Sunday, April 05, 2015

The videos that sum up the Counter Rally in Melbourne.

When I say there is a lot more Im not joking. This is Anti-Fa from Andy Flemings home turf of Melbourne, enjoy.

Anthony Mains Shop Steward for the Dole Union.

Some of Andy Flemings kids throwing poo. Real class stuff.


Anonymous said...

Anti Fa scum, I actually felt sorry for the disabled bloke. The reclaim rally in Melbourne was a success from my viewpoint. Patriotic Australians formed a united front against the left and the world got to see what scum that these so called anti racists are. All the good work of the reclaim people and of those that attended looks to have payed off. Well done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

That video should be forwarded to Melbourne Police City Command, that is good footage for a positive ID and a criminal charge.

Typical antifa, throwing faeces out of their monkey cages.

Melbourne RA deserve a special congrats for re-taking the streets from the Melbourne reds, something that has not happened in a long time, and I hope this had inspired more to come along for next one. According to the graphics on RA Melbourne Facebook, the police had effectively bottled in 40 % of the RA people in the square, while 60% were left to slug it out with the scum in the streets. Huge points to the patriots who tried to run the gauntlet to join their RA mates inside the square.