Saturday, July 25, 2015

Making A Silk Purse From A Pigs Ear, Literally.

Many by now would have seen the Victorian Police Commissioner outright lie during an interview this week on 3AW.
"Commissioner Ashton said New South Wales police found the firearm during a search of the bus in Sydney."  also a knife. Listen from 4.20 mark

He also claimed that both sides were wandering around looking for trouble at the rally. It truly isn't a great shock to us to see the Highest Ranked Police Officer in Victoria lie his guts out live on radio. But for mum and dad reclaim it sure was. Here is some truth for you all to ponder.

Gun on a bus. There was never a gun on a bus.

Police search bus. Police never even entered the bus leaving Sydney to travel to the protest in Melbourne. If they did it should have been any of the buses hired by the Unions, ALP, Greens or No Room For Racism carrying antifa thugs. Drug sniffer dogs would have gone crazy.

Knife on the bus. As we said not only did Police in NSW not search a bus, they did not find any knives on any of the Reclaim people.

Bands of marauding patriots causing trouble. Again totally false. In fact six patriots who were cut off by antifa and afforded next to no protection by the Vic Police during the rally are the marauding patriots . Because they defended themselves against at least 200 Ultra Left Wing Thugs, they were charged. Go figure.

As for after the rally well. As you have seen in a previous article it was again the left who were searching the streets for Patriots after the rally. They also staked out the bus mentioned above laying in wait to attack it. The Patriots who walked from a pub, straight across the road from the bus when attacked, are now being accused of marauding the streets looking for trouble. Another obvious lie.

The real Gun and Knife on the bus story, has been practically ignored by media after the Vic Police Commissioners grand lie. 

"A man claiming to be the owner of a gun which was taken by police ahead of the Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne last Saturday denies there was anything sinister involved.

Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton told Neil Mitchell on Thursday his NSW counterparts had seized the firearm from protesters who were travelling to Melbourne from Sydney to attend the rally.

John, a sporting shooter who holds a licence, told 3AW News he had spoken to authorities several days before the trip to find out how to safely transport the weapon.

He said he was going to the rally but had hired a car with the intention of heading to a shooting range at Springvale, to fill in time, before returning to Sydney that night.
He said the issue had been blown out of proportion, but admits he may have been a bit naive.
"The firearm was never going to be anywhere near the Reclaim rally," John said.
"The bus driver dropped us off 10 minutes up the road, where we alighted (got off) the bus.
"I went straight to the hire car company and picked up that hire car and that was going to be where the firearm stayed."I haven't done anything wrong, I haven't committed any crimes, I'm a responsible person and a licensed shooter.""

As for the knife, NSW Police confiscated a set of Bolt Cutters that were going to be taken on board as antifa Sydney claimed they intended on chaining themselves to the steering wheel to prevent the bus leaving. The below pictures are purely for educational purposes only.

Bolt Cutters.
 Special note and thanks must go to the NSW Police, for confiscating this gun. This action stopped what almost seemed like a set up in the waiting on the other end. Although this man was legally allowed to carry this firearm and although he had done all the right things, storage and contacting Police beforehand , WTF! 

This is what happens when you simply do not understand what you are up against. I suspect we will see a lot of this type thing as the people now involved in this battle need to learn very fast. Dont second guess anything. The leaders need to understand that you simply don't get a second chance. 

Now before we go into any history of the The Victorian Police doing the bidding of Anarchists lets also ponder the ramifications from the Left wing counter rally last weekend. 

As you would have heard already  HERE the "Assistant Police Commissioner" clearly points the finger at Antifa Thugs for the trouble on Saturday during the Rally. A figure of nearly 250k is being thrown about as the cost of keeping Antifa in check on the day.  Now the above interview is the first we have ever seen of the Authorities admitting that the peaceful Anti Racists Protestors are everything but. The Assistant Commissioner having been put on the spot, probabley not briefed by the Political Commissar on what to say, spoke the truth. Oh shit not good

This obviously upset the controllers prompting them to put up their puppet Commissioner to counter the bad press about the peaceful refugee hugging Flower Children, with absolute lies. Lies that they thought would take the Spot light off the real criminals. Further to this giving the Corrupt Police of the Communist State of Victoria even more powers to halt public rally's from the left or right. 

But it looks like they only got it half right. Since the State and Media has been outed for telling massive porky pies, the membership and support for the Reclaim people and the UPF has actually risen. Showing that the average Australian who has been afraid to speak out for a number of reasons, are now being inspired by those who do speak out. 

That is a real problem for the Stalinist State, as the SILENT  MAJORITY once awake will not only dominate the LOUD MINORITY it will destroy it for good. Now that's the Anarchy these left wing Anarchist truly fear. 

Now some history on Vic Police. Vic Police along with the media/Cam Smith have a bit of History spreading misinformation on behalf of the Ultra Left Wing.  Andy Fleming and his bum pal Cam Smith AKA Cam Sexenheimer with their many, and we say many friends in the ABC, Australian Labour Party, Greens and all types of NGO,s have had a golden run, until now. These people have been controlling the flow of information on Patriot groups for ten years in one way or another. In fact it was the outright lies from all of the above that inspired the creation of this blog back in 2005. 

