Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Antifa Making Friends and Influencing People.

Well just a couple of things today. First this article HERE.

"How we speak matters no less than how we act. Perhaps by attending to this, organisers of counter-rallies may answer the basic question: if the formation of Reclaim Australia and the resurgence of the extreme Right primarily threatens Indigenous people and people of colour in this country, why are they disproportionately underrepresented in anti-fascist organising on the streets?"

So the questions are, why are they so white? If Reclaim and others are so racist, why is there a lack of Non Whites speaking out?  The answer is so simple that even a simpleton would know the answer.

First and most importantly they are not anti racists. This is a description given to them by the media. They are openly everything else from Marxist, Anarchist, Antifa and Communist. Yet the media call them anti racist. They use the cloak of anti racism as a cover. 

Now dont try and tell me journalist all over this country who have followed the Reclaim rally's, and every other counter rally run in the past 10 years. Have not seen the Anarchist Banners, Communist Banners, Antifa Banners? How could they fail to grasp the fact that the sea of faces at the counter rally's (or any rally held under the guise of anti racism) are almost 100% white. 

It matters not if its a Golden Dawn rally or a Reclaim Rally. They are the same people counter demonstrating time and time again. They do not hide the fact that the real reason they are there is to attack isolate and distort the truth. They just use the anti racism angle, or what ever angle is needed. All done with the open approval of the MEDIA. 

How can anyone who has been to University and studied journalism, not be aware that this is exactly what happened in Russia at the end of WW1.  Why is it that people such as us, with no real education outside of state school can see the obvious?  

Could it be the media are in on it also? Of course they are. They all share one common belief, Cultural Marxism. Truly gives meaning and substance to the saying "Anti Racism is just a code for anti white".

Next check this lot "Scab Eater" and what they have been accused of doing. They will be in Brisbane this weekend. No doubt telling their mates at the gig on Friday Night to go out and desecrate War Memorials in and around Brisbane the night before Anzac Day.  The gig will be at the appropriately named African House, 38 Lytton Road Brisbane. I guess they can hold an anti racism rally at the same time?

A for asshole. Behold you're A typical anti racism supporter.  Lest we forget, especially this Friday night. Full story HERE


Anonymous said...

Gutless filth deny the vandalism and have reportedly canceled their participation in the weekends gig.

Anonymous said...

The band pictured in your post is not Scab Eater, they are the South Australian band 'Trash' - hence the photo sitting on the dumpster.

As the desecration of the war memorial was a cowardly act that has been pretty much universally denounced by all involved with the said punk scene, it would be good if you could do the research and remove the picture, as the people you have singled out here have absolutely nothing to do with it and by posting their image as such you are endangering them and attributing a terrible act to them.


Whitelaw Towers said...

No worries, glad to hear that this band has been denounced. We apologize for the mistake. It is a serious issue and appreciate the heads up.