Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hollywood Nazis,

screw it up for everyone once again.

Now I know a few here wont like this but I truly do not give two shits at the moment. Even a recent comment suggesting some people are riding the coat tails of the Kosher Nationalists to wage our battle is an over statement. We have already explained that the "our"and "we" that is often spoke about make up less than 1% of the total number of people involved in these rally's and demonstrations. The contribution from the legit Far Right is undeniably microscopic and has no presence at all with organizing any of it. Reclaim and the new group UPF run their own show. Anyone denying this is a LIAR or antifa.

Again for the hard of hearing, the amount of people who claim to be supporters of National Socialism in this case (not fascist) are in two clear groups. Hollywood Nazis and true believers. The later would outnumber the Hollywood stereo type by twenty to one. Many have been involved in RAC groups in the past and when they see the following just shake their heads in disgust. 
Sadly this will be the iconic picture taken away from the 1st demo organised today by the United Patriotic Front "UPF," Packaged and ready roll.

These Hollywood Nazis also have two categories, the not so crazy unestablished Internet warriors  and the outright insane. This post will only talk about the insane.

A request was made by this blog and many others involved in various Nationalists circles in Australia. That if you decide to go along and support the Civic Patriots and Kosher Nationalists, do it under you own steam. If you go, don't involve any of the legitimate groups by wearing shirts or waving flags that would be seen as supporting National Socialism at the rally's. No one wanted to give antifa a reason to tag everyone a "Nazi".  To put it simply its not our ball game. So there is zero  Far Right Folks riding on anyone's coat tails. We will make our own steam thank you very much.

Personally many of us are sick and tired of being blamed for the failure of certain Kosher Nationalists and Civic Patriot groups. We are sick and tired of being scapegoated instead of these groups accepting the fact they blew it all on their own. Sadly not this time, this time it could be said they are 100% right. The only problem is that this guy is not one of us. 

At the last rally it was reported that the above individual not only was asking question about us at WLT,  he made other claims suggesting he had in fact met some of us. So we made a few inquiries, and sure as shit sticks to a blanket it was soon discovered he had never met any of us at all. 

It actually took a few more calls to find out who he was. Hell even some of the Hollywood Nazis distance themselves from this guy.  

So imagine our surprise to find The Anti Bogan and Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard know more about him than we do. Hell they have been writing about him since 2010 and as recent as 2014. Conspiracy anyone?
This same guy from today was made famous at the Melbourne Reclaim rally (above)a few months back. 

The media and antifa had a field day with this nut case. Using him as the pin up boy to silence Mum and Dad Australia from speaking out against Islam. He was a hit and was made the face of Reclaim and all it stands for. 

Who the hell is this guy? Well we didn't pay much attention at first, we naturally thought it was a genuine mistake and would not happen again. You cant get more wrong than that. 

We wont print his name here. That is for others to do if they wish. But we can say this guy has spoken on WN forums about his mental instability and what he takes to combat them. This would have no doubt been leaped upon by the Lefty trolls who comb forums looking for dirt on people. Seeing as the Anti Bogan was the first to write about him immediately followed by Andy Fleming, you can make a few assumptions.

The Anti Bogan, Alex Gollan and Andy Fleming belonged to the Fight Dem Back group that just happened to reactivate itself last night. This group was well known for its lies to ASIO and the Federal Police. Not to mention the blackmail of people with mental problems. Its a bit of a stretch, but anything is possible with this lot.

It is of course possible that he is simply totally out to lunch.  But if a group is going to be collectively punished because of one or two individuals with a mental illness, I would suggest antifa is the prime candidate. 

26 May 2014
Also both minors Darren and Lachlan have received threats that could be seen as an attempt at blackmail. Darren was threatened that his parents would lose their house in blunt terms if he refused to withdraw the paedophile ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two Rules.

One for the Goy and one for our Overlords.

Behind every anti racist pro Multicultural NGO, you will always find a Jew at the head or strategically placed in said organization. In Europe in particular, you find Jews like Barbara Spectre. She is the spear point of the push to change Europe from a White Culture to a 3rd world Multicultural disaster.

