Monday, May 25, 2015

Anti Anti-Fa Notes.

 Truly interesting times. So much has been discovered about the Cultural Marxist in Australia since this Blog and the Previous Blog Victor Whitelaw started.

We could never have imagined that 10 years on we would still be writing about the same people. Let alone having the opportunity to see many get what they so rightfully deserve.

As has been stated, the only reason we started on this journey was because two 15 year old school kids contacted us about being harassed, stalked and blackmailed by the then unknown group Fight Dem Back. The same group Alex Gollan belonged to. Imagine that, grown men spending their day stalking 15 year old kids. As you will see in the above link, members of this group had no problem at all in fucking these kids lives for good. We had no idea that some of them "may have" wanted to do that and more.

This group, that has since been shut down because of the constant pressure applied to them from this blog and its supporters, didn't exactly disappear. Many members of FDB joined or rejoined smaller groups, or moved up the Cultural Marxist ladder. At the end of the day, no matter what ranking they have now, they are still the same potty mouthed Ultra Left Wing Predators they always were.

Not only have all our suspicions about them been solidly proven, its now all out there for anyone to read or discover for themselves. In fact the thousands of people who now visit this blog to find out about these predators, truly proves how important our archives are. They are all here, every single one of those smarmy "anti racist" pricks. Watching them being taken down one by one, then looking back on  how cocky they once were makes it all worth it.

Ironically its the average mum and dad and the real working class that are going to finish this lot off. Who would have thought this would have been the case? The same people they deceived into believing their tales of Nazis and evil racists just saw through the BS. The shell game has been exposed, just in time.

Australia has had enough of lies and PC propaganda, the natives are restless and growing more organized by the day.

We stop short at aligning ourselves with these new breed of patriots. Our guess the relentless lies from Cultural Marxists and the media guarantees that they would never accept our help anyway. We are a long way from a total awakening, if that is even remotely possibly anymore. But the more they learn the more they question. That creates some serious issues for the Cultural Marxists and the puppet masters at play.   

For now the best we can do is keep doing what we do. Connect the dots for those who are looking. Lead by example, attacking the source not the symptom.

Watch and take note who supports anti-fa. Take note what Members of Parliament are approached for help. Look into the backgrounds of those "respected" people in our community who speak up for them and protect them. Follow the money trail, what Union is funding that? What political party is funding that Union? Who are the professors of hate teaching our young minds and future leaders to hate ones culture and heritage.

These snitches and political informers have had their day in the sun. Let the working class have the truth, they can handle it.

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