Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Reality Of Antifa Incitement.

Led Zeppelin, When The Levee Breaks " If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break". Sure as hell looks to be the case in Sydney. Remember these pics from earlier this week? The ones Andy Fleming so proudly puts his contact details on?

You may recall that we suggested that these flyers can only be seen as incitement. Incitement to commit acts of violence towards persons and the destruction of private and public property. Well that's exactly what has happened over the past 24hrs in Sydney Australia.

Now since the Civic and Kosher Nationalists became the only ones willing to speak out publicly of late in Sydney. It appears they have been rewarded with a constant terror campaign run and organized from Melbourne. A far cry from just a few years ago.

Not that long ago the Civic and Kosher Nationalists also labeled people "Nazis"and in some cases even handed over the details of these "Nazis" to Antifa, in particular Andy Fleming and his friends. At that time Antifa would never have been as bold as to do what they are doing now. In fact they feared the people they accused of being "Nazis". Rightly so.

But we all need to move on in most cases. Some things and people will never be forgiven and deserve everything they get. But that doesn't make it right, it sure as shit doesn't mean we should accept what is happening, even if some of the victims stupidly assisted  Antifa in a ambitious plan to oust the Far Right in NSW. Antifa must be stopped and shown no mercy.

So what happened?  On the same day that saw nearly 100 people murdered around the globe in the name of Islam. Antifa also go on the attack.

Yesterday Nick Folkes group the "Party of Freedom" was attacked for the second time by Sydney based Melbourne run Antifa.
As I only get my news second hand with this lot, the details are sketchy. But his group was attacked while holding a protest in Sydney. At least two elderly persons were assaulted and one woman. Of course the main target Folkes was also assaulted. Police had to intervene and once again arresting the attackers.

It would appear a number of charges have been laid. From all accounts it was a relative minor skirmish that is unless you are involved and happen to be elderly. But Antifa are good at attacking the elderly. I mean look at them, hardly a challenge this lot. A video has appeared on FB, so check it out.
But it gets better.

So last night also in Sydney Ralph Cerminara, yet another person I don't have much time for, was attacked at his house. For the second night in a row Antifa targeted his private residence. The house was also occupied by a young woman and small baby. This time they not only attempted to enter his house but physically attacked him. A good description of the events can be found here. But antifa came off second best and it would appear Ralph protected his home and his family.  

 How much longer can this be ignored? Remember these scum bags.

While we are at it you recall Antifa hired Thug and Union delegate Luke Collier? He was one of the main instigators in the attack on Golden Dawn supporters and Australia First members last year in Brisbane. Well he is again in hot water again and I'm afraid for Luke its not over yet. Wanker......


"Would be union organizer :Luke Collier pleaded guilty in April to assaulting his former partner. Now banned from building sites for failing to reveal his criminal history, Luke is going from bad to worse. Another charge may await him.

Members of Australia First Party allege that Luke Collier, in company with Joe Myles and others, was part of a group drawn from the CFMEU who carried out assaults during a nationalist demonstration in South Brisbane on May 2 2014.

Collier had displayed on Facebook a photograph of himself holding a Southern Cross flag he stole after an assault ("Assault and Robbery charge??)

This criminal gang operating within the CFMEU should not have the label of unionist placed on them. We say it is time for the CFMEU to act against them and expel them all from the union.
How they came to be at the Australia First demonstration, or precisely why they allowed themselves to be involved in the violence incident, are unknown matters.

It is believed that the anarchist 'Slackbastard' ((as he is known) had some dealings with this gang prior to the violence.

Anonymous sources say that if Luke Collier is charged over the violence, it is possible he will turn informer."

We will bring down Antifa piece by piece, no matter how long it takes. That is our promise. 

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