Thursday, June 25, 2015

See What Youre Union Fees Can Buy?

Anarchists and Communist abound by the looks of things. Yes the following was sent to us from a member of the Australia First Party in New South wales.

It would appear not only are Nazis, Racists and "Islamaphobes" considered scum, but transport officers, Police and City Rangers in New South Wales are also ear marked for collective execution Communist Style. I don't think it could be any clearer, what with targets superimposed over their faces. 

Ok forgive me for the following. What the actual fuck? Somebody better start taking this shit seriously. 

So we have these radicalized Left Wing Terror Brigades openly recruiting in every Capitol City and University Campus in Australia. Yet the State they hate so much does not lift a finger against them. 

Much the same as being warned off, along with others, by State Security Services in our pursuit for the true identity of Andy Fleming. It would appear everyone else is fare game, but if Andy is outed and he is harmed heads will roll. One does wonder what the hell is going on.

How do they keep getting away with this? Not just here but all over the Western World. Why does the state allow their growth?  Why do they protect these groups? Yet at the same time silence and persecute the majority for speaking out?

How do the working class families of these people mentioned above feel that their loved ones have been made targets? Made a target for having a job, paying taxes and most likely being a constructive contributor to society.  

Ever wonder why they try and work so close with Radical Islam? They could not give a shit about Islam. They just need a trigger to start their revolution.

Click on the link below from 2010, understand the real issue, the real dangers. Then see what wonders Communism had installed for the Capitalists Puppets of Poland.

Left Wing Terrorism is the threat not us.

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