will just let the pictures tell the story, its not like the media can tell the truth. One does wonder why the media protect Anti-Fa? We know why, but so does mum and dad Australia now. A lot of these people who came to the rally's around Australia yesterday may not have known what an extreme left wing nut job was, or had even heard of the term Anti-Fa. They know now. 

Above Reclaim Rally supporters, Nazis if you are blind idiot with no real grasp on reality.

and yeh well, the counter protest. 

I love this post from the Fascist Anti Fascists a few days back, something got lost in the translation.

There is a few of us who recall the actions and comments from Brisbane antifa after the Golden Dawn rally last year. All 20 of them bragging how 150 CFMEU members had been recruited with lies to shut the legal gathering down. Well we see the results right here. Not only was the antifa numbers down from 20 to 8 but not a single Union supporter to be seen. 

Yesterday was a turning point, the Patriots have the floor and they are angry. Good luck with dealing with that antifa Brisbane.  

The videos that sum up the Counter Rally in Melbourne.

When I say there is a lot more Im not joking. This is Anti-Fa from Andy Flemings home turf of Melbourne, enjoy.

Anthony Mains Shop Steward for the Dole Union.

Some of Andy Flemings kids throwing poo. Real class stuff.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Reclaim right now.

Stay up to date at Whitelaw Towers Facebook page.

Well its been and gone, much gloating from the folks at reclaim. Lots of soul searching from the leftards. Nah they are soul less bastards the lot of them. So stay tuned for lots of videos and pictures over the next few days. Some great stories to be told.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Reclaim Australia Rally Rules of Engagement for Nationalists.

Well with the Reclaim Rally's only two days away. I hope that those going are getting organized and not leaving anything to the last minute.

Of course Andy Fleming and his army of lemmings have all the resources afforded to them as the State Sanctioned non conformists. They truly should try and stand up against something that isn't popular with the State. 

Be warned, Anti-Fa and Andy Fleming have issued hit lists including pictures to identify Nationalists on the day. Stalin would be proud. Imagine the outcry if we had done the same? 

While Andy Fleming and Anti-Fa Australia have been recruiting members from the CFMEU in an attempt to fill the ranks, of a otherwise pimply faced Marxist Student counter rally. Nationalists groups such as Australia First have released some very important and relevant information for what you should and shouldn't be doing on the day. In fact we support the following 100% and encourage you brothers and sisters to do the same. If you go to pick up your mate and its 34 degrees outside, and he is wearing a Bomber Jacket and dressed like a "Hollywood Nazi", well have a word to him for us. Remind him its a Civic Nationalist gig and basically he isnt doing anyone any favors. Well that is unless you are antifa or the State controlled Left wing media. One and the same. 


"The Reclaim Australia rallies are on Saturday. Certain basic background facts are:
Nationalists will participate as individuals and in small groups. The extreme-left will counter-demonstrate and try to gain wide publicity and disrupt the events. Many of the people supporting Reclaim are not nationalists or anti immigrationists or persons who understand that Israel and Islamism are equal problems in the Middle East component of world politics.
Therefore a special set of rules may be useful. We propose:
1. That nationalists take material for distribution. Specially prepared simple items are best. Work the crowd.
2. A small group on nationalists should remain together.
3. Nothing should be carried that could remotely be described as a weapon. You may be searched.
4. It is not our rally so we are only participants. So respect the organizers even if we politically disagree with them.
5. Be aware that the extreme-left may throw objects – paint or eggs. Do not break ranks to pursue.
6. As is usual practice, the extreme-left will send out runners who will get behind and amongst the Reclaim protesters. They will seek to steal personal items and any banner or flag or other object. It would be correct to restrain such persons, but vigilance is the key. Alert any marshals to this practice.
7. Do not allow yourself to be photographed with any provocateurs and do not engage in any conversation with them. Some provocateurs are known to us in each City. Treat them as lepers but note what they do and then speak to whomsoever they try to approach and to the organizers.
8. If the Police give any direction, obey it.
9. The aim is to protest not to respond as such to the counter-demonstration; indeed, the purpose of the counter-demonstration is to hijack the event to ‘expose’ so-called racism. So, focus is the key.
10. Do not speak to any newspaper or media. This event will be crawling with journalists. If any comment is needed by nationalists, it will be done by your team-leader for the day. In any case, we do not speak to certain media as a matter of policy (metropolitan press, certain journals and so on).
11. When leaving the protest – leave in groups. Be aware that you may be on public transport where the extreme-left may also appear. They attack when they outnumber. So, do not travel alone.
12. We would recommend caps and so on to change appearance. The extreme-left thrives on photographic 'intel'."

Have a great day and enjoy what freedoms are still afforded to us.