Sunday, April 05, 2015

Reclaim Brisbane Huge Success.

Well I will just let the pictures tell the story, its not like the media can tell the truth. One does wonder why the media protect Anti-Fa? We know why, but so does mum and dad Australia now. A lot of these people who came to the rally's around Australia yesterday may not have known what an extreme left wing nut job was, or had even heard of the term Anti-Fa. They know now. 

Above Reclaim Rally supporters, Nazis if you are blind idiot with no real grasp on reality.

and yeh well, the counter protest. 

I love this post from the Fascist Anti Fascists a few days back, something got lost in the translation.

There is a few of us who recall the actions and comments from Brisbane antifa after the Golden Dawn rally last year. All 20 of them bragging how 150 CFMEU members had been recruited with lies to shut the legal gathering down. Well we see the results right here. Not only was the antifa numbers down from 20 to 8 but not a single Union supporter to be seen. 

Yesterday was a turning point, the Patriots have the floor and they are angry. Good luck with dealing with that antifa Brisbane.  


Hamish Patton said...

Yes, I noticed too, that except for Melbourne where the police seem to be in cahoots with the left, the sensible segregation of these suckfish enabled the unfettered expression of patriotic sentiment, even if it was skewered by the naivete of Civic Patriotism. But I noticed, from attending the Sydney rally, something you've nailed with your mention of the mum and dads who wouldn't have hitherto known of antifa -- and that is the mainstream Australian is now becoming political out of necessity. And that's what they were, they weren't right or left, they were mainstream. Previously, the left has owned street theatre and public protest, and I don't think they've been prepared for the advent when ordinary Australians take to the street on a serious issue -- and the issue of Islam (which they will soon learn is inexorably tied to multiculturalism) must be proving serious for mainstream OZ if it's pulling them away from their Saturday lunch at home.

Anonymous said...

I saw one person wearing a CFMEU T-shirt in Brisbane, he seemed to be enjoying the rally.

Anonymous said...

OK, so these dipshits have saved us the trouble. I left my camera at home in case I needed both hands free for a contingency such as Melbourne. Antifa Brisbane Facebooks page has a good video with some great close ups of the ones that were not so gutless to hide behind stupid showbag masks or ISIS head coverings.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, union supporters, it was Saturday on an extended long weekend so unless they had a paid job to take leave of you weren't going to see them there. Probably at home watching porn and sucking stubbies.