Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two Rules.

One for the Goy and one for our Overlords.

Behind every anti racist pro Multicultural NGO, you will always find a Jew at the head or strategically placed in said organization. In Europe in particular, you find Jews like Barbara Spectre. She is the spear point of the push to change Europe from a White Culture to a 3rd world Multicultural disaster.

Our homelands are open slather. Our Culture has to move over and allow other cultures to rule over us. If you speak out, you will quickly find a wide range of Jews standing at the ready to destroy your life and see you off to prison. If you doubt what I say you just haven't been paying attention.

Don't even start me on the reasons behind the refugee crisis that is flooding Europe and the West. For every war we fight for Israel the more humanitarian crisis's arise. Its all about Greater Israel.

There are plenty of Jews working for the Israeli State in our homelands. Busy pushing not only their agenda, but the destruction of our homelands our culture and our heritage.

But when it comes to the Democratic state of Israel, they practice exactly the opposite of what they preach. Watch the video, let it sink in.

Now ask yourself, why the silence in this country from the left? Imagine the world wide outrage if this was a white nation in the above video?

 Remember how our own country was pivotal in the destruction of South Africa and Rhodesia? Two countries where black Africans lived a far better life under white rule than they do now under the Jewish Backed Communist ANC and the Dictator Mugabe. In fact they lived a better life back then than they do in Israel right now. So why the silence? Because anti racism is a code word for anti white. 


Noachideous said...

The Victoria Police will be busy this weekend.....with the 'antifa' minions of the jew, ostensibly 'masonic' BnaiBrith attempting to incite in the physical so as give others a cause to shut.... it..... down. 'sons on maat' truth, or 'masons' ? HaHaHaHa... Forke tongued liars and murderers more kikely. The jews is a murderer because he is a liar first.

"Victoria Police says getting rid of the bands will allow it to make 48 new positions on the front line, but has conceded the decision was a hard one to make and apologised for it". Sneeze... 'abullshit'.... OHPI 48.... now why that number again eh jew ?

Why are VPOL bands shut down from above ?....... Because they're too effin' White... that's why.... and that does not suit those who collobarate wid da kike whose prime imperative to is silence, hunt and hector the last White Man and his traditions down and into the grave.

Even in indigenous Europe. The jew 'israelification' of Europe amounts to the elimination of racial Europe....when and where ever it is found.

Anonymous said...

Well its about time White Nationalist's started growing some balls. Ditch the BBQ, stickers, passive flag waving and internet warrior activism. It doesnt work and we are on the way to losing everything. Are people willing to ride the coat tails of kosher Nationalists? "Our ancestors did not recieve the land we live on as a present from heaven, but they had to risk their lives and fight for it. In the future, we will not obtain the land, and the life it offers for our nation, through any act of Heavenly generosity. We will only obtain the land we need through the might of the victorious sword"... " In the same way our German pacifists will ignore the bloody rape upon the nation, no matter how bloody, even if it is carried out by the most evil military forces, if the only way to avert this fate is resistance and force" ...."instead of fighting in a political battle for the insight and convictions they have gained, they become totally absorbed in their dream of a cottage settlement. In the end, they find themselves sitting between chairs". A.H
have we forgot who we are? What we stand for?
Continue on the path of passive Nationalism, then prepare to lose it all.