Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alex Gollan is the Antibogan Pedophile?

We will have much to say about the following over the next few days. But for now just read, take it in. Remember that this coward, this liar, this suspected unrepentant Pedophile was an assistant Principle at a school.

Grooming charge for Homebush assistant principal Alexander Gollan rocks Education Department 

May 20, 2015 11:43pm EXCLUSIVE Taylor Auerbach and Ian WalkerThe Daily Telegraph 

THE assistant principal of a school in Sydney’s West was last night charged with ­allegedly trying to incite a ­victim under the age of 10 to commit an indecent act.

Homebush Public School teacher Alexander Gollan, who is still employed by the state government, also faces 14 counts of possessing child abuse material and using a carriage service to send ­indecent material to a minor — in a case that has rocked the Education Department.

Gollan was arrested by police at 6.30pm last night and questioned at Auburn Police Station. He will face court on June 30.

Mr Gollan, an online ­blogger and activist, told The Daily Telegraph last night he was the victim of a right-wing conspiracy, adding inappropriate material found on his hard-drive was sent to him by his enemies in an attempt to set him up.

A lengthy police investigation — which began around October last year — ended in the charges against the 32-year-old, who devotes much of his spare time to writing “anti-bogan”, “anti-discrimination” and “anti-racism” material.

 He once sold stickers and T-shirts espousing his political messages.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the police investigation allegedly uncovered videos of children dancing inappropriately and evidence of a conversation Mr Gollan had online with a young girl.

They claim to have searched about 60 hard-drives after Mr Gollan was ­arrested in October.

He said last night he was framed by a group which did not agree with his politics.

“I was saving the videos to show the police,” he said.

“They’ve basically tried to send me these things and said ‘I know you love this s...’.”

Police will allege one of the videos shows naked young children taking a bath.

Asked about his alleged online conversation with the young girl, Mr Gollan said he was misunderstood by investigators: “I said things that I say verbatim to adults.

“I said ‘Stop being cute’, but I say stuff like that to adults. Obviously it’s triggered ­warning bells.

“I was here alone, I wasn’t grooming.”

None of his alleged victims are linked to Homebush ­Public School.

Mr Gollan, who was placed on “alternative duties” by the Education Department, said he wanted to return to his role as assistant principal as soon as possible: “I’ve been in the same industry for a long time.

“It (being accused) is an ­absolutely awful feeling. I’ve been throwing up.”

Mr Gollan had earlier prepared a roughly 70-page online document in which he outlines his claims of innocence.

“I’ve written this and allowed you to read it in the event of worst-case scenario — something I don’t want to even consider right now as I type,” the document begins.

“If you’ve heard something and you’re concerned or shocked, please do me the favour of reading this.”

It goes on to outline heated conversations he has had with political foes online. Mr Gollan claimed his rivals were trying to force him out of his job by painting him as a paedophile.

The Education Department said children at Homebush Public School were being offered counselling: “The teacher was removed from school and assigned ­alternative non-teaching duties as soon as the department became aware of concerns ... and support was provided to two students as soon as they were identified.

“The teacher had the necessary Working With Children Check. Neither the school nor the department was aware of any child ­protection issues concerning the teacher before the matters relating to the current charges were raised.

“Support has been provided to identified students and their families, and to staff.”

Incredible, what next I was set up by Nazis stationed at Ice Station Zebra. Much more to come.

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