Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Coalition of the Commissars.

You cop the most Flak when over the target in most cases.

A very interesting video was released just the other day by the United Patriots Front. In the video we downloaded (as their videos go up and down faster than the cost of fuel) it is claimed that Tanya Plibersek, Federal Labor Member for Sydney, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Development, has been or is possibly involved in funding and supporting the extreme left in Australia. 

Other claims in the video, supported by statements from Alex Gollan in his "Im Innocent the Nazis set me up" manifesto, also support UPF claims about him going to Tanya Pliberserk instead of the Police after being questioned and later charged for being a Rock Spider. 

Now we are first to say its a long shot. But we also were advised a few months ago that Plibersek had some involvement in the Sydney Reclaim counter rally's. It prompted us to have a look back then just in case she truly is the Shadow Minister of Anarchy? Its not that far fetched as anyone who follows this blog would know.

The only thing that stood out at the time is her Husband Michael Coutts-Trotter . This well heeled Public Servant served 3 years in jail in 1986 for conspiring to import narcotics "Heroin" into Australia.  At the time he was a heroin dealer in Sydney . We found this interesting as the old Jewish guard who once openly run the antifa operations in Australia just so happen to be the same persons who started the Heroin Shooting Galleries in Sydney. The same people who pull the strings of the Anarchist puppets they have running the show today.

It was all a long shot and was placed on the back burner for a better look down the track if needed. Then the video showed up. At first we thought well this should be interesting, it may just even save us looking into this. At the very least it may just give us a laugh and an opportunity to see the Left goes crackers over this. As they have, one could say the desperation shown by them to protect her is also well noted. 

A lot of talk of legal action and defamation has been thrown about. Defamation something the likes of Andy Fleming and his fellow travelers use on a every day basis. Derogatory criticism and defamation of any Conservative Member of Parliament is also standard practice. But don't let anyone do the same to the following, Unions, Labor Party, The Greens.

Interesting to note Mark Goudkamp has stuck his slimy head above the parapet to add some input also.

Just in case you need a reminder of how infiltrated the System is, I will post some old links.


The plot thickens. NSW Labor and the Anti Fa thugs.

Yes folks much has been said on this blog and Victor Whitelaw about FDB Mathew Henderson Hau's Labor Party connections. Not to mention the NSW Labor Party and its Marxist and Stalinist connections. We have also mentioned Mathew Henderson's threats to employ Trade Union Thugs to attack White Nationals.

So you are going to love the following story. It truly shows the connections at highest levels of the NSW Labor Government. The only conclusion you can possibly come up with is that the Modern Day Anti Fa and Anti Racist with their creature cousin the Anarchist movement is still and has always been controlled by Zionist.

The strange case of Dr. John Casey

For any who might be bewildered as to what has become of our NSW Police Force and why our Police Officers now more closely resemble social workers rather than crime fighters the following will dissipate much of the mystery.

Either way all very interesting.

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