Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Its the Joos" over at Slackbastard.

First we will let the following comment from Australia First open group on FB have a crack at this. Then we will weigh in. Always makes for good Sunday Morning reading.


"It seems that Andy Fleming’s starting, like an unlikely divining rod, to inch closer to a truth that his hated foes in Aussie White Nationalism have understood for a long time – international Jewry's influence on, and untouchable status in, socio-political narratives in not just this country, but the entire western world.

Out of the mouths of babes of drunks and anarchists -- Andy says it himself:

"I wonder if, perhaps, had a synagogue (rather than a mosque) been subject to a suspected arson only weeks after public rallies demanding that Jews (as opposed to Muslims) be expelled from the country, might it not trigger some reaction on the part of the national government? Maybe, inter alia, a statement of condemnation and an expression of solidarity with those subject to such attacks and public vilification would be issued? It might even be that other political actors would also take notice, and note with concern a rise in anti-Semitic (as opposed to Islamophobic) attitudes and behaviors, ideologies and movements, and re-commit themselves to the fight against racism and xenophobia.

It’s a good question, if for the fact that Andy doesn’t seem to comprehend the very contradictory nature of Jewry (or just refuses to acknowledge it).See, you’re almost there, Andy – but for the fact that at the same time international Jewry stokes the flames of what you term ‘Islamophobia’ through kosher conservatism,the pro-Zionist press describe Andy's mob of anti-social anarchist thugs as 'anti racists' in a tone that would suggest they're social justice heroes. They even today held up Stacey Eden as this week's penultimate 'anti racist' hero (even though Islam is not a race) for defending a Muslim man and woman on a train who didn't have the kahunas to defend themselves from a hateful, bigoted, Reclaim Australia woman. So, Andy now acknowledges Jewish privilege, but hasn't detected striking hypocrisy given that no group condemns louder that which it covertly vilifies behind the Southern Cross.

Andy, we might make an Australian Nationalist of you yet. Props to you, mate for officially buying into what you often deride as a loony conspiracy theory."

There isn't much you can add to that. We were hoping to at least do one story this week on the dangers of Zionism. Just trying to give ourselves a break from Kosher Nationalism and filthy traitors like Andy Fleming. In fact we were just about to do an article on the following.

Israel pushes to have “anti-Semitism” recognized as international crime

"Think about the severity of these recent developments folks: the Jews are pushing to have “anti-Semitism” (i.e., stating basic facts about the subversive, criminal nature of organized Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel) internationally recognized as a crime. If the Jews get their way, “anti-Semites” will literally be arrested and extradited to stand trial at an “international court of justice.” If this isn’t the epitome of total Jewish tyranny implemented on an international scale, I don’t know what is.
And consider what the Jews did during the Bolshevik revolution almost as soon as they took over. They criminalized “anti-Semitism” and made it an offense punishable by death."

Now not that long ago a post on WLT such as the one above would have Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard chastising writers on this blog as conspiracy nuts. In fact many claims made on this blog and previously at Victor Whitelaw, have since turned out more truth than conspiracy. Yet to Andy this was a sure sign of our mental instability and a fatal flaw in our beliefs.

But as you can see above, Andy Fleming has either had a Peter Watson Road to Damascus Conversion, or he has just become increasingly desperate as his little battle with Reclaim goes further south. One things for sure its a long way from the Andy Fleming of old. The Slackbastard who during the last two Palestinian intifada's said absolutely nothing for fear of upsetting his Jewish pals. No matter how mush phosphorous was dumped on the worlds biggest open air Prison Gaza.

What about the Andy Fleming who claimed on his blog  back in 2006  that he was Jewish? No wonder his pal and antifa Jewish Super Hero Asher "Ash" Goldman just vanished. No wonder many people think the ghost writer Andy Fleming, is more than one person?

Maybe he is just bat shit crazy with multiple personalities? Maybe he is a self loathing Jew? Maybe he is the controlled opposition? Or is he just all of the above?


Anonymous said...

Definitely more than one Andy, a Female too? Or just a large mangina?

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that Islam's connection to "Nazis" is now being used and repeated often.