Saturday, July 25, 2015

Making A Silk Purse From A Pigs Ear, Literally.

Many by now would have seen the Victorian Police Commissioner outright lie during an interview this week on 3AW.
"Commissioner Ashton said New South Wales police found the firearm during a search of the bus in Sydney."  also a knife. Listen from 4.20 mark

He also claimed that both sides were wandering around looking for trouble at the rally. It truly isn't a great shock to us to see the Highest Ranked Police Officer in Victoria lie his guts out live on radio. But for mum and dad reclaim it sure was. Here is some truth for you all to ponder.

Gun on a bus. There was never a gun on a bus.

Police search bus. Police never even entered the bus leaving Sydney to travel to the protest in Melbourne. If they did it should have been any of the buses hired by the Unions, ALP, Greens or No Room For Racism carrying antifa thugs. Drug sniffer dogs would have gone crazy.

Knife on the bus. As we said not only did Police in NSW not search a bus, they did not find any knives on any of the Reclaim people.

Bands of marauding patriots causing trouble. Again totally false. In fact six patriots who were cut off by antifa and afforded next to no protection by the Vic Police during the rally are the marauding patriots . Because they defended themselves against at least 200 Ultra Left Wing Thugs, they were charged. Go figure.

As for after the rally well. As you have seen in a previous article it was again the left who were searching the streets for Patriots after the rally. They also staked out the bus mentioned above laying in wait to attack it. The Patriots who walked from a pub, straight across the road from the bus when attacked, are now being accused of marauding the streets looking for trouble. Another obvious lie.

The real Gun and Knife on the bus story, has been practically ignored by media after the Vic Police Commissioners grand lie. 

"A man claiming to be the owner of a gun which was taken by police ahead of the Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne last Saturday denies there was anything sinister involved.

Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton told Neil Mitchell on Thursday his NSW counterparts had seized the firearm from protesters who were travelling to Melbourne from Sydney to attend the rally.

John, a sporting shooter who holds a licence, told 3AW News he had spoken to authorities several days before the trip to find out how to safely transport the weapon.

He said he was going to the rally but had hired a car with the intention of heading to a shooting range at Springvale, to fill in time, before returning to Sydney that night.
He said the issue had been blown out of proportion, but admits he may have been a bit naive.
"The firearm was never going to be anywhere near the Reclaim rally," John said.
"The bus driver dropped us off 10 minutes up the road, where we alighted (got off) the bus.
"I went straight to the hire car company and picked up that hire car and that was going to be where the firearm stayed."I haven't done anything wrong, I haven't committed any crimes, I'm a responsible person and a licensed shooter.""

As for the knife, NSW Police confiscated a set of Bolt Cutters that were going to be taken on board as antifa Sydney claimed they intended on chaining themselves to the steering wheel to prevent the bus leaving. The below pictures are purely for educational purposes only.

Bolt Cutters.
 Special note and thanks must go to the NSW Police, for confiscating this gun. This action stopped what almost seemed like a set up in the waiting on the other end. Although this man was legally allowed to carry this firearm and although he had done all the right things, storage and contacting Police beforehand , WTF! 

This is what happens when you simply do not understand what you are up against. I suspect we will see a lot of this type thing as the people now involved in this battle need to learn very fast. Dont second guess anything. The leaders need to understand that you simply don't get a second chance. 

Now before we go into any history of the The Victorian Police doing the bidding of Anarchists lets also ponder the ramifications from the Left wing counter rally last weekend. 

As you would have heard already  HERE the "Assistant Police Commissioner" clearly points the finger at Antifa Thugs for the trouble on Saturday during the Rally. A figure of nearly 250k is being thrown about as the cost of keeping Antifa in check on the day.  Now the above interview is the first we have ever seen of the Authorities admitting that the peaceful Anti Racists Protestors are everything but. The Assistant Commissioner having been put on the spot, probabley not briefed by the Political Commissar on what to say, spoke the truth. Oh shit not good

This obviously upset the controllers prompting them to put up their puppet Commissioner to counter the bad press about the peaceful refugee hugging Flower Children, with absolute lies. Lies that they thought would take the Spot light off the real criminals. Further to this giving the Corrupt Police of the Communist State of Victoria even more powers to halt public rally's from the left or right. 

But it looks like they only got it half right. Since the State and Media has been outed for telling massive porky pies, the membership and support for the Reclaim people and the UPF has actually risen. Showing that the average Australian who has been afraid to speak out for a number of reasons, are now being inspired by those who do speak out. 

That is a real problem for the Stalinist State, as the SILENT  MAJORITY once awake will not only dominate the LOUD MINORITY it will destroy it for good. Now that's the Anarchy these left wing Anarchist truly fear. 

Now some history on Vic Police. Vic Police along with the media/Cam Smith have a bit of History spreading misinformation on behalf of the Ultra Left Wing.  Andy Fleming and his bum pal Cam Smith AKA Cam Sexenheimer with their many, and we say many friends in the ABC, Australian Labour Party, Greens and all types of NGO,s have had a golden run, until now. These people have been controlling the flow of information on Patriot groups for ten years in one way or another. In fact it was the outright lies from all of the above that inspired the creation of this blog back in 2005. 

The fact that they have been involved in bringing about the naming, shaming and eventual destruction of anyone Right of center for over ten years should not be a shock to anyone who reads this blog. 

Many of the contributors to this blog, have not only been victims of this type of operation, but also know how deep down the Rabbit Hole this goes. Depending on how big your potential is to disrupt the Left Wing Liberalization of Australia, the treatment and antidote you are given to control this disease called free thought may differ.

Rule of thumb goes like this. First you must be labeled a Nazi.They use their army of Radical Students and Anarchists who troll the web looking for anything you or any possible supporter may say to embarrass you. Believe me we all have a Hollywood Nazi or Stero Typical Right Wing supporter lurking someplace for them to use.  

If they cant find anything they will infiltrate your online groups and entrap hapless supporters creating their own online hardline "Nazi" faction to disrupt. As we have stated the reality of the Nazi menace is truly a left wing smoke screen.   

