Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Butting Air — the Emptiness of Facebook Activism and the Richmond Rally

By Nathan Sykes​

Sunday’s United Patriot Front’s Richmond rally in Melbourne proved a few things, one of the most salient being that Facebook activism leads to butting air.

Rallies are promoted on social media, tossed like a salad by a useful-idiot media, and then result in vindicating a narrative that was never threatened to begin with, but always to be preserved. In the case of the UPF’s protest, the outcome was as inevitable as cracking eggs into a hot frypan.

Naturally, our sympathies lie with the boys of the UPF, but it’s incumbent upon us in the interests of development, growth and learning to be honest about the process, the medium, and the culture at play in that example of a broader phenomenon.

Firstly, there was a background to the UPF might’ve had as much to do with contretemps between the originating Reclaim Australia organisers, as it did with taking the ubiquitous socialist to the mat, and sounding a vociferous social message.

As to the socialists, or the counter demonstrators, they live for this like a music fan lives for a concert featuring a popular act — not because there is actual civil rights at stake — but because it's the next big show. Activity is entertainment that validates the identity they’ve chosen. They’re like the children of Grateful Dead fans slinking along to see the bones of the original band in a bid to experience that ‘Dead Head’ vibe they never got to indulge in when it was a happening and unique thing for their parents. In that fashion, the civil rights movement of the new millennium differs from those sixties’ radicals in that back in the 1960s there were actual social barriers to overcome.

An excellent article by the blog The Right Stuff ( argues this well, but it’s nothing that anyone who’s spent sufficient time in this movement hasn’t instinctively recognised already.

The left, the liberals, already have everything that their forebears fought for: they’ve got women’s rights; they’ve got the mixing of the races, and their ‘people’ are all in place in all the right positions even when a faux conservative government is in office. They own the media, they permeate the academic institutions, and they push the police around and still come out of it cleanskins. There is no true battleground anymore. The actual radicals are those to be found on what is commonly referred to as the far right.
This gives the liberals cause for nothing but to repudiate the true radicals challenging a status quo remarkable for its permissiveness of everything but the liberty to question what comes of permissiveness and the fallout for all those social gains that were made by their forerunners. 

We are the nouveau revolutionaries, and the ones with a genuine cause and bond. The danger and struggle is all ours. The other side’s causes are now empty are already state supported. There is still gay marriage on the table, and how many lives, or how much true liberty is dependent on that? Homos still get to perform abnormal acts on one another, and become a massive cultural draw every year in Sydney’s annual Mardi gras, so their lifestyle is unfettered. In actuality there is nothing but a lingering resistance to an institution that the homosexual movement would have originally abhorred for its conventionality. But in the ennui of the liberal reality the dullness can only be further satisfied if something as absurd as homosexual marriage is ratified.

The fact that these Social Justice Warriors outnumbered the United Patriot Front by the hundreds reinforces the contention that they exist simply for the sake of existing. Moreover, the fact that no effort has ever been made by these liberals, who are stalwart on the Islamic issue, to even consider contemplating the so-called far right’s point of view in light of demonstrable social realities that validate Reclaim Australia and the UPF, proves their ingrained dogma. Are they afraid that if they viewed it through our lens they might see what we see? For what was there to be gained by overwhelmingly countering 70 demonstrators in a political climate that nationally favours the radicals’ targets of protest other than to flaunt their dominance? Is their intractability in truth fear?

At the same time as this unruly leftist rabble were shoving their way through the police line to prevent a group of patriots standing with an Australian flag outside an empty town hall, actual communists united around a commie cretin named Stephen Jolly were gathered five kilometres away engaged in a genuine debate about “combating” the Reclaim Movement.

Likewise, the UPF knew full well that they were going out there to be martyrs and the very injustices that they collated in the aftermath were the exact injustices they expected. There was no prospect of converting the nation, with the media staunchly against them, and they reacted too soon after the Reclaim Rallies, which were a better fomented and more genuine showing of mainstream dissatisfaction with an overwhelmingly leftist state.

There were two heads butting air at Richmond. The UPF would’ve been better off consolidating with their kind, autonomous of the reds. And the same can be said of the counter protesters, who had the numbers, and would’ve been better off circle jerking with the fatuous Stalin-wannabe Stephen Jolly five km away in his Politburo lair.

Richmond amounted to little more than street theatre on both sides. Each camp is dissecting the event for their particular purposes, but this is an example of activism founded in Facebook, and not the community. It is sexy clickbait for a controlled media and a chance for those of us on the right to yet again grumble about how the odds are stacked against us.

But we ARE the new radicals. Let’s concentrate on that. The message must not be lost to the medium. What works on Facebook, doesn’t necessarily translate to the street.

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Anonymous said...

Run a WN rally and I will come with the 2 others that may turn up. IN the meantime, don't knock UPF or RA. They are on the streets confronting the reds.