Our homelands are open slather. Our Culture has to move over and allow other cultures to rule over us. If you speak out, you will quickly find a wide range of Jews standing at the ready to destroy your life and see you off to prison. If you doubt what I say you just haven't been paying attention.

Don't even start me on the reasons behind the refugee crisis that is flooding Europe and the West. For every war we fight for Israel the more humanitarian crisis's arise. Its all about Greater Israel.

There are plenty of Jews working for the Israeli State in our homelands. Busy pushing not only their agenda, but the destruction of our homelands our culture and our heritage.

But when it comes to the Democratic state of Israel, they practice exactly the opposite of what they preach. Watch the video, let it sink in.

Now ask yourself, why the silence in this country from the left? Imagine the world wide outrage if this was a white nation in the above video?

 Remember how our own country was pivotal in the destruction of South Africa and Rhodesia? Two countries where black Africans lived a far better life under white rule than they do now under the Jewish Backed Communist ANC and the Dictator Mugabe. In fact they lived a better life back then than they do in Israel right now. So why the silence? Because anti racism is a code word for anti white. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wise words from Victor in 2006

For a lightning strike to occur and to be effective the correct atmospheric conditions must be present. It’s all about charged particles, ionisation and equalising electrical potentials and stuff. Things called streamers, tendril like arcs of energy, are drawn up from the ground to meet the lightning bolt coming down from the clouds, then BANG! A huge amount of energy, millions of Volts, is discharged. This is what is planned for White Nationalists in Australia, a lightning bolt, a huge strike, to take us all out in one big zap.

The Australian population, just like the atmosphere before an electrical storm, is being prepared subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, to accept the ridiculous concept that White Nationalists are Terrorists. Terms such as “Neo-Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Racist”, “Hater” and even “White Supremacist” have been so overused and become so hackneyed, often fired at quite benign targets, they have lost their currency and subsequent impact. But the fear factor is very important in the Multiculturalism Industry's propaganda, so an entirely new vocabulary has now become necessary to frighten the living daylights out of Joe Public.

In a treasonous diversionary strategy the spotlight is being deliberately swung away from the truly most dangerous segment of the population, namely the radical Islamists, and onto White Australian Patriots and Nationalists. The demonisation process has been steadily ramping up since the Cronulla people power protests of December 2005 but is now gathering real momentum with prominent establishment figures such as the Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty softening the population up with his Pro-Islamic and subtly Anti-White comments.

His inane comment of “I remind people that the first person who was convicted of a terrorist offence in Australia was a person with the unlikely name of Jack Roche” is deliberately, and I would suggest irresponsibly, misleading as Jack Roche was a MUSLIM! So where is the incongruity with supposedly misguided, so-called “populist” opinion and received wisdom here? It would not matter a damn if his name was John Smith or David Jones, he was still a MUSLIM and he LOOKED like a MUSLIM as well with his beard and dress sense.

I wonder if Mr. Keelty realised when he added “the danger of mistreating people who felt the least bit alienated was that they would become permanent outcasts in the community” that this comment might just as easily be applied to the vilification of White Australian Patriots! I wonder does Mr. Keelty feel as much compassion and concern for the sensibilities of traditional White European Australians as he does for Muslims.

Sadly, the vast majority of the unenlightened masses who are “informed” by nothing more than lurid newspaper headlines and the comic book “journalism” of television current affairs shows will probably be duped by this propaganda. Rather than the stated intent of relieving the paranoia about the Islamic threat, Human nature being what it is and most average Joes being unable to walk and chew gum simultaneously, this fear and distrust will simply be transferred over to Australian Patriots and White Nationalists. The political spin doctors who are manipulating Mr. Keelty know full well this will be the result and that is the only real reason why he has been prompted to make such statements.

Despite the fact we have a Liberal-National Coalition Federal Government, all the states are Labor Party controlled and in NSW, most of our top leadership, including the State Premier himself is totally reliant on the ethnic lobby vote, in particular the Muslim vote, to remain in power. The pressure on Morris Iemma and his top two or three ministers, who are all sitting members in Muslim dominated seats, must be tremendous. They must placate and finesse the Muslim population in Sydney otherwise they will be out of a job! It is as simple as that.

