Monday, April 13, 2015

More Media Manipulation And One Admission From Antifa.

Yep the media still insist on painting the violent Fascist Anti Fascist as peace loving tree hugging anti racists. 

SBS insist on calling these scum anti Racist Protestors.

But Queen Bee Andy Fleming, who just happens to be the ring leader and the one who feeds the media his garbage, openly admits they are Antifa. Props Andy.

But yeah as was reported yesterday on our FB, a small protest by some Kosher Nationalists and Animal Rights people was openly attacked by Fascist Anti Fascist. Screaming Nazis out or what ever their mantra is. They then immediately attacked the gathered protest. By the looks of the video HERE they may have a spot of bother with the Police.

Note how this not so new tactic from Antifa, is straight out of  the 1930s. How things have escalated since the Reclaim rally.  If you cant scream your opponent down, attack them. 

But dont expect any change from the media. Especially the State Run and financed ABC and SBS. After all when Islamic Terrorists can murder 140 Christians in Kenya over Easter and the ABC still refuses to admit it was an act of Islamic Terrorism whats one to think? 

Does anyone else wonder why the Fascist Anti Fascist are being protected by the Media? Yet Mum and Dad Australia are being branded Nazis? Has the penny dropped yet? 


Anonymous said...

The left are shitting their pants after 4th of April and so have shifted to violence first, in this case right in front of police. So anyone right of centre, if you're getting out there to protest, be prepared to defend yourself and your mates.

In regard to SBS (started by now dead Jew Malcolm Fraser), it's mission statement is to further multiculturalism (read, White Genocide) so of course they are going to call these Bolsheviks "anti-racists", even though they were protesting against a type of food certification. Christ. Anyway, SBS and NITV need to be abolished completely, nothing but propaganda networks, and some fucking right-wing Drano needs to be put through the ABC. For all the garbage you hear about Abbott being an arch conservative, in this regard he is a complete disappointment. Want to save billions, Mr Abbott? Scrap the SBS and NITV instead of cutting healthcare. End of rant.

Anonymous said...

How about this for manipulation?

Anonymous said...

The media is slowly being exposed. Constant stories of Islamic terror in Australia and abroad. Then after Reclaim Australia rally were all paranoid racists. Then its back to Islamic fear programming as normal. While they protect the Communist filth as Nazi hunters and anti racists. No! nothing wrong there.