If you persist on daring to be different, they start building profiles of you and your supporters. This starts very early, so anything you think may be of  use to them no matter how innocent has already been collected. By time you go "oh shit those pics from 5 years ago on the Rifle Range" its to late. They love gun stuff because it works for them later when they start reporting to their contacts in the State Police and Federal. Don't worry ASIO wont get involved just yet.

By now if you still persist as many do, it steps up. Using info sourced like we have pointed out, along with other faked BS Andy conveniently creates through his army of supporters. This asshole and number one Anarchist publishes it all on his Slackbastard site and FB page so it can "Sourced". He does it so there can be no direct link to him. Once its out there its used by media in the next stage. 

Up until about 2012 this material was published on his anti racism site Fight Dem Back. Using their Hipster Anti Racism Mates in the MSM to truly get the NKVD ball rolling.These sites are seized upon and info sourced widely and re-published. Since the demise to FDB (No thanks to us and our supporters) they now use Face Book and many other sites including Slackbastard to promote their lies. 

So by now you have been labeled a Nazi. There is a very good chance you or your group has been made infamous on the many anti racism sites that support Slackbastard. All these sites will just regurgitate the same lies spread by Andy Fleming. Lending even more proof of your guilt. 

Next stage. This will be your last chance to leave with some dignity. If you just plead for mercy and swear never to question their Liberal Socialist System ever ever again you can walk.  Hell they will even email you with your choices, through a third party of course. Much was published on this way back when on our first blog HERE

If you fail and many do, get ready for the releasing of your name, place of work and any other detail that will totally insure you will be remembered for all time as the "Ruthless Nazi who killed 6 million Jews."

So by now you may have lost all your family, your job and a good part of the people you once called friends. But chances are good that you have now become a hardened White Nationalist, so the next stage is the one that truly fucks you over. You are now a Right Wing Terrorist Threat. Say hello ASIO.

This stage always reveals Andy Fleming's and Cam Smiths links in the ALP and The Greens. You see a member of Parliament or political party will request ASIO to have a look at you. Why? Because Andy the Anarchist, yeah a Anarchist, has accused you of being a Right Wing Terror Threat.  Lucky for him all the material to prove this is now in the media and all over the web. 

You wont be the first person to be questioned, while the ASIO agent stands in front of you with a News Paper clipping full of information sourced from the Ultra Left.  

Don't be afraid to tell them truth at this stage. Your fucked anyway and will have a permanent flag for the foreseeable future. Make sure you tell them to read this blog and consider the information freely available to them.

Now one would be confused in thinking I was writing about Nazi Germany in the 30's, well the Left Wing version. But we know these actions by Andy and the State closely resemble the actions of the Communist Secret Police and their informers from Eastern Europe of the past. 

Yep, while everyone is fearing the fictional Gestapo take over from the right , its the Red Brigade we need to be paying attention too.  People very high up in our institutions Local, State and Federal governing bodies. These people are more than willing to capitalize on anything. Including Radical Islam to see their Marxist Dream come true. Think about that.

Reds under the bed? Nope they are in positions of power and influence. Thankfully its becoming more apparent by the day. 

Again we tip our hat to the U.P.F for bringing attention to the real threat in this country. Its not racist to speak out about a Religion, its not racist to out Cultural Marxist and Traitors.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Erasing Racism For Good!

“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists” – Winston Churchil

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Bit Late In The Race

But never to late to roll out a Jewish Rock Star...

Rather laughable if it wasn't so serious. Yes as predicted by the UPF, the Violent Left Wing mob leaders from the last seven months have rattled as many cages as they can. In an attempt to brand Reclaim and UPF as evil Racist Bigots there is no limits to the resources at their disposal.

So its of no surprise to see Andy Fleming (who also never speaks of the evil of Israel) proudly spreading the word of his all Australian (well Scottish born with a Jewish mother) Rock Star. Who just so happens to be labeling the nearly 30 plus thousand Reclaim followers as Racist. Thats just the ones who have openly pledged support. I would guess that nearly 80% of the population agree with them.

Yet I didn't hear a word from Jimmy when five, yes five US Marines were cut down over the weekend in Chattanooga. Not a word, my bet many of you reading this from Australia didn't even hear about this? Let alone know that the US media are scrambling to say what ever they can to water down the fact that the gunman was a Muslim from Kuwait. The same media who can label white gunmen immediately as Racist and within 24hrs can find racist motives. But nothing from Jimmy.

Nothing from Jimmy either about his own people and "his own real homeland" well stolen land. 

Nothing about the Race Riots in Israel. Hell we are not talking about Muslims Rioting like in France. Im talking about hundreds of Jews actually chasing, beating forcing Non Jews from Israel. Nothing from Jimmy about the official decree from the Jewish State outlawing the Marriage between Jews and Non Jews. Nothing at all from Jimmy but silence.

Oh Jimmy you just lost a lot of support from the average Australian. You never had mine, but hey Im not an average Aussie, I know whats going on. Im nothing like the people you so carelessly label you Hypocrite. But sure as the sun shines they will now start looking a bit harder into the truth.

Lucky you don't actually live in Israel Jimmy, your choice to love another and Marry another from a culture far from yours is well, illegal. Next time you are entertaining your mates from Bnai Brith you may like to ask who are the real racists? 

"The Israeli government has launched a television and internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews.

Israel, whose Jewish population of 5.6 million accounts for 41 per cent of worldwide Jewry, has obstructed intermarriage between its Jewish and Arab citizens by refusing to recognise such marriages unless they are performed abroad. The advertising campaign is directed particularly at Jews in the United States and Canada, whose combined 5.7 million Jews constitute the worlds largest Jewish population. Most belong to the liberal Reform stream of Judaism that, unlike Orthodoxy, does not oppose intermarriage." Nothing Jimmy not a word, why?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stephen Jolly, Andy Fleming and the Melbourne Red Brigade,

follow your leader. Revolutionary suicide will set you free.

Good Old Brian Stokes,

gone but not forgotten.

Anti Racist and communist sympathizer Brian Stokes AKA "Weezil" 

Time doesn't always heal old wounds, nor does it halt bitter hatreds. The type of hatred you can only get after dealing with some of the most obnoxious and underhanded creatures to ever walk this earth. Brian Stokes is one of those creatures. 

