Saturday, May 09, 2015

That WTF Moment.

Just when I thought things just cant get anymore idiotic, anti-fa in particular "Reclaimwhat" have started channeling the spirit of 1933.

Yes folks looking down from the top floor of Whitelaw Towers we cant help but notice Antifa bleeding out credibility at an astounding rate. 

Of course we are all aware of the obvious tactic of lie after lie to try and rally the great unwashed, but what you are about to see will astound. 

But first does anyone remember Brendon O'Connell? Yes the guy who was jailed for three and half years for pointing out some rather nasty and hateful beliefs from our overlords. King of the Antifa Andy Fleming thought it was a master stroke of genius to have Brendon silenced and locked away to serve a full three and half years in a maximum security prison in Western Australia. Of course he would much rather have all the people he accuses of being evil racists put up against the wall and shot, but prison will do for now.  Simply doesn't pay to be a vocal critic of Judaism and Zionism, unless you are anti-fa of course. 

Its the Joos.....

Seems everyone is a Nazi now. We simply cant wait for the next round of Reclaim rally's, I can see them both screaming Nazi at each other at this rate. Truly pathetic from our point of view.  

Just a reminder Reclaimwhat and anti-fa, this is what you are. This is what you represent. This is how your kind operate once you have control.

   Remember this video about Katyn next time you fly that disgusting flag in this country. 

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Anonymous said...

These days most nationalist groups across Europe are backed by jewish billionare's and communist/anarchist/facist/antifacist groups are so confused they dont know whats going on anymore. The Joos have most people chasing their own tail.