Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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17 Jul 2011
Alex Gollan ctd... Some further information about young Alex along with some choice bits of his 'work'

20 Jul 2011
Mail is in. Oh Alex Gollan you shouldn't have. Above and on the right. Left Wing Extremist School Teacher Mr. Alex Gollan, now who can think of the best caption? Hot off the press. Hell this guy is hated that much that even the ...
16 Jul 2011
Alex Gollan is 'The Anti Bogan'. It would appear that a School Teacher who currently works at Strathfield South Primary School is the so-called 'Anti-Racist' activist behind the 'Anti Bogan' site. Follow the link below to see ...
10 Jul 2013
Now I have no idea how we missed this one. In the following video courtesy of SBS you will hear (you wont see this snake} Alex Gollan claim he is a reformed Racist and his name is Nathan.
17 Jul 2011
Some helpful contact details which might be useful for concerned citizens wishing to register complaints and/or enquiries regarding the Left Wing Extremist School Teacher Mr. Alex Gollan. Why not Telephone, Fax, E-Mail or ..
21 Jul 2011
Your Old Uncle Victor could not help but be reminded of this classic pic of Darp and HIS bitch after seeing the photo of Alex Gollan and HIS bum chum. What IS it with these Lefty scum? They all seem to be flagrantly ...
05 Aug 2011
Nice language by the way Alex, just what the NSW education department expects from its teachers? Police are .... he is called alex gollan. he teaches at strathfield south public school. i know cause i am one of his students.
03 Aug 2011
... Department, which also declined to comment yesterday. SOURCE. Posted by Whitelaw Towers at 9:00 a.m.. Labels: Alex Gollan, andy, anti fa, anti racism, antibogan, Bnai Brith, Joe Hildebrand, Mathew Henderson Hau ...

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