The fact that they have been involved in bringing about the naming, shaming and eventual destruction of anyone Right of center for over ten years should not be a shock to anyone who reads this blog. 

Many of the contributors to this blog, have not only been victims of this type of operation, but also know how deep down the Rabbit Hole this goes. Depending on how big your potential is to disrupt the Left Wing Liberalization of Australia, the treatment and antidote you are given to control this disease called free thought may differ.

Rule of thumb goes like this. First you must be labeled a Nazi.They use their army of Radical Students and Anarchists who troll the web looking for anything you or any possible supporter may say to embarrass you. Believe me we all have a Hollywood Nazi or Stero Typical Right Wing supporter lurking someplace for them to use.  

If they cant find anything they will infiltrate your online groups and entrap hapless supporters creating their own online hardline "Nazi" faction to disrupt. As we have stated the reality of the Nazi menace is truly a left wing smoke screen.   

If you persist on daring to be different, they start building profiles of you and your supporters. This starts very early, so anything you think may be of  use to them no matter how innocent has already been collected. By time you go "oh shit those pics from 5 years ago on the Rifle Range" its to late. They love gun stuff because it works for them later when they start reporting to their contacts in the State Police and Federal. Don't worry ASIO wont get involved just yet.

By now if you still persist as many do, it steps up. Using info sourced like we have pointed out, along with other faked BS Andy conveniently creates through his army of supporters. This asshole and number one Anarchist publishes it all on his Slackbastard site and FB page so it can "Sourced". He does it so there can be no direct link to him. Once its out there its used by media in the next stage. 

Up until about 2012 this material was published on his anti racism site Fight Dem Back. Using their Hipster Anti Racism Mates in the MSM to truly get the NKVD ball rolling.These sites are seized upon and info sourced widely and re-published. Since the demise to FDB (No thanks to us and our supporters) they now use Face Book and many other sites including Slackbastard to promote their lies. 

So by now you have been labeled a Nazi. There is a very good chance you or your group has been made infamous on the many anti racism sites that support Slackbastard. All these sites will just regurgitate the same lies spread by Andy Fleming. Lending even more proof of your guilt. 

Next stage. This will be your last chance to leave with some dignity. If you just plead for mercy and swear never to question their Liberal Socialist System ever ever again you can walk.  Hell they will even email you with your choices, through a third party of course. Much was published on this way back when on our first blog HERE

If you fail and many do, get ready for the releasing of your name, place of work and any other detail that will totally insure you will be remembered for all time as the "Ruthless Nazi who killed 6 million Jews."

So by now you may have lost all your family, your job and a good part of the people you once called friends. But chances are good that you have now become a hardened White Nationalist, so the next stage is the one that truly fucks you over. You are now a Right Wing Terrorist Threat. Say hello ASIO.

This stage always reveals Andy Fleming's and Cam Smiths links in the ALP and The Greens. You see a member of Parliament or political party will request ASIO to have a look at you. Why? Because Andy the Anarchist, yeah a Anarchist, has accused you of being a Right Wing Terror Threat.  Lucky for him all the material to prove this is now in the media and all over the web. 

You wont be the first person to be questioned, while the ASIO agent stands in front of you with a News Paper clipping full of information sourced from the Ultra Left.  

Don't be afraid to tell them truth at this stage. Your fucked anyway and will have a permanent flag for the foreseeable future. Make sure you tell them to read this blog and consider the information freely available to them.

Now one would be confused in thinking I was writing about Nazi Germany in the 30's, well the Left Wing version. But we know these actions by Andy and the State closely resemble the actions of the Communist Secret Police and their informers from Eastern Europe of the past. 

Yep, while everyone is fearing the fictional Gestapo take over from the right , its the Red Brigade we need to be paying attention too.  People very high up in our institutions Local, State and Federal governing bodies. These people are more than willing to capitalize on anything. Including Radical Islam to see their Marxist Dream come true. Think about that.

Reds under the bed? Nope they are in positions of power and influence. Thankfully its becoming more apparent by the day. 

Again we tip our hat to the U.P.F for bringing attention to the real threat in this country. Its not racist to speak out about a Religion, its not racist to out Cultural Marxist and Traitors.


Anonymous said...

So the Victorian Police are now trying to lay charges on 2 UPF members for defending the patriot that was assaulted by the Antifa thugs as the bus was leaving back to Sydney. This may not go far considering the large number of witness', but the boys from UPF are confident that they have a good jewish lawyer??? What? For fucks sake these guys are kidding right?

Whitelaw Towers said...

LOL I havent seen that one but my guess its an attempt at humor. I see once again they have hit back announcing another rally in three months. This time in Cronulla. I feel we are watching history being made. But these guys are so unpredictable, this makes them dangerous. If ever there was a time for the state to pull a stunt or false flag it will be this year.