Part of this overall plan of placation is to spend obscene amounts of Tax Payers’ money on yet more pro-Multicultural propaganda, paying particular attention to showing us what a really beautiful bunch of sophisticated and highly cultured but tragically misunderstood people the Muslims are, and to vilify any expression of overt White Australian Nationalism.

From now on, Joe Lemming will be watching and listening to his White Australian neighbours with great suspicion and wondering what’s REALLY behind old Bill next door hanging that Aussie flag out on his verandah each morning. What was that he overheard old Bill saying once to his wife about how “all them boat people should be sent back” or how “them Muslim Terrorists should all be shot”? And old Bill HAD been in the Army and they learn all about weapons and bombs and stuff, don’t they? Perhaps Joe should do the right thing and just let that nice Constable Habib know all about Bill so they can keep an eye on him, after all, you never know, do you?

posted by Victor Whitelaw at Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday, May 25, 2015

Anti Anti-Fa Notes.

 Truly interesting times. So much has been discovered about the Cultural Marxist in Australia since this Blog and the Previous Blog Victor Whitelaw started.

We could never have imagined that 10 years on we would still be writing about the same people. Let alone having the opportunity to see many get what they so rightfully deserve.

As has been stated, the only reason we started on this journey was because two 15 year old school kids contacted us about being harassed, stalked and blackmailed by the then unknown group Fight Dem Back. The same group Alex Gollan belonged to. Imagine that, grown men spending their day stalking 15 year old kids. As you will see in the above link, members of this group had no problem at all in fucking these kids lives for good. We had no idea that some of them "may have" wanted to do that and more.

This group, that has since been shut down because of the constant pressure applied to them from this blog and its supporters, didn't exactly disappear. Many members of FDB joined or rejoined smaller groups, or moved up the Cultural Marxist ladder. At the end of the day, no matter what ranking they have now, they are still the same potty mouthed Ultra Left Wing Predators they always were.

Not only have all our suspicions about them been solidly proven, its now all out there for anyone to read or discover for themselves. In fact the thousands of people who now visit this blog to find out about these predators, truly proves how important our archives are. They are all here, every single one of those smarmy "anti racist" pricks. Watching them being taken down one by one, then looking back on  how cocky they once were makes it all worth it.

Ironically its the average mum and dad and the real working class that are going to finish this lot off. Who would have thought this would have been the case? The same people they deceived into believing their tales of Nazis and evil racists just saw through the BS. The shell game has been exposed, just in time.

Australia has had enough of lies and PC propaganda, the natives are restless and growing more organized by the day.

We stop short at aligning ourselves with these new breed of patriots. Our guess the relentless lies from Cultural Marxists and the media guarantees that they would never accept our help anyway. We are a long way from a total awakening, if that is even remotely possibly anymore. But the more they learn the more they question. That creates some serious issues for the Cultural Marxists and the puppet masters at play.   

For now the best we can do is keep doing what we do. Connect the dots for those who are looking. Lead by example, attacking the source not the symptom.

Watch and take note who supports anti-fa. Take note what Members of Parliament are approached for help. Look into the backgrounds of those "respected" people in our community who speak up for them and protect them. Follow the money trail, what Union is funding that? What political party is funding that Union? Who are the professors of hate teaching our young minds and future leaders to hate ones culture and heritage.

These snitches and political informers have had their day in the sun. Let the working class have the truth, they can handle it.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alex Gollan ADF Fed Snitch.

So many of you would have read Alex Gollans page HERE. Makes for some interesting reading. The most shocking I thought was his open admission of being recruited by the ADF and the Federal Police. How sad it was to read that they believe his work is excellent. Seems chasing an imaginary enemy is a full time job.  Now what have we been saying for so many years?

Now if this insignificant little shit is an asset for the Australian Intelligence community, what the hell does that make Andy Fleming? It all starts to make sense now. No more conspiracy thanks to Alex. 

Ever wonder why it is we can never find who Andy Fleming truly is? The answer is right above. They are all collecting information on behalf of the Government. Its a brave new world now isn't it. 