One of the famous founding members of Fight Dem Back along with Andy Fleming, old Stokesy was first noticed by us back in 2003. Back then he was bragging about making a 14 year old girl on a Left Wing Political forum cry after continually bullying her. No surprise as he is also good mates with suspected child groomer Alex Gollan also from Andy Flemings old gang FDB.
Brian in 2004 hanging out with his anti racist mates
So what is this dirty old man up to lately, besides stalking underage girls and teenage boys, threatening them with the lumber jack gang from the CFMEU? Well instead of stringing up ropes to hang his fascist opponents, he is now stringing up antenna wire in his back yard. Seriously...

Stokesy antenna in his back yard. Maybe he is trying to communicate with his communist sympathizers.  More likely taking to his mates in ISIS.
Yes good old Brian has thrown away his machinegun keyboard and is now living it up on the Blue Mountains.  Happily chatting away as the third youngest member of the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Cub. His call sign is VK2AAF if you are inclined to speak with this disgusting communist bully. Hell you can even listen to him being interviewed last year, on the ABC of course. HERE
This walking talking shitbag famous for saying "what is wrong with communism anyway"  should always be reminded that we will never forget what he done to good working class families. Or the blackmailing of more than one White Nationalists.

More on Brian HERE.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Well Its About Bloody Time.

Listen to the Assistant Commissioner from Victorian Police Stephen Leane denounce Andy Flemings Antifa. HERE.

Now what does this mean?  Well at long last the real culprits are going to be under the microscope. For all the media lies and culpability in stirring trouble against Reclaim Australia and the UPF, common sense has at last prevailed.

For more years than I care to remember Andy Fleming along with his cadre of Anarchist, Anti Racists and well placed supporters in the Unions and in Pubic office, have gotten away with their lies.

The fact that for as long as we have been writing this blog, Andy Fleming and Australian Antifa have been guilty of stalking, blackmail, intimidation, criminal conspiracy and outright violence. Yet they have always claimed the moral high ground and used far to many Marxist journalist friends in the media to hide their crimes. But not any fucking more.

So what should we expect? Well after viewing some of the video footage and hearing Kieran Bennett screaming at his anarchist mates to attack the police and hinder them, my guess he is fucked. 

Also, considering he and Andy Fleming spent the last 7 months inciting their followers with posters and internet campaigns to smash, bash, kill members of the Reclaim and UPF, my guess Kieran and Andy are doubly fucked. If they aren't, well something is horribly wrong, or they truly have some very high support within the Australian Parliament and Union movement. My guess they will be hung out to dry like the last cocky bastard that exposed his well placed links to scrutiny, good old Mathew Henderson Hau from Fight Dem Back.

I just wish that some of the good folk who suffered the indignity of being defamed and shamed could be with us to see this rooster turned into a feather duster. Its a long time in the coming.

Fact of the matter the left are everything they say we are. Even the police admitted that Antifa  on the day didn't care about the UPF. They were just spoiling for a fight, a fight with the system that feeds these spoiled middle class, majority white, traitors. The mask is off, they showed the world that we have been spot on with this lot since Andy first appeared way back in 2004.

I will gladly hand over any and all material we have on these bastards to the authorities if requested.

Now when you finished listening to the above, you may be interested in listening to the following radio program. HERE Just click on the Sunday Morning Program and jump to the 30 minute mark. Some very interesting comments from a particular Muslim Security marshal from No Room For Racism. It doesnt get any clearer who the trouble making fanatics are.

Good Night Left Side! The fucking streets dont belong to Cultural Marxist Scum like you.   

Antifa Repeat Offender Involved in Serious Assault.

So news travels fast. It would appear once again Antifa have over played their hand. Obviously spurred on by the medias continual painting of these criminals and terrorists as freedom fighters, they have decided to be judge jury and executioner. Sound familiar? 
Just like in Brisbane with the cowardly assaults of Golden Dawn Supporters after their rally by CFMEU Antifa supporters. Antifa once again have done the same in Melbourne in 2015. Yet in almost the same circumstances in how we outed Luke Collier and Joe Myles involvement with assaults in Brisbane 2014, WLT can now name one of the people involved on Saturday night.

Info shared with us suggests that on Saturday night the Bus taking UPF members back to Sydney was attacked by several antifa. Wine bottles were thrown at the bus and an elderly patriot was physically attacked and hit in the back of the head by antifa scum carrying a wine bottle. This knocked him out and saw him admitted to hospital for the night. All sounds to bloody familiar for our liking. 

Either way one of the scum bags was identified as Syed Ali Imran Alishah. A full time student from Tasmania and probably a follower of the Islamic faith. Most probably recruited by Andy Fleming.
Fleming's well known history of appealing to Radical Islam to help him and his followers is well documented at WLT.

So who is this Antifa coward. Well a Professional Student from Tasmania (cough Pakistan) of course. Say hello to
Ali Imran Ali Shah.

Above coward and member of Tasmanian Environmental Group Code Green Ali Imran Ali Shah

Well old Syed besides attacking elderly men in a cowardly fashion has a bloody rip snorting criminal history in Tasmania. Even if he just moved up in the world and progressed to assault. 

"A FOREST activist defied a Hobart magistrate yesterday who ordered him not to protest for 18 months.
The Mercury, written by Charles Waterhouse   August 16, 2011
Ali Imran Ali Shah, of Blackmans Bay, received an eight-week suspended jail sentence on three charges of committing a nuisance at Forestry Tasmania's Hobart headquarters and trespass at the Ta Ann Hobart offices and a ship at the Hobart wharves.
Magistrate Olivia McTaggart suspended the sentence on condition Ali Shah did not participate in any protests for 18 months. But Ali Shah told Ms McTaggart before she sentenced him that he was morally and ethically bound to stop damage to Tasmania's environment and could not guarantee he would not protest again.
Ms McTaggart said she understood Ali Shah's situation but told him he was required to abide by the law for the 18 months and if he breached the order he would face the consequences.
The court heard Ali Shah was paying several thousand dollars in outstanding court fines.
Ms McTaggart said she could fine him a very large amount for the offences but did not believe it was an appropriate sentence. She also ruled out making an area restriction on him.
The magistrate said it was appropriate to impose a jail sentence but not an actual term of jail.
On Monday last week North-West magistrate Don Jones blasted Ali Shah and another protester for locking themselves to a conveyor belt at Ta Ann's Smithton veneer mill. Both men received suspended jail sentences and neither is allowed within 25km of Smithton for 12 months.

