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The Reality Of Antifa Incitement.

Led Zeppelin, When The Levee Breaks " If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break". Sure as hell looks to be the case in Sydney. Remember these pics from earlier this week? The ones Andy Fleming so proudly puts his contact details on?

You may recall that we suggested that these flyers can only be seen as incitement. Incitement to commit acts of violence towards persons and the destruction of private and public property. Well that's exactly what has happened over the past 24hrs in Sydney Australia.

Now since the Civic and Kosher Nationalists became the only ones willing to speak out publicly of late in Sydney. It appears they have been rewarded with a constant terror campaign run and organized from Melbourne. A far cry from just a few years ago.

Not that long ago the Civic and Kosher Nationalists also labeled people "Nazis"and in some cases even handed over the details of these "Nazis" to Antifa, in particular Andy Fleming and his friends. At that time Antifa would never have been as bold as to do what they are doing now. In fact they feared the people they accused of being "Nazis". Rightly so.

But we all need to move on in most cases. Some things and people will never be forgiven and deserve everything they get. But that doesn't make it right, it sure as shit doesn't mean we should accept what is happening, even if some of the victims stupidly assisted  Antifa in a ambitious plan to oust the Far Right in NSW. Antifa must be stopped and shown no mercy.

So what happened?  On the same day that saw nearly 100 people murdered around the globe in the name of Islam. Antifa also go on the attack.

Yesterday Nick Folkes group the "Party of Freedom" was attacked for the second time by Sydney based Melbourne run Antifa.
As I only get my news second hand with this lot, the details are sketchy. But his group was attacked while holding a protest in Sydney. At least two elderly persons were assaulted and one woman. Of course the main target Folkes was also assaulted. Police had to intervene and once again arresting the attackers.

It would appear a number of charges have been laid. From all accounts it was a relative minor skirmish that is unless you are involved and happen to be elderly. But Antifa are good at attacking the elderly. I mean look at them, hardly a challenge this lot. A video has appeared on FB, so check it out.
But it gets better.

So last night also in Sydney Ralph Cerminara, yet another person I don't have much time for, was attacked at his house. For the second night in a row Antifa targeted his private residence. The house was also occupied by a young woman and small baby. This time they not only attempted to enter his house but physically attacked him. A good description of the events can be found here. But antifa came off second best and it would appear Ralph protected his home and his family.  

 How much longer can this be ignored? Remember these scum bags.

While we are at it you recall Antifa hired Thug and Union delegate Luke Collier? He was one of the main instigators in the attack on Golden Dawn supporters and Australia First members last year in Brisbane. Well he is again in hot water again and I'm afraid for Luke its not over yet. Wanker......


"Would be union organizer :Luke Collier pleaded guilty in April to assaulting his former partner. Now banned from building sites for failing to reveal his criminal history, Luke is going from bad to worse. Another charge may await him.

Members of Australia First Party allege that Luke Collier, in company with Joe Myles and others, was part of a group drawn from the CFMEU who carried out assaults during a nationalist demonstration in South Brisbane on May 2 2014.

Collier had displayed on Facebook a photograph of himself holding a Southern Cross flag he stole after an assault ("Assault and Robbery charge??)

This criminal gang operating within the CFMEU should not have the label of unionist placed on them. We say it is time for the CFMEU to act against them and expel them all from the union.
How they came to be at the Australia First demonstration, or precisely why they allowed themselves to be involved in the violence incident, are unknown matters.

It is believed that the anarchist 'Slackbastard' ((as he is known) had some dealings with this gang prior to the violence.

Anonymous sources say that if Luke Collier is charged over the violence, it is possible he will turn informer."

We will bring down Antifa piece by piece, no matter how long it takes. That is our promise. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

See What Youre Union Fees Can Buy?

Anarchists and Communist abound by the looks of things. Yes the following was sent to us from a member of the Australia First Party in New South wales.

It would appear not only are Nazis, Racists and "Islamaphobes" considered scum, but transport officers, Police and City Rangers in New South Wales are also ear marked for collective execution Communist Style. I don't think it could be any clearer, what with targets superimposed over their faces. 