Just what exactly do they have planned for us is anyone's guess. Do you truly believe that they are hunting Nazis? Not that its even illegal to have Nazi or Fascist beliefs in Australia. These Nazis, as we have stated many times are hardly a threat to anyone in this country. Its the average Mum and Dad they are collecting info on. They are then labeled Nazis to somehow make it alright to persecute them. It would appear our government is encouraging this. I think we should all have serious concerns about this revelation.

Just remember they all move in the same circles. 

12 Nov 2014
All Together Now + Exit White Power = White Power Discussion Page. Yeah probably old news, but we have been a little busy doing other things. Exit White Power. Now a few years back anytime you searched for this Blog on ...
20 Jul 2014
Just recently under the Abbot government they had the funding cut to run their little propaganda operation. When Exit White Power first appeared, they linked themselves to groups such as the American ADL and the SPLC.
24 Nov 2008
BNP,MI5 FDB AND ASIO. BNP member being arrested by MI5? Yes readers it would seem that a Whistle Blower on the inside has let the cat out of the bag. As our readers already know groups such as Fight Dem Back are just ...
18 Sep 2014
Now over the past 10 years, people such as myself and others connected to this Blog have been questioned time and time again by ASIO and the Federal Police. Claims from Anarchists, Antifa and Anti Racists of the threat to ...
12 Oct 2011
Its true that Australian Anarchists along with Australian Antifa have often bragged about supplying ASIO and the Federal Police with info on various groups and citizens of this country. Very convenient that ASIO speak so highly ...
15 Dec 2008
Hell and he claims to have better intell than ASIO. Come on the intell the Feds use is from FDB. That's the problem. It's so far off the mark it's a joke. The claim that ASIO has left the monitoring of RACE HATE groups to FDB is ...

Alex Gollan in Nazi Fantasy Land.

Imagine our surprise when we saw this posted at Andy Flemings FB page Slackbastard. Imagine that, Andy Fleming giving Alex Gollan's Nazi conspiracy story air. I mean Andy is the same guy who claims that convicted antifa murderer Jock Palfreeman stabbed a unarmed person to death in self defense.Go figure.

In a nutshell Alex has a rant claiming victim status because his personal details had been published by this site and many others back in 2011. Let us remind everyone that his FB page and antibogan site, not only "outed" hundreds if not thousands of everyday people, it perfected it. This suspected rock spider was judge jury and executioner for countless mums and dads around Australia. 

His involvement in the blackmail of his opponents, the illegal hacking of their personnel computers, all well documented and attributed to the groups he supports. The targeting of opponents families via smear with the assistance of his media mates, by far a favored method over the years. Lets not forget the people sacked, forcing everyday people onto the unemployment line. Its just one crime after the other.

His membership with antifa groups such as Fight Dem Back and slackbastard should have been enough to have this suspected rock spider removed from his job.

Alex Gollan is the A typical Cultural Marxist.This guy having learnt his stalking trade from Mathew Henderson, Andy Fleming, Donald Orst and Brian Stokes took it one step further after the collapse of Fight Dem Back (FDB). He then has the nerve to claim that he is a victim of the same tactics he excelled at. How many of his victims had pictures of their children on their Face Book pages? Imagine what is going through the minds of his victims?

 Its a Nazi conspiracy, The Iron Sky alibi. 

Come on you have to be shitting me. If its a conspiracy to post details of a stalker and the crimes he has committed on the Australian General Population as WLT has done, well we are guilty. Are we guilty of setting this idiot up? No fucking way. As a matter of fact that claim just brought you extra special treatment for the next few months. One truly hopes that when sentencing is carried out if found guilty, the judge will be reminded of your lies and how you showed zero remorse for your suspected actions and victims. 

This whole nest of grubs has to go! One thing that has been noted since we started the WLT project is they all move in the same circles. All the way to the highest positions in the ALP, The Greens and the now defunct Australian Democrats. They all use their hipster media mates to lie and manipulate the truth and hide their crimes. A quick look at the people in high positions that Fight Dem Back called friends and allies is truly staggering. The ability of the lies they created for media consumption to have the state take them seriously, to the point of having ASIO and the Federal police involved, certainly points to a real conspiracy.

