Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little Orphan Andy Goes Ultra Militant,

and he don't care.

"Incitement" the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully. Hmmm I do believe above fits the category.

I could be wrong? But I do believe the people they are targeting here Nazis and Racists fit the following criteria. Of White European Heritage, Christian, of Australian origin, Pagans. With the exception of Islamaphobes, the later in this case includes people of color and religions other than European Religions and Abrahamic faiths. 

But the classification of who is a Nazi, Racist or a Islamaphobe is a wide one. According to Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard and antifa Australia, it is anyone who doesn't follow their orders or any persons or group that disagrees with their  Politics. This truly is the actions of a group Inciting hatred and violence. 

How very "Communist" of them. 

Clearly Andy Fleming is behind this poster that has appeared in New South Wales. Clearly Antifa in NSW has already carried out acts of violence and property damage towards people they consider to be Nazis, Racists, Islamaphobes. Why no action on behalf of the victims? Is there a clear case of Incitement being ignored by authorities here? 

It would appear all over the Western World we have history repeating itself on a grand scale. The long march of the Left through our institutions and positions of power is nearly complete. 

They are out in the open now and easily identified. They appear so confident now they do not bother to try and hide their true intentions. 

If the State refuses to curve the enthusiasm of these Left Wing terror brigades, is it lawful for us to defend ourselves? Or is this exactly what they are agitating for? 



Anonymous said...

Report anything like this straight to police or national security hotline/website.

Noachideous said...

The 'religion' of the jew is a religion of deceitful murderous filthe that demands the jew seek dominion over others by means of deception, murder and mayhem.... More 'religious' jews, known as 'sages', suggest that others not born 'jew' and thus not intrinsically magnificent, represent supernal refuse and left overs from the creation.
Therefore we are to assume that the jew seeks to exterminate races not 'jew'...

Jew praxis and outcomes in relation to goyische races suggest that to be the motivating force behind jew racial activism and deceptive word games designed to entice the goy into auto-genocidal behaviour.... The jew is a merchant. 'The goy want what the jew wants' .... 'buyer beware' are his terms of reference in relations wid da goy...... Dey Be "Fightin'DemBack"... 48.... Yo.... a psycho/political construct of the political jew domestic terrorists DownUnder.

Mahathir Mohamad has seen the jew for what it is.. and said in paraphrase... "The jews rule the world by proxy... they get others to fight and die for them"...

In the prevailing context other races are fed in the jew malestrom that is Europe for the purpose of eliminating European racial autonomy so that the ensuing racially non descript construct falls by default under the dominion of the kike, with little or no chance of emancipation. The individuation of the racially diasporised noachide outcome will ensure that a new 'dobber' and kapo class of snitches and snivellers are ever ready to feed dissenters to the kike so as to save their own sorry arses and purchase favour in the noachide hierarcy of quoit quaffing suckholes and mohelian blowhards.

The jew wants a whitey proxy to fight a war in the middle east for greater yidsrael...... They'll piss on your graves after after military people... Like they do wid da CornPoppies CP 316 1948 now....

Consistent with the more extreme interpretations of judasism, the jew will send in a racially homogenous army of dupes not European to clean up any fragments of resistance that might remain in racial part of its 'single purpose of the creation' operation......

All the while wailing that 'They tried to kill us, they failed, lets eat'...or drink..blood....perhaps.. as jew are reputed to do... Even if it is in the metaphysical....

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