Ok forgive me for the following. What the actual fuck? Somebody better start taking this shit seriously. 

So we have these radicalized Left Wing Terror Brigades openly recruiting in every Capitol City and University Campus in Australia. Yet the State they hate so much does not lift a finger against them. 

Much the same as being warned off, along with others, by State Security Services in our pursuit for the true identity of Andy Fleming. It would appear everyone else is fare game, but if Andy is outed and he is harmed heads will roll. One does wonder what the hell is going on.

How do they keep getting away with this? Not just here but all over the Western World. Why does the state allow their growth?  Why do they protect these groups? Yet at the same time silence and persecute the majority for speaking out?

How do the working class families of these people mentioned above feel that their loved ones have been made targets? Made a target for having a job, paying taxes and most likely being a constructive contributor to society.  

Ever wonder why they try and work so close with Radical Islam? They could not give a shit about Islam. They just need a trigger to start their revolution.

Click on the link below from 2010, understand the real issue, the real dangers. Then see what wonders Communism had installed for the Capitalists Puppets of Poland.

Left Wing Terrorism is the threat not us.

Little Orphan Andy Goes Ultra Militant,

and he don't care.

"Incitement" the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully. Hmmm I do believe above fits the category.

I could be wrong? But I do believe the people they are targeting here Nazis and Racists fit the following criteria. Of White European Heritage, Christian, of Australian origin, Pagans. With the exception of Islamaphobes, the later in this case includes people of color and religions other than European Religions and Abrahamic faiths. 

But the classification of who is a Nazi, Racist or a Islamaphobe is a wide one. According to Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard and antifa Australia, it is anyone who doesn't follow their orders or any persons or group that disagrees with their  Politics. This truly is the actions of a group Inciting hatred and violence. 

How very "Communist" of them. 

Clearly Andy Fleming is behind this poster that has appeared in New South Wales. Clearly Antifa in NSW has already carried out acts of violence and property damage towards people they consider to be Nazis, Racists, Islamaphobes. Why no action on behalf of the victims? Is there a clear case of Incitement being ignored by authorities here? 

It would appear all over the Western World we have history repeating itself on a grand scale. The long march of the Left through our institutions and positions of power is nearly complete. 

They are out in the open now and easily identified. They appear so confident now they do not bother to try and hide their true intentions. 

If the State refuses to curve the enthusiasm of these Left Wing terror brigades, is it lawful for us to defend ourselves? Or is this exactly what they are agitating for? 


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The United States Of Media Duplicity.

We are lost for words. But the following comment from a person observing the hysteria in the United States sums it up best I think.

"The rights of one community can never be vindicated by desecrating the symbols of another."

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Go You Good Thing, "The Bogan Revolution".

Here is to my Convict Streak, Fu@# you Anti-fa
Here is to the working class.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Butting Air — the Emptiness of Facebook Activism and the Richmond Rally

By Nathan Sykes​

Sunday’s United Patriot Front’s Richmond rally in Melbourne proved a few things, one of the most salient being that Facebook activism leads to butting air.

Rallies are promoted on social media, tossed like a salad by a useful-idiot media, and then result in vindicating a narrative that was never threatened to begin with, but always to be preserved. In the case of the UPF’s protest, the outcome was as inevitable as cracking eggs into a hot frypan.

Naturally, our sympathies lie with the boys of the UPF, but it’s incumbent upon us in the interests of development, growth and learning to be honest about the process, the medium, and the culture at play in that example of a broader phenomenon.

Firstly, there was a background to the UPF might’ve had as much to do with contretemps between the originating Reclaim Australia organisers, as it did with taking the ubiquitous socialist to the mat, and sounding a vociferous social message.

As to the socialists, or the counter demonstrators, they live for this like a music fan lives for a concert featuring a popular act — not because there is actual civil rights at stake — but because it's the next big show. Activity is entertainment that validates the identity they’ve chosen. They’re like the children of Grateful Dead fans slinking along to see the bones of the original band in a bid to experience that ‘Dead Head’ vibe they never got to indulge in when it was a happening and unique thing for their parents. In that fashion, the civil rights movement of the new millennium differs from those sixties’ radicals in that back in the 1960s there were actual social barriers to overcome.

