Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hollywood Nazis,

screw it up for everyone once again.

Now I know a few here wont like this but I truly do not give two shits at the moment. Even a recent comment suggesting some people are riding the coat tails of the Kosher Nationalists to wage our battle is an over statement. We have already explained that the "our"and "we" that is often spoke about make up less than 1% of the total number of people involved in these rally's and demonstrations. The contribution from the legit Far Right is undeniably microscopic and has no presence at all with organizing any of it. Reclaim and the new group UPF run their own show. Anyone denying this is a LIAR or antifa.

Again for the hard of hearing, the amount of people who claim to be supporters of National Socialism in this case (not fascist) are in two clear groups. Hollywood Nazis and true believers. The later would outnumber the Hollywood stereo type by twenty to one. Many have been involved in RAC groups in the past and when they see the following just shake their heads in disgust. 
Sadly this will be the iconic picture taken away from the 1st demo organised today by the United Patriotic Front "UPF," Packaged and ready roll.

These Hollywood Nazis also have two categories, the not so crazy unestablished Internet warriors  and the outright insane. This post will only talk about the insane.

A request was made by this blog and many others involved in various Nationalists circles in Australia. That if you decide to go along and support the Civic Patriots and Kosher Nationalists, do it under you own steam. If you go, don't involve any of the legitimate groups by wearing shirts or waving flags that would be seen as supporting National Socialism at the rally's. No one wanted to give antifa a reason to tag everyone a "Nazi".  To put it simply its not our ball game. So there is zero  Far Right Folks riding on anyone's coat tails. We will make our own steam thank you very much.

Personally many of us are sick and tired of being blamed for the failure of certain Kosher Nationalists and Civic Patriot groups. We are sick and tired of being scapegoated instead of these groups accepting the fact they blew it all on their own. Sadly not this time, this time it could be said they are 100% right. The only problem is that this guy is not one of us. 

At the last rally it was reported that the above individual not only was asking question about us at WLT,  he made other claims suggesting he had in fact met some of us. So we made a few inquiries, and sure as shit sticks to a blanket it was soon discovered he had never met any of us at all. 

It actually took a few more calls to find out who he was. Hell even some of the Hollywood Nazis distance themselves from this guy.  

So imagine our surprise to find The Anti Bogan and Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard know more about him than we do. Hell they have been writing about him since 2010 and as recent as 2014. Conspiracy anyone?
This same guy from today was made famous at the Melbourne Reclaim rally (above)a few months back. 

The media and antifa had a field day with this nut case. Using him as the pin up boy to silence Mum and Dad Australia from speaking out against Islam. He was a hit and was made the face of Reclaim and all it stands for. 

Who the hell is this guy? Well we didn't pay much attention at first, we naturally thought it was a genuine mistake and would not happen again. You cant get more wrong than that. 

We wont print his name here. That is for others to do if they wish. But we can say this guy has spoken on WN forums about his mental instability and what he takes to combat them. This would have no doubt been leaped upon by the Lefty trolls who comb forums looking for dirt on people. Seeing as the Anti Bogan was the first to write about him immediately followed by Andy Fleming, you can make a few assumptions.

The Anti Bogan, Alex Gollan and Andy Fleming belonged to the Fight Dem Back group that just happened to reactivate itself last night. This group was well known for its lies to ASIO and the Federal Police. Not to mention the blackmail of people with mental problems. Its a bit of a stretch, but anything is possible with this lot.

It is of course possible that he is simply totally out to lunch.  But if a group is going to be collectively punished because of one or two individuals with a mental illness, I would suggest antifa is the prime candidate. 

26 May 2014
Also both minors Darren and Lachlan have received threats that could be seen as an attempt at blackmail. Darren was threatened that his parents would lose their house in blunt terms if he refused to withdraw the paedophile ...

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Anonymous said...

When I saw this picture of the UPF rally I despaired. 70 UPF people turned up and predictably the controlled MSN published the picture of this one guy.

If anything is going to turn off the mum and dad patriots taking to the streets supporting RA and other movements it's this.