A TASMANIAN magistrate has blasted two environmental activists who locked themselves on to a conveyor belt at Ta Ann's Smithton veneer mill yesterday.
The Mercury, written by Helen Kempton August 09 2011  "You place your own ideals above the rights of others, affecting businesses and the people who work there," magistrate Don Jones told the men after they pleaded guilty to a charge of trespass.

"I am not politically minded whatsoever. But people should be able to operate a business without interference.

"You may have particular views but that does not give you the right to disrupt the rights of others."
Mr Jones told Ali Imran Ali Shah, of Blackmans Bay, and Aaron James O'Connor, of Launceston, they would go to jail if they were convicted of trespass again.
Both men received a suspended jail sentence and neither is allowed within 25km of Smithton for 12 months.

Huon Valley Environment Centre spokeswoman Jenny Weber described the sentences as excessive.
"To consider putting people in jail for standing up for our precious native forests and taking part in a peaceful, non-violent protest is a harsh and undemocratic response," Ms Weber said.

The ink had hardly dried on Tasmania's historic $276 million forest "peace" deal when O'Connor, Ali Shah and eight other protesters entered the Ta Ann mill site.
The mill was shut down for more than four hours as police worked to unlock the men from the conveyor belt.

The State Opposition called on Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim to put pressure on the state's environmental movement to stop protesting and let forestry businesses go about their business.
And the forestry union said it would explore what legal options it had to stop the workplace protest actions.

Pulp mill protester held

The Mercury, written by Nick Clark September 07, 2011
A PROTESTER against the pulp mill was remanded in custody yesterday by the Launceston Magistrates Court after being charged with breaching bail conditions.
Syed Ali Imran Alishah, 26, of Blackmans Bay, was refused bail by Magistrate Tim Hill and ordered to reappear on September 27.
Mr Alishah was also charged with committing a nuisance after allegedly locking himself to a truck at the Gunns pulp mill site on Monday morning.
Last week he was arrested for trespassing at the site in the Tamar Valley and appeared before court on a warrant relating to a charge of attempted trespass in Hobart in August.
He was granted court bail.
Mr Alishah is a member of the Code Green environmental group.
A second member of the group, April van der Meer, 19, of Abbott St, Launceston, was granted bail after appearing on a negligent driving charge.
Police say Ms van der Meer drove a car into a truck carrying equipment to the pulp mill site. She was also charged with trespass, breach of bail and aiding the commission of a simple offence.
Ms Van der Meer was ordered to reappear in court on October 12 for plea.

Vigil for pulp mill protester

The Mercury, written by Zara Dawtrey  September 28, 2011
A NOON vigil was held in Hobart and Launceston yesterday in support of an anti-pulp mill campaigner arrested over a protest at Gunns Ltd's Bell Bay site three weeks ago.
Syed Ali Imran Alishah, 26, of Blackmans Bay, was again refused bail yesterday when he appeared before the Launceston Magistrates Court charged with breaching bail conditions and committing a nuisance.
A member of environmental activism group Code Green, Alishah is accused of trespassing on the Bell Bay site and locking himself on to a truck earlier this month.
Magistrate Robert Pearce yesterday ordered Alishah to appear before the Hobart Magistrates Court for a plea hearing on October 6.
Gunns has said it would pursue protesters for costs arising from a four-hour delay caused by the latest protest on September 16.

Note by the Webmaster:

Is it not interesting that these people only get light sentences, Take Syed Ali Alishah, who has no respect for the law and is still defiant to the present day. Some pro development people have said that they might have a protest in the judges work place if this is the only way to show the judges that protesting is a right but it should not happen in work places, let protesters make their stand outside a workplace entrance, but not on the work place. How would the courts handle a industrial accident, if a protester was chained to a conveyor and an employee turned the conveyor on and injured or killed the protester, Would that Employee be charged and sentenced for manslaughter . Protesters think they have the safety covered but how do they know it is safe. Plus what would happen to the employer or owner of the site that is supposed to be responsible for all persons on a work site."
Yeah you're fucked Syed.

July 18 After Action Report.

To the best of our knowledge there was between 500 and 700 antifa and various members from an assortment of left wing groups including anarchists. On the Patriots side best figures we can get is 100 Patriots at the Rally and a further 30-40 trapped outside of the rally. Keep in mind this was held in middle of the Australia's Left Wing Heartland Melbourne.  

This action from the UPF should be viewed as the start of the fightback for our Nation. We hope they can build from this and keep the pressure on. 

As for the local Greens candidate Ollie Bennett who attended the rally supporting anti fa and wearing a liberal dose of pepper spray. 
 We say thanks for the memories.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

To Reclaim or not to Reclaim, that is the question.

Sums it up I guess, no I don't support the Tea Party but hell that's funny.

Our thoughts on the UPF, Reclaim and past seven months . Many of you who read this Blog, I feel I will be preaching to the converted, you are a smart lot after all. 

So Reclaim started seven months ago and Im pretty sure for all intensive purposes it finished today. I believe that it would take another bigger and larger Terrorist attack on our soil to fuel them back into action. 

That leaves us with the UPF.

Although they are the new Kids on the Block, the United Patriots Front seem to have the capability to out live Reclaim and many hope the Christian Zionist Groups that are giving them some uneasy support. 

Either way no one at WLT or in any real Nationalist group in Australia are prepared to support any of them while they keep Zionists and the "I'm not racist but" lot in their camps. This would probably be more directed at the UPF as Reclaim is finished in our books. But by the looks of things neither need us at this stage anyway. 

Reclaim had some great potential but infighting and leadership spills killed them in the end. They never were a White Nationalist uprising, although many may have unintentionally believed they were. That was soon dispelled with the appalling lengths some of them went to at publicly kissing Jew ass and Non white ass to prove their non racist status. It was a disgusting betrayal of not only their ancestors but the people who built this country into the once great Nation it was. 

