Sunday, July 19, 2015

To Reclaim or not to Reclaim, that is the question.

Sums it up I guess, no I don't support the Tea Party but hell that's funny.

Our thoughts on the UPF, Reclaim and past seven months . Many of you who read this Blog, I feel I will be preaching to the converted, you are a smart lot after all. 

So Reclaim started seven months ago and Im pretty sure for all intensive purposes it finished today. I believe that it would take another bigger and larger Terrorist attack on our soil to fuel them back into action. 

That leaves us with the UPF.

Although they are the new Kids on the Block, the United Patriots Front seem to have the capability to out live Reclaim and many hope the Christian Zionist Groups that are giving them some uneasy support. 

Either way no one at WLT or in any real Nationalist group in Australia are prepared to support any of them while they keep Zionists and the "I'm not racist but" lot in their camps. This would probably be more directed at the UPF as Reclaim is finished in our books. But by the looks of things neither need us at this stage anyway. 

Reclaim had some great potential but infighting and leadership spills killed them in the end. They never were a White Nationalist uprising, although many may have unintentionally believed they were. That was soon dispelled with the appalling lengths some of them went to at publicly kissing Jew ass and Non white ass to prove their non racist status. It was a disgusting betrayal of not only their ancestors but the people who built this country into the once great Nation it was. 

Now the potential of the new tactics used in some cases by UPF and Reclaim is certainly worthy of following up. Although watching Reclaim was like watching a train wreck over and over, they managed a few victories. The UPF totally rewriting the rule book has certainly got many of us interested in their success.

The fact that all types of Ultra Left groups, Unions, Media and what would appear members of Parliament, State, Federal and local Council had to work together to halt both groups. Is proof of how scared they all are of the truth getting out. The disgusting behavior shown by all of the above will be remembered for a generation. That is good news for us.

The staggering amount of outright lies told and spread by the media has woken more people from their slumber in seven months than we could have woken in 20 years. The mistrust and skepticism, compounded by the violence and subsequent cover up of the violence by media has handed the real right wing hundreds if not thousands of new members and supporters. Thanks Andy. 

So was it worth it?
Short answer is a resounding YES. There are a few shining stars from Reclaim who will probably remain as some type of blocking force against the further flooding of this nation with followers of the Islamic faith. Yet they will stand by and allow the continual flooding of the same nation with every type of race as long as they assimilate. Never in recorded history has it ever been of benefit to the host nation to import people who do not share common ancestors and cultural and religious beliefs.

There are also some shining lights in the UPF, who we believe articulate a harder line that resonates with not only the average Australian of both sexes but also the thinking ones. They also would by now be aware of the snakes in the grass that have been a thorn in the side of Australian Nationalism for many years. Their skyrocket of success has picked up a few hitch hikers who in the end will only use them. But unlike many gullible people from our side of the fence in the past, I doubt they will allow them to dictate their actions. These infectious rodents well known in Nationalist Political circles will be the death of Reclaim as they fight over its dwindling but dedicated members. That simply isn't our fight and a lesson we all have to learn.

Did we as White Nationalist learn anything?
Again a resounding YES. In fact we learnt so much in seven months that it was hard to keep up with it all. It was the mother load and will no doubt come in handy in the next few years. 

Now this weekend, well I never thought it was a good idea for a set piece battle with the enemy in their own territory. The UPF are claiming a victory of sorts, but Im afraid I think it was a brave but stupid decision. This should not take away or diminish the noble actions of the organizers and the many brave acts by the UPF supporters.  

Sydney well what can I say. The Reclaim folks can claim a dead heat on that one as numbers were down on the both sides. Brisbane  had lower numbers on both sides but again even. Hardly a loss but a minor success. Gold Coast on the other hand was unopposed and was well attended with about 200, still numbers were down from previous. The others I have no idea. 

In closing we would like to state, this was never our show. This was never our fight. The Reclaim Rally's had very little if zero involvement from us. They did not ask for our help and we did not offer. The Hollywood Nazis if not properly medicated are as much a thorn in our side as theirs.

Reclaim supporters earned the Nazi tag all on their own. The more people accused of being a Nazi and Racist, the less relevant those words become.  

No doubt the bravery shown by many this weekend and during the past seven months will be easily forgotten by some. But not by us I assure you.



Anonymous said...

Reclaim is definitely over. Cottrell has been by far the most interesting player for the UPF. However this will all fizzle out
soon enough, we are talking about the mainstream Australian here, the concentration span isn't great. Something new will come along to take their attention in no time. Fad's are great, they will look back at their photos in the future, laugh at the hairstyle they had that was popular, the Tapout t shirts, and recall that short lived flirt o b the wild side called Patriotism. the good ol days!

Anonymous said...

I could not notice the Reclaim numbers were down all over the country, don't know why? The good thing was it brought out many average Australians to the streets in a patriotic cause who may have never thought of ever protesting in a political protest in public. Bad thing is I think also many didn't have the stomach to follow up this time, maybe because of the violence in Melbourne on the three occasions, or the intensity that being involved in the nationalist cause involves. Who knows. I do hope it rolls along but the Brisbane organisers already are splitting from RA apparently. I'll still be there to support it in future. Regards to the UPF, we haven't had a group of nationalists willing to take on the Reds in their own capital, vastly outnumbered, since, well I can remember. They have balls of steel and it gives me hope. The reds are shit scared, and now at least the public can see who is really behind the violence on the streets if they have half a brain - Socialist Alternative/Alliance et al. These groups should be countered at every level

Whitelaw Towers said...

RE UPF "fizzle out soon enough," Im sorry I do not agree. I think this is just the start. Unlike many groups before them who still operate today but seem to be unable to expand, the UPF will keep growing as long as they keep surprising everyone.