Stay tuned folks. Hey Alex it was a movie ok.

Alex Gollan is the Antibogan Pedophile?

We will have much to say about the following over the next few days. But for now just read, take it in. Remember that this coward, this liar, this suspected unrepentant Pedophile was an assistant Principle at a school.

Grooming charge for Homebush assistant principal Alexander Gollan rocks Education Department 

May 20, 2015 11:43pm EXCLUSIVE Taylor Auerbach and Ian WalkerThe Daily Telegraph 

THE assistant principal of a school in Sydney’s West was last night charged with ­allegedly trying to incite a ­victim under the age of 10 to commit an indecent act.

Homebush Public School teacher Alexander Gollan, who is still employed by the state government, also faces 14 counts of possessing child abuse material and using a carriage service to send ­indecent material to a minor — in a case that has rocked the Education Department.

Gollan was arrested by police at 6.30pm last night and questioned at Auburn Police Station. He will face court on June 30.

Mr Gollan, an online ­blogger and activist, told The Daily Telegraph last night he was the victim of a right-wing conspiracy, adding inappropriate material found on his hard-drive was sent to him by his enemies in an attempt to set him up.

A lengthy police investigation — which began around October last year — ended in the charges against the 32-year-old, who devotes much of his spare time to writing “anti-bogan”, “anti-discrimination” and “anti-racism” material.

 He once sold stickers and T-shirts espousing his political messages.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the police investigation allegedly uncovered videos of children dancing inappropriately and evidence of a conversation Mr Gollan had online with a young girl.

They claim to have searched about 60 hard-drives after Mr Gollan was ­arrested in October.

He said last night he was framed by a group which did not agree with his politics.

“I was saving the videos to show the police,” he said.

“They’ve basically tried to send me these things and said ‘I know you love this s...’.”

Police will allege one of the videos shows naked young children taking a bath.

Asked about his alleged online conversation with the young girl, Mr Gollan said he was misunderstood by investigators: “I said things that I say verbatim to adults.

“I said ‘Stop being cute’, but I say stuff like that to adults. Obviously it’s triggered ­warning bells.

“I was here alone, I wasn’t grooming.”

None of his alleged victims are linked to Homebush ­Public School.

Mr Gollan, who was placed on “alternative duties” by the Education Department, said he wanted to return to his role as assistant principal as soon as possible: “I’ve been in the same industry for a long time.

“It (being accused) is an ­absolutely awful feeling. I’ve been throwing up.”

Mr Gollan had earlier prepared a roughly 70-page online document in which he outlines his claims of innocence.

“I’ve written this and allowed you to read it in the event of worst-case scenario — something I don’t want to even consider right now as I type,” the document begins.

“If you’ve heard something and you’re concerned or shocked, please do me the favour of reading this.”

It goes on to outline heated conversations he has had with political foes online. Mr Gollan claimed his rivals were trying to force him out of his job by painting him as a paedophile.

The Education Department said children at Homebush Public School were being offered counselling: “The teacher was removed from school and assigned ­alternative non-teaching duties as soon as the department became aware of concerns ... and support was provided to two students as soon as they were identified.

“The teacher had the necessary Working With Children Check. Neither the school nor the department was aware of any child ­protection issues concerning the teacher before the matters relating to the current charges were raised.

“Support has been provided to identified students and their families, and to staff.”

Incredible, what next I was set up by Nazis stationed at Ice Station Zebra. Much more to come.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Useful links for the next few days.

