Monday, June 01, 2015

State Propaganda.

Well the above caught my eye from Andy Fleming AKA Slackbastard. "Our Grandparents shot Fascists like you dickheads". Did they just?

One thing is for sure we highly doubt Andy Fleming relatives have done much more than be Communist Sympathizers. No person is born that stupid, there has to be a few old School Commies hiding in that Jewish ancestry. 

Andy, surrendering to the Fascist in Spain is hardly shooting "Nazi Dickheads." Big words from a man who stands at the rear giving orders.

But lets not get lost at laughing at some very obvious State sanctioned PR program from the left. When our elected officials start listening to and repeating the obvious lies from the Left, we need a serious rethink on what the hell is going on with our elected officials.

Above, Dr Tim Soutphommasane is Race Discrimination Commissioner and commenced his five-year appointment on 20 August 2013. Prior to joining the Australian Human Rights Commission, he was a political philosopher and held posts at The University of Sydney and Monash University. His thinking on multiculturalism, national identity and patriotism has been influential in shaping debates in Australia and Britain. I bet it does.

So you could easily surmise that its not Anti-fa or Anarchists or even the every day run of the mill Left Wing wannabe that has created the narrative for our lords and masters. Its the Left who are simply the tools of influence for people such as Dr Tim Soutphommasane. 

When so called respected officials start claiming that there is no room for extremism in Australia, in particular "Neo Nazis" something needs to be done, we all better look for some proof of a Nazi take over.

 When Neil talks, every burnt out hippy and anarchist in Melbourne listens. Lets face it, there truly isn't much else down there.

In a segment on Niel Mitchells 3AW morning program today, the good Dr Tim praises non white cultures for expressing pride in their culture,  but then condemns White Patriots calling them Nazis for even thinking about doing the same. Let alone stand up to his comrades in Left Wing Circles. 

To claim that the UPF and Reclaim have violent Neo Nazi elements in them, and ignore the obvious violent elements in his own Left Wing Groups is very interesting. He claims that we as a Nation need to send a "strong message" to these "Neo Nazis" so that they never rally again. Especially if they are Rallying against Left Wing leaders in Melbourne.  

The strong message was well and truly picked up by the Radical Left in Melbourne. Do you think they will just target "Neo Nazi" elements and allow the rest to protest? The order has been given from the top down. Silence these decenters and prevent them from every gathering in numbers again. No doubt the Left are the political police of our time. 

So does anyone truly believe that the left are feeding the State? It is obvious the State and its PC offices that people like Dr Tim represents, are the ones feeding Nazi hysteria to the Left. Lucky for him there are plenty of Agents like Andy Fleming to help him out.

This whole Nazi bogeyman things has gone to far. Lets face it "Neo Nazis" are not a threat in this country. That is unless one comes along to one of your rally's. But as we already stated these clowns do not represent National Socialism in Australia. 

Hell if you want to look for an extremists element in Australia, here is a few that no doubt are choco block full of them. Bnai Brith, ALP, The Greens, Friends Of Israel, CFMEU. Or simply take your pick from the countless Left Wing Liberal groups that are currently planning an overthrow of the Hand that continually Feeds them.

Mean while the real Neo Nazis, or people who sympathize are further railroaded by all of the above. Scapegoated again again by State and History. 

If you think for one minute that these people are simply Hitler worshipers, Skinheads and Anti Semites, well you are dead wrong. These people simply know the truth. They wrestle with the collective guilt for everyone else who believe in the destructive lies pushed down our throats since before WW2. Lies that are critical in keeping the dream alive for the military industrial complex and the hand that rules us all.

You see there is no such thing as a good war in their eyes when it is between our people, the European people. They don't sit there planning the overthrow of the State, they don't sit around planning on killing off free speech and freedom to question. For it was the ability of free speech and the ability to question that led them to be who they are now. 

The only problem is now they know the horror of the lies told to them, there simply can be no ignoring it. That is the power of a modern day National Socialist. Not hating, but knowing the truth. That is why they will always be criticized ridiculed and demonized.

So in reply to Andy Fleming "Our Grandparents shot Fascists like you dickheads" They certainly didn't. They shot at and killed people just like them in every way. These same Grandparents and Great Grandparents you and your type continually call Racist, War Mongers and backward Rednecks. The same people who built this Nation but as you claim committed Genocide against Aborigines. Those people would have preferred to shoot you Andy. 

My family served in both Wars, including Malaya and Vietnam. I can assure you if those men were alive today they would agree that the only problem in this Nation today, is the Left and the Orwellian State they so happily assist.

Here is some hate speech, check it out. Justice For Germans.HERE, Justice for us all!


Emilie said...

I have just discovered your blog and your articulate observation on todays society in Australia is well said. Thank you for the read.

Anonymous said...

Our grandfathers shot commo lowlifes like Slackbastard in Korea and Vietnam.