Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wise words from Victor in 2006

For a lightning strike to occur and to be effective the correct atmospheric conditions must be present. It’s all about charged particles, ionisation and equalising electrical potentials and stuff. Things called streamers, tendril like arcs of energy, are drawn up from the ground to meet the lightning bolt coming down from the clouds, then BANG! A huge amount of energy, millions of Volts, is discharged. This is what is planned for White Nationalists in Australia, a lightning bolt, a huge strike, to take us all out in one big zap.

The Australian population, just like the atmosphere before an electrical storm, is being prepared subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, to accept the ridiculous concept that White Nationalists are Terrorists. Terms such as “Neo-Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Racist”, “Hater” and even “White Supremacist” have been so overused and become so hackneyed, often fired at quite benign targets, they have lost their currency and subsequent impact. But the fear factor is very important in the Multiculturalism Industry's propaganda, so an entirely new vocabulary has now become necessary to frighten the living daylights out of Joe Public.

In a treasonous diversionary strategy the spotlight is being deliberately swung away from the truly most dangerous segment of the population, namely the radical Islamists, and onto White Australian Patriots and Nationalists. The demonisation process has been steadily ramping up since the Cronulla people power protests of December 2005 but is now gathering real momentum with prominent establishment figures such as the Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty softening the population up with his Pro-Islamic and subtly Anti-White comments.

His inane comment of “I remind people that the first person who was convicted of a terrorist offence in Australia was a person with the unlikely name of Jack Roche” is deliberately, and I would suggest irresponsibly, misleading as Jack Roche was a MUSLIM! So where is the incongruity with supposedly misguided, so-called “populist” opinion and received wisdom here? It would not matter a damn if his name was John Smith or David Jones, he was still a MUSLIM and he LOOKED like a MUSLIM as well with his beard and dress sense.

I wonder if Mr. Keelty realised when he added “the danger of mistreating people who felt the least bit alienated was that they would become permanent outcasts in the community” that this comment might just as easily be applied to the vilification of White Australian Patriots! I wonder does Mr. Keelty feel as much compassion and concern for the sensibilities of traditional White European Australians as he does for Muslims.

Sadly, the vast majority of the unenlightened masses who are “informed” by nothing more than lurid newspaper headlines and the comic book “journalism” of television current affairs shows will probably be duped by this propaganda. Rather than the stated intent of relieving the paranoia about the Islamic threat, Human nature being what it is and most average Joes being unable to walk and chew gum simultaneously, this fear and distrust will simply be transferred over to Australian Patriots and White Nationalists. The political spin doctors who are manipulating Mr. Keelty know full well this will be the result and that is the only real reason why he has been prompted to make such statements.

Despite the fact we have a Liberal-National Coalition Federal Government, all the states are Labor Party controlled and in NSW, most of our top leadership, including the State Premier himself is totally reliant on the ethnic lobby vote, in particular the Muslim vote, to remain in power. The pressure on Morris Iemma and his top two or three ministers, who are all sitting members in Muslim dominated seats, must be tremendous. They must placate and finesse the Muslim population in Sydney otherwise they will be out of a job! It is as simple as that.

Part of this overall plan of placation is to spend obscene amounts of Tax Payers’ money on yet more pro-Multicultural propaganda, paying particular attention to showing us what a really beautiful bunch of sophisticated and highly cultured but tragically misunderstood people the Muslims are, and to vilify any expression of overt White Australian Nationalism.

From now on, Joe Lemming will be watching and listening to his White Australian neighbours with great suspicion and wondering what’s REALLY behind old Bill next door hanging that Aussie flag out on his verandah each morning. What was that he overheard old Bill saying once to his wife about how “all them boat people should be sent back” or how “them Muslim Terrorists should all be shot”? And old Bill HAD been in the Army and they learn all about weapons and bombs and stuff, don’t they? Perhaps Joe should do the right thing and just let that nice Constable Habib know all about Bill so they can keep an eye on him, after all, you never know, do you?

posted by Victor Whitelaw at Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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