Now the potential of the new tactics used in some cases by UPF and Reclaim is certainly worthy of following up. Although watching Reclaim was like watching a train wreck over and over, they managed a few victories. The UPF totally rewriting the rule book has certainly got many of us interested in their success.

The fact that all types of Ultra Left groups, Unions, Media and what would appear members of Parliament, State, Federal and local Council had to work together to halt both groups. Is proof of how scared they all are of the truth getting out. The disgusting behavior shown by all of the above will be remembered for a generation. That is good news for us.

The staggering amount of outright lies told and spread by the media has woken more people from their slumber in seven months than we could have woken in 20 years. The mistrust and skepticism, compounded by the violence and subsequent cover up of the violence by media has handed the real right wing hundreds if not thousands of new members and supporters. Thanks Andy. 

So was it worth it?
Short answer is a resounding YES. There are a few shining stars from Reclaim who will probably remain as some type of blocking force against the further flooding of this nation with followers of the Islamic faith. Yet they will stand by and allow the continual flooding of the same nation with every type of race as long as they assimilate. Never in recorded history has it ever been of benefit to the host nation to import people who do not share common ancestors and cultural and religious beliefs.

There are also some shining lights in the UPF, who we believe articulate a harder line that resonates with not only the average Australian of both sexes but also the thinking ones. They also would by now be aware of the snakes in the grass that have been a thorn in the side of Australian Nationalism for many years. Their skyrocket of success has picked up a few hitch hikers who in the end will only use them. But unlike many gullible people from our side of the fence in the past, I doubt they will allow them to dictate their actions. These infectious rodents well known in Nationalist Political circles will be the death of Reclaim as they fight over its dwindling but dedicated members. That simply isn't our fight and a lesson we all have to learn.

Did we as White Nationalist learn anything?
Again a resounding YES. In fact we learnt so much in seven months that it was hard to keep up with it all. It was the mother load and will no doubt come in handy in the next few years. 

Now this weekend, well I never thought it was a good idea for a set piece battle with the enemy in their own territory. The UPF are claiming a victory of sorts, but Im afraid I think it was a brave but stupid decision. This should not take away or diminish the noble actions of the organizers and the many brave acts by the UPF supporters.  

Sydney well what can I say. The Reclaim folks can claim a dead heat on that one as numbers were down on the both sides. Brisbane  had lower numbers on both sides but again even. Hardly a loss but a minor success. Gold Coast on the other hand was unopposed and was well attended with about 200, still numbers were down from previous. The others I have no idea. 

In closing we would like to state, this was never our show. This was never our fight. The Reclaim Rally's had very little if zero involvement from us. They did not ask for our help and we did not offer. The Hollywood Nazis if not properly medicated are as much a thorn in our side as theirs.

Reclaim supporters earned the Nazi tag all on their own. The more people accused of being a Nazi and Racist, the less relevant those words become.  

No doubt the bravery shown by many this weekend and during the past seven months will be easily forgotten by some. But not by us I assure you.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Anti Racist Hypocrites and Pedos. Repost.

This original post from back in 2011 is being blocked by FB. So there must be something in this post that is worth hiding. Have a read.
Hey there Folks! Remember way back in December 2005 when the Anti-White rhetoric of the Controlled Media hysteria was hissing and spitting, peaking out and bending the needle on the moral panic-o-meter? There were ‘Nazis’ and ‘White Supremacist Terrorists’ under every bed and behind every door. If ever there was a greater example of Media complicity in a lengthy campaign of ruthless Anti-White hatred your Old Uncle Victor is not aware of it...apart, perhaps, from the conspiracy between the notorious Commissioner of 1996-2002 Peter Ryan’s NSW Police ‘Service’ and the Media in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, where both parties deliberately contrived to suppress any news reaching the rest of the World of Racial disharmony for the city hosting the (other) ‘Friendly Games’.

This shameful strategy of sacrificing the safety of Australia’s own citizens because ‘the eyes of the World were on us’ consequently resulted in further assaults and rapes of White Females by Muslim predators who had formed several Race Hate Rape Squads that roamed Sydney’s streets seeking young female ‘infidel’ flesh to violate. Through the suppression of information the Police had regarding the nature, pattern and ethnicity of the crimes from the public they were in direct violation of their code to serve and protect as well as being guilty of clear dereliction of their duty of care to the community.

Nothing short of a Royal Commission, with an unlimited scope of enquiry, into this deep and far reaching conspiracy would suffice. Somehow though, we cannot envisage this occurring under the corrupt regimes led by any of the bought and paid for whores of the current crop of parasitic career politicians.

The oily Leb greaseball, Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi, the then chief honcho of the Commanchero MC, was playing the hero in the limelight as he parlayed, presumably on behalf of the so-called ‘Lebanese Community’, with the equally criminal and hilariously named ‘Bra Boys’ (kinda makes ya think of transvestites, don’t it?) surfer gang who do bashings, murders and drug running on the side as they pose as typical drug fucked, wax head beach bums. Somehow, the Controlled Media convinced itself and the, by now, hysterical general public, that these two groups of hardcore crims not only had some influence over the antagonists in this lukewarm (but steadily heating up) Race War but indeed had certain ‘authority’ to call ‘ceasefires’. It was so comical it was almost possible to momentarily forget both these gangs are ‘outlaws’ in the true sense of the word and utterly unrepresentative of the communities within which they move and do their ‘business’.

But hey, they were in good company, with the likes of former NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Milton ‘The Monster’ Orkopoulos, who is sadly typical of the Labor Party’s predilection for pederasty and sundry sexual perversions. His voice was prominent among the pack of jackals which emerged from their dens and gathered to howl shrill condemnation of White self defence. This was gutless defamation and vilification of the foulest and lowest type.

As we wrote way back in 2006:

‘This was the very same creature who not all that long ago was in the media for some very different reasons when, as an honoured speaker, he attended a so-called “Women’s peace rally” at Cronulla on Sunday 26th March 2006 and railed against what he referred to as the racists, rednecks and haters of the Sutherland Shire.

