Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good Old Brian Stokes,

gone but not forgotten.

Anti Racist and communist sympathizer Brian Stokes AKA "Weezil" 

Time doesn't always heal old wounds, nor does it halt bitter hatreds. The type of hatred you can only get after dealing with some of the most obnoxious and underhanded creatures to ever walk this earth. Brian Stokes is one of those creatures. 

One of the famous founding members of Fight Dem Back along with Andy Fleming, old Stokesy was first noticed by us back in 2003. Back then he was bragging about making a 14 year old girl on a Left Wing Political forum cry after continually bullying her. No surprise as he is also good mates with suspected child groomer Alex Gollan also from Andy Flemings old gang FDB.
Brian in 2004 hanging out with his anti racist mates
So what is this dirty old man up to lately, besides stalking underage girls and teenage boys, threatening them with the lumber jack gang from the CFMEU? Well instead of stringing up ropes to hang his fascist opponents, he is now stringing up antenna wire in his back yard. Seriously...

Stokesy antenna in his back yard. Maybe he is trying to communicate with his communist sympathizers.  More likely taking to his mates in ISIS.
Yes good old Brian has thrown away his machinegun keyboard and is now living it up on the Blue Mountains.  Happily chatting away as the third youngest member of the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Cub. His call sign is VK2AAF if you are inclined to speak with this disgusting communist bully. Hell you can even listen to him being interviewed last year, on the ABC of course. HERE
This walking talking shitbag famous for saying "what is wrong with communism anyway"  should always be reminded that we will never forget what he done to good working class families. Or the blackmailing of more than one White Nationalists.

More on Brian HERE.

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