Saturday, April 04, 2015

Reclaim right now.

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Well its been and gone, much gloating from the folks at reclaim. Lots of soul searching from the leftards. Nah they are soul less bastards the lot of them. So stay tuned for lots of videos and pictures over the next few days. Some great stories to be told.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you there at the Brisbane rally and the obvious WN contingent in black on the north side guarding the flanks of the rally.

If it wasnt for the "fascist pigs" guarding them, just the civics that turned up today would have pounded those little shits into a permanent part of King George Square!

According to a comment on Dailyt Stormer, 100 people at Toowoomba turned up against two ferals!

Anonymous said...

That being said, for 5000 'likes' on Facebook, police estimate 800 Reclaim people in the Square. Good, but no revolution. Apart from Melbourne (no surprises) sounds like the antifa got fucking owned everywhere, even the Melbourne patriots didn't take their shit without a fight as evidenced by news footage, when they tried to human-barricade them out. Good on them as they were at least going to be countered 1:1 in that Marxist shithole of a town. Can't wait until the next one!

Whitelaw Towers said...

I think the next ones will be bigger. People are angry now and the media isn't helping with some very sloppy but predictable reporting. You have to start some place and this was the beginning for a lot of people. As of today a lot more average Australians are questioning the media and are now aware of the Reds. Hell openly flying North Korean and Soviet flags in Brisbane in front of these people was simply a gift to us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah every rally across Australia, Reclaim outnumbered the Leftists

(Exception to the Melbourne one)

Sydney it was about 700 vs 60 leftists (I was surprised there were 60 of them hahahah)

This trend continued across Australia.

Gold coast had similiar outcome.

The one in Canberra it was about 80 Reclaim vs 20 leftists.

I hope this turns out like PEDIGA and happens a lot (Maybe once a month?)

Anonymous said...

From their own counter-protest Facebook site, today's counter protest was organised by the following vermin:

Feargal McGovern (the loud, disheveled wanker in the GI Joe jacket who gave his discourse on the Australian flag)

Chris Holden
Robert Travaskis
Julie Mauger
Darren Hunter
Ewan Amyntikou

All student at either QUT, Griffith or UQ St Lucia.

I wish I had taken photos of the Syrian, North Korean, Soviet and Queer flag being flown together, it seems to have escaped most of the media except for a mention in the Brisbane Times which singled out a lone Golden Dawn shirt.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. A lot more 'ordinary' folk have been awakened to what an "antifa" really is, who is behind them etc, whereas maybe only a more radical nationalist would know the full definition before. There will be a lot more ordinary right of the centre folk on their backs now. Whilst most of the counter protesters were <30, hard left, white uni students, there was a complete representation of the age spectrum among the Reclaim crowd, from teenagers to retirees (points to the latter for getting out and risking injury like that poor 74y/0 lady in Melbourne that was bashed by the antifa. No mobilisation of West End aboriginals and/or corrupt violent union thugs that they were counting on, at least in Brisbane. I would ask all nationalists who belong to a union to divest from them if they make condemnations of RA, which invariably most will. The lass there today were honest working types, not scum who hide behind a militant, internationalist, corrupt organised crime entity like CFMEU, BLF, NTU, ETS, etc.

Anonymous said...

Antifa and Co in Brisbane were just some light entertainment between guest speakers. Obese kids banging on pots and pans, underweight vegans struggling to endure the entire day. What a laugh! I think one of their best lines were: "If Muslims are such a threat why have they not bombed this event?" Hahaha! Then they all ran for the hills when it was over. I had them crossing the street, and changing train carriage's when they saw me coming, and I was on my own. Cowards!