Just think that while he was spouting this Multi-Cult Globalist dogma this faggot filthpig was violating the arses of little boys. Just picture in your mind, if you will, the conga line of Leftist swill that make up the Australian Multi Cult lobby, including FDB, all hanging out of each other’s arses like the septic shit-dicks they are. What a typical Lefty swine. Orkopoulos should have been a senior patron of FDB like Andrew Bartlett, but hey, perhaps he was!

Well, who is immoral now? Who is the criminal in need of the “harshest possible punishment” now? Who should be hunted down and “shown no mercy” now? Who needs to be “taught a lesson” now?’

Fully aware the two principals of WLT are long term Bikers, the criminal Marxist thugs of the so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ gang ‘Fight Dem Back’ went into a masturbatory frenzy of taunting on their Forum praising the likes of Hawi’s Commanchero MC and other Arabic gangsters for their ‘brave’ and ‘noble’ stand against White ‘Racist hatred’ in Cronulla. This was obviously supposed to intimidate us by proxy just as their leader and founder, Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’, had vainly attempted with his threats and efforts to incite violence against Sydney based White Nationalists from Pacific Islander Trade Unionist apes.

FDB and their fellow travellers joined the Jew owned Controlled Media in what became an utterly grotesque and obscene distortion of reality as the White Australian community were transformed, via Politically Correct Multicultural critique, thoroughly consistent with Marxist dialectic and relativism, from the actual victims of inter- ethnic intimidation to the alleged instigators of Race Hate and the primary perpetrators of the street violence! The truth was quite literally inverted.

Of course, anyone with eyes, a functioning brain and an understanding of truth and justice, who moved about Sydney during the fortnight or so of violence and witnessed who did what to who, will tell you precisely who were the predators and who were the prey. In fact the Left’s interpretation of events is so surreal and totally at odds with the grim facts that one wonders whether heavy psychotropic drugs were involved.

Well, last week, another ‘hardcore hero’ of the FDB’ers from that time, old ‘Diamond Mick’, copped a murder conviction for his gutless slaying of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas at the Sydney Airport’s Domestic Terminal in 2009. As the old adage goes, ‘one day a rooster, next day a feather duster’.

The following is typical of the tripe we were all subjected to by the Controlled Media as every self important wanker emerged from their holes in the ground to grandstand like mini statesmen over the events and self righteously judge the Cronulla locals and other Sydneysiders for having the audacity to stand up for their own people against Arabic bullies and interlopers.
‘Two rival gangs have vowed to stay out of racial violence gripping Sydney. Maroubra's Bra Boys surfer gang and the Comancheros bikies gang met to discuss the situation before condemning the violence of the past few days. Bra Boys member Sonny Abberton said on Tuesday his gang and the Comancheros, who have a large Lebanese membership, were working together to burst the bubble of racial hatred. His brother and fellow Bra Boys member Jai Abberton said: "We (the Bra Boys) have never been involved in any of this racial tension".
Dozens of people have been injured and many others arrested in two days of racial violence along Sydney's southern and eastern beaches. "We certainly don't support these silly people at Cronulla, starting a racial war and biting off more than they can chew," Mr Abberton said.
"This is the start of some dialect between our groups to try to ease some tension and calm the racial violence that can never be tolerated in Australia," Sonny Abberton said. Earlier, Lebanese Muslim leader Keysar Trad said the Bra Boys were one of the most multicultural groups of surfers in Australia and showed that people from all backgrounds could enjoy the beach.
"They (the Bra Boys) expressed their outrage at what happened at Cronulla and they expressed their support and appreciation for the Middle Eastern community," Mr Trad said. "They have many friends who are from a Lebanese and Middle Eastern background and of various religions, so they want peace.
"I have to say that I respect the petitions that they have made and I hope that society will heed this message."
Professional surfer Koby Abberton labelled the riots cowardly.
"What I (saw) happen was the most cowardly thing I've ever seen in Australian history," he told the Nine network.
"I was upset being Australian on that day."


When criminal thugs presume to determine the parameters of acceptable behaviour, their words anointed with the approval of self styled ethnic ‘community leaders’ like the ‘professional Muslim’ Keysar Trad with the Controlled Media disseminating their thoughts as if they were pearls of wisdom emanating from the oracle of reason then one knows Australian society and our once truly magnificent White European Culture is hurtling downward to Hell with the death rattle of suicidal self-destruction in its throat.

The arrogant hypocrisy of petty thugs and drug dealers having the sheer chutzpah to make moral judgments about local communities engaged in self defence is as outrageous as it is palpable. What a circus it was, and has been since, for all the lead clowns involved. Various members and associates of the ‘Bra Boys’ and The Commanchero MC have been involved in one well publicised crime after another since 2005 and it doesn’t look like letting up any time soon. Several politicians and ‘commentators’ involved have lost their careers and reputations and we are likely, as the years go by, to see more evidence surface that will expose the disgraceful corruption that went on.

Unsurprisingly, for a society weaned on Hollywood Jew hate propaganda, the term ‘redneck’ was seemingly on everyone’s lips, employed of course, in its purely pejorative sense by people utterly ignorant of the word’s etymology and concerned only with its use as a ‘one size fits all’ derogatory slur for Whites who refuse to toe the Politically Correct line. The primary inference being that those tagged with the epithet are lowbrow ignoramuses, possibly inbred, and almost certainly from the most wretched section of the socio-economic scale. Arbitrary judgment and condemnation of political enemies as base and uneducated, thereby disqualifying them from any rights to expression, is a salient feature of the cultural Marxist mindset.

As your Old Uncle Victor has said in the past, the ‘educated’ (read: indoctrinated) Leftoid’s tiresomely predictable response to virtually any argument mounted by a White Nationalist or similar is “You do not have a University Degree. Therefore you are not qualified to have an opinion.” This goes to the very heart of their intrinsically authoritarian nature. Despite all their protestations to the contrary, while condemning ‘Fascism’ and other Totalitarian regimes, the typical Leftoid worships conformity.

August 2000 was (subsequently) known as ‘Evil August’ by both the Controlled Media and the NSW Police.

