Thursday, April 02, 2015

Reclaim Australia Rally Rules of Engagement for Nationalists.

Well with the Reclaim Rally's only two days away. I hope that those going are getting organized and not leaving anything to the last minute.

Of course Andy Fleming and his army of lemmings have all the resources afforded to them as the State Sanctioned non conformists. They truly should try and stand up against something that isn't popular with the State. 

Be warned, Anti-Fa and Andy Fleming have issued hit lists including pictures to identify Nationalists on the day. Stalin would be proud. Imagine the outcry if we had done the same? 

While Andy Fleming and Anti-Fa Australia have been recruiting members from the CFMEU in an attempt to fill the ranks, of a otherwise pimply faced Marxist Student counter rally. Nationalists groups such as Australia First have released some very important and relevant information for what you should and shouldn't be doing on the day. In fact we support the following 100% and encourage you brothers and sisters to do the same. If you go to pick up your mate and its 34 degrees outside, and he is wearing a Bomber Jacket and dressed like a "Hollywood Nazi", well have a word to him for us. Remind him its a Civic Nationalist gig and basically he isnt doing anyone any favors. Well that is unless you are antifa or the State controlled Left wing media. One and the same. 


"The Reclaim Australia rallies are on Saturday. Certain basic background facts are:
Nationalists will participate as individuals and in small groups. The extreme-left will counter-demonstrate and try to gain wide publicity and disrupt the events. Many of the people supporting Reclaim are not nationalists or anti immigrationists or persons who understand that Israel and Islamism are equal problems in the Middle East component of world politics.
Therefore a special set of rules may be useful. We propose:
1. That nationalists take material for distribution. Specially prepared simple items are best. Work the crowd.
2. A small group on nationalists should remain together.
3. Nothing should be carried that could remotely be described as a weapon. You may be searched.
4. It is not our rally so we are only participants. So respect the organizers even if we politically disagree with them.
5. Be aware that the extreme-left may throw objects – paint or eggs. Do not break ranks to pursue.
6. As is usual practice, the extreme-left will send out runners who will get behind and amongst the Reclaim protesters. They will seek to steal personal items and any banner or flag or other object. It would be correct to restrain such persons, but vigilance is the key. Alert any marshals to this practice.
7. Do not allow yourself to be photographed with any provocateurs and do not engage in any conversation with them. Some provocateurs are known to us in each City. Treat them as lepers but note what they do and then speak to whomsoever they try to approach and to the organizers.
8. If the Police give any direction, obey it.
9. The aim is to protest not to respond as such to the counter-demonstration; indeed, the purpose of the counter-demonstration is to hijack the event to ‘expose’ so-called racism. So, focus is the key.
10. Do not speak to any newspaper or media. This event will be crawling with journalists. If any comment is needed by nationalists, it will be done by your team-leader for the day. In any case, we do not speak to certain media as a matter of policy (metropolitan press, certain journals and so on).
11. When leaving the protest – leave in groups. Be aware that you may be on public transport where the extreme-left may also appear. They attack when they outnumber. So, do not travel alone.
12. We would recommend caps and so on to change appearance. The extreme-left thrives on photographic 'intel'."

Have a great day and enjoy what freedoms are still afforded to us.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Unfortunately I have read elsewhere a number of "Hollywood Nazi's"are attending with flags aplenty. As said above, this is not our rally. Reclaim is without doubt serving the zionist agenda, but they have succeeded in sparking a political interest in the Average Australian, through an image and basic repetitive message most can relate to. They are either a bunch of uneducated idiots or genius'. "He who would win the masses must know the key that opens the door to their hearts". Much to take advantage of here. Lets not hand the Left a victory.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes I have heard the same. If true, it would be the end of them in this country, as no one from our side supports them. There may be more than one Zionist agenda at play this weekend. But no point debating rumors, after this weekend we will have a clearer understanding of a lot of things. We truly have nothing to loose, but everything to gain. No doubt this will be the first of many demos if they simply do it right.

Anonymous said...

I'll be wearing steelcap work boots.

No law against that, except to say, I will not be holding back if fucked with. I will intervene to defend any other RA marcher who's person or possessions are being interfered with by any antifa.

I hope everyone has a good day.