An excellent article by the blog The Right Stuff ( argues this well, but it’s nothing that anyone who’s spent sufficient time in this movement hasn’t instinctively recognised already.

The left, the liberals, already have everything that their forebears fought for: they’ve got women’s rights; they’ve got the mixing of the races, and their ‘people’ are all in place in all the right positions even when a faux conservative government is in office. They own the media, they permeate the academic institutions, and they push the police around and still come out of it cleanskins. There is no true battleground anymore. The actual radicals are those to be found on what is commonly referred to as the far right.
This gives the liberals cause for nothing but to repudiate the true radicals challenging a status quo remarkable for its permissiveness of everything but the liberty to question what comes of permissiveness and the fallout for all those social gains that were made by their forerunners. 

We are the nouveau revolutionaries, and the ones with a genuine cause and bond. The danger and struggle is all ours. The other side’s causes are now empty are already state supported. There is still gay marriage on the table, and how many lives, or how much true liberty is dependent on that? Homos still get to perform abnormal acts on one another, and become a massive cultural draw every year in Sydney’s annual Mardi gras, so their lifestyle is unfettered. In actuality there is nothing but a lingering resistance to an institution that the homosexual movement would have originally abhorred for its conventionality. But in the ennui of the liberal reality the dullness can only be further satisfied if something as absurd as homosexual marriage is ratified.

The fact that these Social Justice Warriors outnumbered the United Patriot Front by the hundreds reinforces the contention that they exist simply for the sake of existing. Moreover, the fact that no effort has ever been made by these liberals, who are stalwart on the Islamic issue, to even consider contemplating the so-called far right’s point of view in light of demonstrable social realities that validate Reclaim Australia and the UPF, proves their ingrained dogma. Are they afraid that if they viewed it through our lens they might see what we see? For what was there to be gained by overwhelmingly countering 70 demonstrators in a political climate that nationally favours the radicals’ targets of protest other than to flaunt their dominance? Is their intractability in truth fear?

At the same time as this unruly leftist rabble were shoving their way through the police line to prevent a group of patriots standing with an Australian flag outside an empty town hall, actual communists united around a commie cretin named Stephen Jolly were gathered five kilometres away engaged in a genuine debate about “combating” the Reclaim Movement.

Likewise, the UPF knew full well that they were going out there to be martyrs and the very injustices that they collated in the aftermath were the exact injustices they expected. There was no prospect of converting the nation, with the media staunchly against them, and they reacted too soon after the Reclaim Rallies, which were a better fomented and more genuine showing of mainstream dissatisfaction with an overwhelmingly leftist state.

There were two heads butting air at Richmond. The UPF would’ve been better off consolidating with their kind, autonomous of the reds. And the same can be said of the counter protesters, who had the numbers, and would’ve been better off circle jerking with the fatuous Stalin-wannabe Stephen Jolly five km away in his Politburo lair.

Richmond amounted to little more than street theatre on both sides. Each camp is dissecting the event for their particular purposes, but this is an example of activism founded in Facebook, and not the community. It is sexy clickbait for a controlled media and a chance for those of us on the right to yet again grumble about how the odds are stacked against us.

But we ARE the new radicals. Let’s concentrate on that. The message must not be lost to the medium. What works on Facebook, doesn’t necessarily translate to the street.

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State Propaganda.

Well the above caught my eye from Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard. "Our Grandparents shot Fascists like you dickheads". Did they just?

One thing is for sure we highly doubt Andy Fleming relatives have done much more than be Communist Sympathizers. No person is born that stupid, there has to be a few old School Commies hiding in that Jewish ancestry. 

Andy, surrendering to the Fascist in Spain is hardly shooting "Nazi Dickheads." Big words from a man who stands at the rear giving orders.