17 Jul 2011
Alex Gollan ctd... Some further information about young Alex along with some choice bits of his 'work'

20 Jul 2011
Mail is in. Oh Alex Gollan you shouldn't have. Above and on the right. Left Wing Extremist School Teacher Mr. Alex Gollan, now who can think of the best caption? Hot off the press. Hell this guy is hated that much that even the ...
16 Jul 2011
Alex Gollan is 'The Anti Bogan'. It would appear that a School Teacher who currently works at Strathfield South Primary School is the so-called 'Anti-Racist' activist behind the 'Anti Bogan' site. Follow the link below to see ...
10 Jul 2013
Now I have no idea how we missed this one. In the following video courtesy of SBS you will hear (you wont see this snake} Alex Gollan claim he is a reformed Racist and his name is Nathan.
17 Jul 2011
Some helpful contact details which might be useful for concerned citizens wishing to register complaints and/or enquiries regarding the Left Wing Extremist School Teacher Mr. Alex Gollan. Why not Telephone, Fax, E-Mail or ..
21 Jul 2011
Your Old Uncle Victor could not help but be reminded of this classic pic of Darp and HIS bitch after seeing the photo of Alex Gollan and HIS bum chum. What IS it with these Lefty scum? They all seem to be flagrantly ...
05 Aug 2011
Nice language by the way Alex, just what the NSW education department expects from its teachers? Police are .... he is called alex gollan. he teaches at strathfield south public school. i know cause i am one of his students.
03 Aug 2011
... Department, which also declined to comment yesterday. SOURCE. Posted by Whitelaw Towers at 9:00 a.m.. Labels: Alex Gollan, andy, anti fa, anti racism, antibogan, Bnai Brith, Joe Hildebrand, Mathew Henderson Hau ...

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Real Snap Shot Of Hate.

So if you are going to, or thinking about going to the Reclaim Rally in Brisbane next month. You may like to keep an eye out (pardon the pun, see below) for this anti-fa supporter who claims to be attending. Of course the media will be only interested in "Nazis" as the noble black man and his ultra left wing anti racist supporters can do no wrong. Even if they are planning on murdering and robbing "white devils".

Dougy Summers

Hey bro, I is da master race.  Ive got my eye on you white devil.

The way Dougy "sees it" is a bit like the first pic we have of him here. Truly screwed up.

Well it would appear that although Dougy is using all the white mans magic and all the benefits that that brings to all cultures. Dougy wont let his kids have anything to with them. They are haters and terrorists don't you know.
Words simply just fail us here. I like his little spit on Nukes being detonated on Australian soil by Terrorists. ASIO anyone?

Dougy, who is probably an avid viewer of the outrageously anti white blacks only Television station NITV. Would be wise to shut his toothless crack pipe smoking mouth. Publicly endorsing a Black Militant Leader of the Islamic Hate Group Nation of Islam, should have his racist ass on the first plane back to New Zealand. Let Kyle and the lads teach him some humility. 

Malcolm X — “The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing.” [Speech in Los Angeles on June 3, 1962 upon learning of a plane crash. He also said on numerous occasions, “The white man is the devil.”]

Nice hate speech Dougy. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Counter Rally!

Do you live in Victoria? You should consider the following.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

That WTF Moment.

Just when I thought things just cant get anymore idiotic, anti-fa in particular "Reclaimwhat" have started channeling the spirit of 1933.

Yes folks looking down from the top floor of Whitelaw Towers we cant help but notice Antifa bleeding out credibility at an astounding rate. 

Of course we are all aware of the obvious tactic of lie after lie to try and rally the great unwashed, but what you are about to see will astound. 

But first does anyone remember Brendon O'Connell? Yes the guy who was jailed for three and half years for pointing out some rather nasty and hateful beliefs from our overlords. King of the Antifa Andy Fleming thought it was a master stroke of genius to have Brendon silenced and locked away to serve a full three and half years in a maximum security prison in Western Australia. Of course he would much rather have all the people he accuses of being evil racists put up against the wall and shot, but prison will do for now.  Simply doesn't pay to be a vocal critic of Judaism and Zionism, unless you are anti-fa of course. 

Its the Joos.....

Seems everyone is a Nazi now. We simply cant wait for the next round of Reclaim rally's, I can see them both screaming Nazi at each other at this rate. Truly pathetic from our point of view.  

Just a reminder Reclaimwhat and anti-fa, this is what you are. This is what you represent. This is how your kind operate once you have control.

   Remember this video about Katyn next time you fly that disgusting flag in this country. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Once you have been exposed to the truth there can be no turning back.