From the NSW Police’s own training manual on dealing with Sexual Assault:

4 August 2000

Train between City & Punchbowl. 14 year old girl Surrounded on train by 4 males. Indecent assaults, assaults, masturbated in front of with demands for sex for all males.
8 August 2000.Drew Street Park, Greenacre 13 year old girl Coaxed to the park & tied up using packing tape. 2 males forced oral sex & 1 male attempted vaginal intercourse. Stated they had done it before & that their mates were on the way.
10 August 2000.
Northcote Park, Greenacre 17 & 18 year old girls. Offered cannabis and lift home from Chatswood. Taken to park and both sexually assaulted (oral) by group of 8 males.
12 August 2000.
Gosling Park, Greenacre 16 year old girl. Offered a night out in the City. Taken to park and sexually assaulted (vaginal) by 2 males from a group of at least 8 males.
13 August 2000.
15 year old girl. Unknown park near Lidcombe Offered a lift from near the train station. She declined & was forced into car by 4 males and sexually assaulted (vaginal).
16 August 2000
13 & 15 year old girls Allum Park, Greenacre Forced into a car at Belmore &taken to park by 3 males. Unsuccessful attempts made to force them to have sex.
24 August 2000
16 year old girl. Vicinity Bankstown Square Surrounded by 10 males & Ind. assaulted. All demanded sex. Escaped into female toilets, but followed by male who tried to have intercourse.
27 August 2000
17 year old girl. Smith Park, East Hills. Coerced into car and taken to park where she was sexually assaulted (digital & oral).
30 August
18 year old girl sexually assaulted by 14 different offenders in 3 different locations and using 3 different cars. Offences lasted 5 hours & included oral, vaginal and anal.
5 September15 & 16 year old girls sexually assaulted by 4 offenders after kidnapped from outside Beverley Hills railway station. Lasted 4 hours & included oral and vaginal.

19 offenders arrested and charged with 380 indictments for 8 offences against 11victims.

Previous twelve months 25 gang sexual assault committed in area.
Good basic police work identified core offenders
Two brothers, Mohammed and Bilal Skaf received the highest sentences ever for sexual assault of 40 and 55 years imprisonment.
Other sentences were, 18, 25 and 32 years. Major Strikeforce established to investigate gang sexual assaults committed by the same offenders.

Understand this point very well, gentle reader, as you read this small example of what went on during just ONE MONTH in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, that the welfare and safety of young White Women was considered subordinate to the overwhelming importance of International prestige and politics by The Government, The Police and The Media. The above events went virtually unreported at the time in the Controlled Media and the Police conspired with the Media to suppress and suggestions about what they already knew, that the crimes were not only linked and were certainly not random, but were Racially motivated Hate Crimes targeted specifically against White Australian Females. How many of these crimes, that spanned well over a year, could have been prevented if the community had been alerted to the modus operandi of the rapists? How would you feel if it had been YOUR daughter, wife, sister, mother who had been a victim? Never Forgive it. Never Forget it.

It is an incontrovertible fact that for any civilised society to function there must be respect for the institutions of Government, Law and Order and other official administrative entities. However, when those institutions are so fundamentally corrupt and clearly work against the interests of those they are designed to serve, due to infiltration by criminals, perverts, social deviants, special interest groups and tiny minorities, then some form of protest and resistance must be mounted. Even the mildest dissidence in the form of civil disobedience is not only expected but essential. The villains must be called to account.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

CFMEU Thugs Charged Over Assault on Golden Dawn Supporters.

CFMEU thugs attack citizens legally demonstrating in Brisbane. Luke Collier is in the black cap.

Well its a long time coming and certainly just the start. But at long last we can announce that State Authorities have charged two of the biggest losers ever to disgrace the CFMEU.  No amount of denials from Andy Fleming and Antifa will cover this up. 

No need to have a fund raiser for this lot Andy, your mates in the ALP and average Joe's union fees will be enough for now. As we see once again antifa thugs sponsored unwittingly by the working class they are trying to destroy.

Quick background. Back on the first of May 2014 members from the Australia First Party Brisbane and supporters of the Greek Golden Dawn Party held a small protest in Brisbane. The protest was to bring attention to the politically motivated arrests of the Golden Dawn Leadership in Greece and bring attention to the political motivated murders carried out against Golden Dawn by antifascists in Greece. 

In an attempt to shut down the legal protest and registered street march by Golden Dawn Supporters and Australia First. Antifa, organised from Melbourne by Andy Fleming, along with members from Brisbane's Refugee Action Collective, contacted their mates at the CFMEU asking them to bust it up.  

What transpired on the day is well recorded. Twenty Golden Dawn supporters took on 20-25 antifa and an estimated 150 Union members and delegates from the CFMEU and the ETU. It was alleged that the delegates and officials in an attempt to inspire as much hatred towards the GD supporters as possible, told the workers from the surrounding building sites a host of lies. These lies included that they supported the corrupted and out of control LNP State Government at that time. One massive lie after another, as is always the case from these desperate traitors. 

Outnumbered but not defeated clashes soon broke out. Resulting on the day in the theft of two flags and various assaults causing injury to a few members of Australia First. All the assaults having been instigated by two loud mouth wankers who just so happened to represent the CFMEU and known to Andy Fleming. 

After the demo these two CFMEU officials were then involved in the cowardly and unprovoked attack upon a small handful of GD members and AF members at a pub on the outskirts of Brisbane City. This resulted in the hospitalization of a 66 year old Greek man who was king hit from behind with knuckle dusters and then repeatedly kicked while on the ground.  Unfortunately for the Marxist scum from the CFMEU it was all caught on CTV. 

So its with great pleasure to tell you dear readers that the two instigators from the CFMEU Luke Collier  and Joe Myles have been formerly charged with assault. Witnesses have been advised to make themselves available for court dates. 

Joe Myles CFMEU Official.

Luke Collier pictured with stolen goods.
All this on top of some rather larger investigations involving both these scum bags along with the another lot of scum bags the Australian Labor Party. Does make you wonder. 

The ALP, The Greens and Australian Unions continual association with known Marxists, Anarchists and Antifa should have alarm bells ringing. Political persecution union thuggery actual acts of violence and intimidation. Not to mention the destruction of public and private property by these scum. All tools of the seemingly shadow Marxist Government that is protecting and supporting these radical Ultra Left Wing Socialists. Enough is enough they must be exposed and shown the full weight of the law before its to late. 