But lets not get lost at laughing at some very obvious State sanctioned PR program from the left. When our elected officials start listening to and repeating the obvious lies from the Left, we need a serious rethink on what the hell is going on with our elected officials.

Above, Dr Tim Soutphommasane is Race Discrimination Commissioner and commenced his five-year appointment on 20 August 2013. Prior to joining the Australian Human Rights Commission, he was a political philosopher and held posts at The University of Sydney and Monash University. His thinking on multiculturalism, national identity and patriotism has been influential in shaping debates in Australia and Britain. I bet it does.

So you could easily surmise that its not Anti-fa or Anarchists or even the every day run of the mill Left Wing wannabe that has created the narrative for our lords and masters. Its the Left who are simply the tools of influence for people such as Dr Tim Soutphommasane. 

When so called respected officials start claiming that there is no room for extremism in Australia, in particular "Neo Nazis" something needs to be done, we all better look for some proof of a Nazi take over.

 When Neil talks, every burnt out hippy and anarchist in Melbourne listens. Lets face it, there truly isn't much else down there.

In a segment on Niel Mitchells 3AW morning program today, the good Dr Tim praises non white cultures for expressing pride in their culture,  but then condemns White Patriots calling them Nazis for even thinking about doing the same. Let alone stand up to his comrades in Left Wing Circles. 

To claim that the UPF and Reclaim have violent Neo Nazi elements in them, and ignore the obvious violent elements in his own Left Wing Groups is very interesting. He claims that we as a Nation need to send a "strong message" to these "Neo Nazis" so that they never rally again. Especially if they are Rallying against Left Wing leaders in Melbourne.  

The strong message was well and truly picked up by the Radical Left in Melbourne. Do you think they will just target "Neo Nazi" elements and allow the rest to protest? The order has been given from the top down. Silence these decenters and prevent them from every gathering in numbers again. No doubt the Left are the political police of our time. 

So does anyone truly believe that the left are feeding the State? It is obvious the State and its PC offices that people like Dr Tim represents, are the ones feeding Nazi hysteria to the Left. Lucky for him there are plenty of Agents like Andy Fleming to help him out.

This whole Nazi bogeyman things has gone to far. Lets face it "Neo Nazis" are not a threat in this country. That is unless one comes along to one of your rally's. But as we already stated these clowns do not represent National Socialism in Australia. 

Hell if you want to look for an extremists element in Australia, here is a few that no doubt are choco block full of them. Bnai Brith, ALP, The Greens, Friends Of Israel, CFMEU. Or simply take your pick from the countless Left Wing Liberal groups that are currently planning an overthrow of the Hand that continually Feeds them.

Mean while the real Neo Nazis, or people who sympathize are further railroaded by all of the above. Scapegoated again again by State and History. 

If you think for one minute that these people are simply Hitler worshipers, Skinheads and Anti Semites, well you are dead wrong. These people simply know the truth. They wrestle with the collective guilt for everyone else who believe in the destructive lies pushed down our throats since before WW2. Lies that are critical in keeping the dream alive for the military industrial complex and the hand that rules us all.

You see there is no such thing as a good war in their eyes when it is between our people, the European people. They don't sit there planning the overthrow of the State, they don't sit around planning on killing off free speech and freedom to question. For it was the ability of free speech and the ability to question that led them to be who they are now. 

The only problem is now they know the horror of the lies told to them, there simply can be no ignoring it. That is the power of a modern day National Socialist. Not hating, but knowing the truth. That is why they will always be criticized ridiculed and demonized.

So in reply to Andy Fleming "Our Grandparents shot Fascists like you dickheads" They certainly didn't. They shot at and killed people just like them in every way. These same Grandparents and Great Grandparents you and your type continually call Racist, War Mongers and backward Rednecks. The same people who built this Nation but as you claim committed Genocide against Aborigines. Those people would have preferred to shoot you Andy. 

My family served in both Wars, including Malaya and Vietnam. I can assure you if those men were alive today they would agree that the only problem in this Nation today, is the Left and the Orwellian State they so happily assist.

Here is some hate speech, check it out. Justice For Germans.HERE, Justice for us all!