Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Reclaim Counter Protests Zero Credibility.

Things just get bad to worse for them. I suspect a scene reminiscent of a Frankenstein movie with the villagers seeking revenge may be on the cards. Face it Andy Fleming, you and your mates can put as much spin on it as possible. Even the Left Wing media who obviously support you mugs cant hide the fact that it is you who are the problem. Fascist Anti Fascist and fully fledged Communists and Marxists will not be tolerated by the average Australian.

The tide has turned, this is just the start. Every Union, Every Stinking Politician you know will have to step back from supporting you and your lies. Hell these guys don't even need the media as the working class of this nation is talking about this openly at work, at home and down the pub. Its over dickhead, pack your bags for Spain, Australia has had enough of your Cultural Marxism. Leave now.


Anonymous said...

I controlled myself at the rally, and these idiots, outnumbered and overwhelmed, stuffed up all on their own. I am enjoying every minute of this!

Anonymous said...

Feral hag Mel Gregson was the main organiser behind the Melbourne counter rally as can be seen from their own sites. Gregson is another Socialist Party contender for council in Melbourne and has been present with Main at every violent protest against any type of progress or anything right of centre in Melbourne. Gregson is practically Main's bitch and warrants further investigation and monitoring.

Here is a great pic with Main holding Gregson's head as she spits in the direction of police. Look at the expression on the face of that officer as Main holds her head like a BDSM submissive as she spits abuse at them. What lovely couple.

Anonymous said...

He's Italian not Spanish.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Sorry if you thought our Spanish comment was an assumption he is from Spain. Andy until recently had a fixation with the Spanish Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty convinced Andy is Godino. His LinkedIn site states all his I.T experience, graphic design/art etc. Also states hes Italian with some Spanish language knowledge, past clients AFL. The voice on the radio show matches the Safran interview on JJJ and matches the voice from his phone no. Published.