Further reading of the hired ALP, Antifa enforcers. 

The trail of union intimidation of women must be stamped out

Brisbane Times-7 Jun 2015
Where is Luke Collier? The police want to talk to him. The government wants to talk to him. Fairfax Media wants to talk to him. Collier has a 

  1. CFMEU official Luke Collier facing Barangaroo site ban over ...
  2. Oct 8, 2014 - Luke Collier, CFMEU organiser. with Anthony Mundine / Picture: Facebook ... Mr Collier was named as one of the union organisers at the site ...
  3. Latest news and media | CFMEU's Luke Collier allegedly ...
  4. Mar 18, 2015 - The CFMEU's Luke Collier is facing Federal Circuit Court action after he allegedly told workers to “stop the (concrete) pour or you're all going to ...
  5. Industry Update 5th March 2015 | CFMEU's Luke Collier ...’s-luke-collier-added-no-permit-list
  6. Mar 5, 2015 - CFMEU's Luke Collier added to No Permit List. The Fair Work Commission has suspended CFMEU official Luke Collier's Right of Entry permit, ...

    New court action against CFMEU organiser |
    Mar 17, 2015 - Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union organiser Luke Collier allegedly told workers on the Redfern project to stop a concrete pour ..

    1. News and Media | CFMEU organiser Joseph Myles ...‘w...
    2. May 29, 2014 - At about midday, Joseph Myles and 15 to 20 other people, including other CFMEU officials, Drew McDonald and Shaun Reardon, and CFMEU ...
    3. CFMEU makes light of organiser Joe Myles' arrest on ...
    4. Feb 28, 2014 - The union backed the conduct of Victorian organiser Joe Myles with a sneering Facebook meme featuring two AFL stars giving him jailhouse ...
    5. CFMEU official Joseph John Myles punched man at ...
      Jun 11, 2015 - Unionist Joseph John Myles, who is from Victoria, appeared before the Brisbane Magistrates Court this morning to face charges including ...
    6. CFMEU Joe Myles | Australia First Party
    7. If a news item is foreign and/or anti-Australian, Australians now expect the ABC to cover it in all its networked news services. If a news item is pro-Australian, the ...
    8. CFMEU Officials Halt Concrete Pour on Govt Rail Project to ...
    9. Jan 30, 2015 - Joe Myles disrupted a concrete pour so badly at a major government-funded construction site that the two batches of concrete “cooked”

Monday, July 06, 2015

Nazis, Abbos and Jews.

How very SPLC of our favorite Anarchist State informer Andy "race baiting" Fleming. 
In an attempt to make the anti Reclaim rally's that are organized by himself and a handful of  Left Wing Groups a different shade of White. Andy is pulling out every trick in the book to get Australian Indigenous Folk on side. 

What better way than to use the old Jew angle, especially in Melbourne. You see it has been spoken about openly among the great unwashed, that the protests they hold, no matter what the cause, always seem to be majority White and distinctly RED color.
So in an attempt in not only Race Baiting but recruiting, Andy falls back on an old favorite to try and mix the colors up. Make it look more like an actual Reclaim Rally. A rally that has REAL Indigenous support, minus the anti white Racism and over whelming stench of Cultural Marxism. As seen below.

This favored method of Race Baiting often used by Hate groups such as the Jewish Run SPLC and Anti Defamation League of the Bnai Brith in America, truly shows us what tribe Andy Fleming follows.

But whats good for the goose is good for the gander they say. So I guess in reply to The Marxist call to arms of colored folk for the anti white revolution, Reclaim and the UPF could counter them with the following. Here we go.

 Above, Percy Reginald ("Inky") Stephensen: B.A. (Qld.), M.A. (Oxon Qual.), 1901-1965, Rhodes Scholar, Patriot, Martyr, Protagonist of Australia First, Author, Historian, Editor, Publisher, Publicist, Champion of Australian Authors, Australian Aborigines

Ever heard of Percy "Inky" Stevensen?  Well back in the day when evil white racist folk roamed Australia freely (sarcasm). This man along with another, were the voice of the Australian Aboriginal. 
Percy who like many of us started his political life on the Left, soon found out that it was and is an undeniable scam. Its supporters are the gullible and weak of mind.

Now Percy being the out there sort of guy he was, had a few beliefs many of us can relate to in 2015. He was a supporter of German Nationalism in the 30's, an Odinist, a critic of Zionism and a prolific writer. In today's talk he would be accused of being a Nazi Skinhead, a Far Right KKK cross burning Red Neck, an Antisemitic revisionist and a Child sacrificing Devil worshiping cult leader.  

But he also was one of the editors along with his Aboriginal counterpart Jack Pattern, on the very first ever pro Aboriginal publication "The Australian Abbo Call."  The name is a bit dated. 

Along with other things printing and publishing the following pamphlet. 

Go figure. So the very first pro Land Rights Pro Aboriginal voice in Australia was a voice from the far right, a true Italian Fascist voice one could say. 

To me it makes total sense why the Indigenous Australians would prefer to support Australian Nationalism and even Fascism over Marxism and Communism.  Its not like its never happened before with other people from a Non White Background.
Makes even more sense that they would support Nationalism and Reclaim Australia.  When the Marxist and Anarchist have nothing to offer but words and propaganda. The sort of words and propaganda that has done nothing for them but bring them pain and misery.  

A proud people, who now fight for left overs on a table that is divided up among the multitude of other ethnic minorities the Marxist rabble are attempting to flood "OUR" Nation with. Sure as hell would not have happened under "Inky" Stevensen watch. 

So I guess the choice should be a simple one. Australian Indigenous Folk can be a tool for the Marxist State, like the American Negro is in the United States. Or they could look at the facts, support people who don't see you as just colored people to push an agenda. Join the Nationalist struggle and stop being the token black for the left. 

As it was in 1938 when the Jewish elite of Australia used indigenous leaders like William Cooper to push the State to accept 15000 Jewish refugees from Germany. Will the 1st Australians fall for the same old shell game? Its their choice.

Source  "Jack Patten is remembered as one of the greatest Aboriginal activists of all time. Openly worked with White Fascists in the 1930's. History you wont see on NITV.