Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Never Underestimate the Little Guy.

Well if you are not shocked and a little surprised over the growing success of Reclaim, then you must be suppressing the truth for some type of agenda.

This truly has been a success of the little guy. We all know who he is, the new guy at your meeting sitting up the back. Full of ideas and vocal about them. You probably didn't like him, you probably got a bit cranky at this upstart telling you how things should be done. He is like so many before, sick of reading articles and simply wants action. Well he has broken free and just stole the show.

No matter if you are a Civic Patriot a Kosher Nationalists or a White Nationalists, these new kids on the block have done something groups like Australia First and the Kosher APP franchise have never been able to achieve. I doubt any of these little guys have ever written a political article in their life, unlike the hundreds written by those above, including us. Their approach of Keep It Simple Stupid, has not only worked but is wildly successfully.

If you had told me last year that a working class guy in a Jacki Howe singlet and Nationalist with a video camera would have the Australian Left in a shambles we would have said you are crazy. But this is exactly what has happened. In one weekend they achieved what we have been trying to achieve since 2004. In fact this makes the destruction of Andy Flemings previous project Fight Dem Back, look like amateur hour.

One man in a singlet preaching Patriotism and solidarity and another embedded amongst the filth,  capturing the real traitors of Australia with a video camera. Mind you the later done so at great risk as Andy Fleming and his Fascist Anti Fascists created a hit list with this mans picture on it. Singling him out for special attention at the Reclaim Rally in Melbourne. Certainly one of the most surprising acts of sheer audacity seen in Nationalist circles for many years.

The desperation from Australian Media who are cut from the same Cultural Marxist cloth is worthy of note. They didn't see it coming either. The media with its one sided reporting along with the hopelessly Left Wing Agenda of hip TV programs, has awoken the masses. They have turned to Social Media and the little guys for the truth.

I guess when the media desperately looks for one guy among thousands who fits a Nazi profile to ridicule Reclaim. At the same time ignores North Korean and Soviet Flags in the openly Communist and Marxist counter protests, it tends to make a lot of people very suspect of an agenda. Calling mum and dad Australia Nazis, then giving comfort to the real enemy of the West has been noted and will not be easily dismissed.

This whole approach of taking it to the streets and voicing your beliefs and standing proud has worked in the past. So next reclaim rally get off the computer, stop typing out shit that just preaches to the converted and get amongst it. Turn off the MSM laugh at their lies, laugh at their propaganda, you have just taken the first step to true freedom and real say in your Nation.  HUZZAH! HUZAAH!

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