Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alex Gollan in Nazi Fantasy Land.

Imagine our surprise when we saw this posted at Andy Flemings FB page Slackbastard. Imagine that, Andy Fleming giving Alex Gollan's Nazi conspiracy story air. I mean Andy is the same guy who claims that convicted antifa murderer Jock Palfreeman stabbed a unarmed person to death in self defense.Go figure.

In a nutshell Alex has a rant claiming victim status because his personal details had been published by this site and many others back in 2011. Let us remind everyone that his FB page and antibogan site, not only "outed" hundreds if not thousands of everyday people, it perfected it. This suspected rock spider was judge jury and executioner for countless mums and dads around Australia. 

His involvement in the blackmail of his opponents, the illegal hacking of their personnel computers, all well documented and attributed to the groups he supports. The targeting of opponents families via smear with the assistance of his media mates, by far a favored method over the years. Lets not forget the people sacked, forcing everyday people onto the unemployment line. Its just one crime after the other.

His membership with antifa groups such as Fight Dem Back and slackbastard should have been enough to have this suspected rock spider removed from his job.

Alex Gollan is the A typical Cultural Marxist.This guy having learnt his stalking trade from Mathew Henderson, Andy Fleming, Donald Orst and Brian Stokes took it one step further after the collapse of Fight Dem Back (FDB). He then has the nerve to claim that he is a victim of the same tactics he excelled at. How many of his victims had pictures of their children on their Face Book pages? Imagine what is going through the minds of his victims?

 Its a Nazi conspiracy, The Iron Sky alibi. 

Come on you have to be shitting me. If its a conspiracy to post details of a stalker and the crimes he has committed on the Australian General Population as WLT has done, well we are guilty. Are we guilty of setting this idiot up? No fucking way. As a matter of fact that claim just brought you extra special treatment for the next few months. One truly hopes that when sentencing is carried out if found guilty, the judge will be reminded of your lies and how you showed zero remorse for your suspected actions and victims. 

This whole nest of grubs has to go! One thing that has been noted since we started the WLT project is they all move in the same circles. All the way to the highest positions in the ALP, The Greens and the now defunct Australian Democrats. They all use their hipster media mates to lie and manipulate the truth and hide their crimes. A quick look at the people in high positions that Fight Dem Back called friends and allies is truly staggering. The ability of the lies they created for media consumption to have the state take them seriously, to the point of having ASIO and the Federal police involved, certainly points to a real conspiracy.

Stay tuned folks. Hey Alex it was a movie ok.

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