Sunday, April 05, 2015

Making a Silk Purse from a Pigs Ear.

Thats not Halal or even Kosher. Whats with Antifa and their lies? I read the following post on Andy Fleming Slackbastard page and I thought, what the hell we have had zero reports of any "Bone Heads" or "Skin Heads" getting beaten by antifa. Believe me we would know if it did happen. 

We instantly thought well it may have happened in Melbourne, as there was a lot of small scuffles? So we thought better check this out. 

So we had a look at Jerremys page to see what state he is in. If there was any chance of his claims being true, it was going to be in Victoria.

Brisbane, come on. Of all the reclaim events you claim to beat people up at, Brisbane or the Gold Coast would be the last place that will happen. Come on Jeremy get with the program, put down that crack pipe and rejoin society. No don't stay right where you are.
A picture tells a thousand stories, include that with all the video footage we have and pictures, Im sure we can dig up what rally this imaginary beat down come from. Hahaha antifa, gangster.

What did happen on the day all around Australia certainly does not match Jeremy Robertson recollections.  Unless being challenged with a camera, having shit thrown at you, being spat at, being subjected to speeches from potty mouthed kids is considered a beat down. 

Sure people got beaten up by antifa, old ladies, women, mums and dads all types of everyday folk got assaulted on the day. That will come back to haunt you all. 

But when you all had to face resistance, even when you have the numbers you lot go to shit. You have no honour, you have nothing.


Anonymous said...

Is that @ndy in the Collingwood scarf, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to hear that a Wigger has no grasp on reality.

Anonymous said...

May not have been any official union representation but looks like the word got round the CFMEU mafia station, quite a few misguided largish builder/labourer types there. Seriously, WTF is wrong with guys otherwise this masculine when they see the she-males they are being led into this by? Are they fuckin' Bears or something?