Monday, July 06, 2015

Nazis, Abbos and Jews.

How very SPLC of our favorite Anarchist State informer Andy "race baiting" Fleming. 
In an attempt to make the anti Reclaim rally's that are organized by himself and a handful of  Left Wing Groups a different shade of White. Andy is pulling out every trick in the book to get Australian Indigenous Folk on side. 

What better way than to use the old Jew angle, especially in Melbourne. You see it has been spoken about openly among the great unwashed, that the protests they hold, no matter what the cause, always seem to be majority White and distinctly RED color.
So in an attempt in not only Race Baiting but recruiting, Andy falls back on an old favorite to try and mix the colors up. Make it look more like an actual Reclaim Rally. A rally that has REAL Indigenous support, minus the anti white Racism and over whelming stench of Cultural Marxism. As seen below.

This favored method of Race Baiting often used by Hate groups such as the Jewish Run SPLC and Anti Defamation League of the Bnai Brith in America, truly shows us what tribe Andy Fleming follows.

But whats good for the goose is good for the gander they say. So I guess in reply to The Marxist call to arms of colored folk for the anti white revolution, Reclaim and the UPF could counter them with the following. Here we go.

 Above, Percy Reginald ("Inky") Stephensen: B.A. (Qld.), M.A. (Oxon Qual.), 1901-1965, Rhodes Scholar, Patriot, Martyr, Protagonist of Australia First, Author, Historian, Editor, Publisher, Publicist, Champion of Australian Authors, Australian Aborigines

Ever heard of Percy "Inky" Stevensen?  Well back in the day when evil white racist folk roamed Australia freely (sarcasm). This man along with another, were the voice of the Australian Aboriginal. 
Percy who like many of us started his political life on the Left, soon found out that it was and is an undeniable scam. Its supporters are the gullible and weak of mind.

Now Percy being the out there sort of guy he was, had a few beliefs many of us can relate to in 2015. He was a supporter of German Nationalism in the 30's, an Odinist, a critic of Zionism and a prolific writer. In today's talk he would be accused of being a Nazi Skinhead, a Far Right KKK cross burning Red Neck, an Antisemitic revisionist and a Child sacrificing Devil worshiping cult leader.  

But he also was one of the editors along with his Aboriginal counterpart Jack Pattern, on the very first ever pro Aboriginal publication "The Australian Abbo Call."  The name is a bit dated. 

Along with other things printing and publishing the following pamphlet. 

Go figure. So the very first pro Land Rights Pro Aboriginal voice in Australia was a voice from the far right, a true Italian Fascist voice one could say. 

To me it makes total sense why the Indigenous Australians would prefer to support Australian Nationalism and even Fascism over Marxism and Communism.  Its not like its never happened before with other people from a Non White Background.
Makes even more sense that they would support Nationalism and Reclaim Australia.  When the Marxist and Anarchist have nothing to offer but words and propaganda. The sort of words and propaganda that has done nothing for them but bring them pain and misery.  

A proud people, who now fight for left overs on a table that is divided up among the multitude of other ethnic minorities the Marxist rabble are attempting to flood "OUR" Nation with. Sure as hell would not have happened under "Inky" Stevensen watch. 

So I guess the choice should be a simple one. Australian Indigenous Folk can be a tool for the Marxist State, like the American Negro is in the United States. Or they could look at the facts, support people who don't see you as just colored people to push an agenda. Join the Nationalist struggle and stop being the token black for the left. 

As it was in 1938 when the Jewish elite of Australia used indigenous leaders like William Cooper to push the State to accept 15000 Jewish refugees from Germany. Will the 1st Australians fall for the same old shell game? Its their choice.

Source  "Jack Patten is remembered as one of the greatest Aboriginal activists of all time. Openly worked with White Fascists in the 1930's. History you wont see on NITV.

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Anonymous said...

the Abbo's are irrelevant. They are not likely to make a difference to any part of this. And I'm sure as fuck not standing side by side with them.