Monday, June 29, 2015

Jim Saleam Speaks To The United Patriots Front.

Antifa intimidation and Union thuggery.


Anonymous said...

AF uniting with the UPF looks promising, maybe they can be educated about They Who Cannot Be Named. UPF bitching with the remainder of Reclaim Melbourne is not good, all supposedly about the Mosley video, which in this case illustrates the unfortunate reality of Civic Nationalist movements is they attract for the best part people who are well intentioned on the Islamification side of things but are ignorant about the Zionist problem.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes the UPF, in particular Burgess just keeps on surprising everyone. To be honest who the hell knows what to think. But every time they get close, something happens to split the forces. The ability for them to do something bat shit crazy seems almost staged managed.I have found as many of us know from from experience, that timing is everything. Nothing happens by accident.

None of us thought it would it get this far. Let alone understand the support they have received from the average aussie. The great experiment can not be seen as a failure, but the start of something bigger. This we must thank them for, but not much else at this stage.

AF uniting? I would say consolidating and or just being there to help those who choose to take the blinkers off. If AF was uniting and had more influence as in guidance or leadership, I doubt you would see so many stuff ups. This only proves that AF and others in the far right still have little or no influence over the UPF and its supporters.