Friday, May 15, 2015

A Real Snap Shot Of Hate.

So if you are going to, or thinking about going to the Reclaim Rally in Brisbane next month. You may like to keep an eye out (pardon the pun, see below) for this anti-fa supporter who claims to be attending. Of course the media will be only interested in "Nazis" as the noble black man and his ultra left wing anti racist supporters can do no wrong. Even if they are planning on murdering and robbing "white devils".

Dougy Summers

Hey bro, I is da master race.  Ive got my eye on you white devil.

The way Dougy "sees it" is a bit like the first pic we have of him here. Truly screwed up.

Well it would appear that although Dougy is using all the white mans magic and all the benefits that that brings to all cultures. Dougy wont let his kids have anything to with them. They are haters and terrorists don't you know.
Words simply just fail us here. I like his little spit on Nukes being detonated on Australian soil by Terrorists. ASIO anyone?

Dougy, who is probably an avid viewer of the outrageously anti white blacks only Television station NITV. Would be wise to shut his toothless crack pipe smoking mouth. Publicly endorsing a Black Militant Leader of the Islamic Hate Group Nation of Islam, should have his racist ass on the first plane back to New Zealand. Let Kyle and the lads teach him some humility. 

Malcolm X — “The death of over 120 white people is a very beautiful thing.” [Speech in Los Angeles on June 3, 1962 upon learning of a plane crash. He also said on numerous occasions, “The white man is the devil.”]

Nice hate speech Dougy. 


Anonymous said...

I look forward to it. As the Bully Boys said "No one will save your ass from this White devil"

Anonymous said...

EYE think EYE may attend just to keep an EYE out for this fellow.