Monday, July 20, 2015

Well Its About Bloody Time.

Listen to the Assistant Commissioner from Victorian Police Stephen Leane denounce Andy Flemings Antifa. HERE.

Now what does this mean?  Well at long last the real culprits are going to be under the microscope. For all the media lies and culpability in stirring trouble against Reclaim Australia and the UPF, common sense has at last prevailed.

For more years than I care to remember Andy Fleming along with his cadre of Anarchist, Anti Racists and well placed supporters in the Unions and in Pubic office, have gotten away with their lies.

The fact that for as long as we have been writing this blog, Andy Fleming and Australian Antifa have been guilty of stalking, blackmail, intimidation, criminal conspiracy and outright violence. Yet they have always claimed the moral high ground and used far to many Marxist journalist friends in the media to hide their crimes. But not any fucking more.

So what should we expect? Well after viewing some of the video footage and hearing Kieran Bennett screaming at his anarchist mates to attack the police and hinder them, my guess he is fucked. 

Also, considering he and Andy Fleming spent the last 7 months inciting their followers with posters and internet campaigns to smash, bash, kill members of the Reclaim and UPF, my guess Kieran and Andy are doubly fucked. If they aren't, well something is horribly wrong, or they truly have some very high support within the Australian Parliament and Union movement. My guess they will be hung out to dry like the last cocky bastard that exposed his well placed links to scrutiny, good old Mathew Henderson Hau from Fight Dem Back.

I just wish that some of the good folk who suffered the indignity of being defamed and shamed could be with us to see this rooster turned into a feather duster. Its a long time in the coming.

Fact of the matter the left are everything they say we are. Even the police admitted that Antifa  on the day didn't care about the UPF. They were just spoiling for a fight, a fight with the system that feeds these spoiled middle class, majority white, traitors. The mask is off, they showed the world that we have been spot on with this lot since Andy first appeared way back in 2004.

I will gladly hand over any and all material we have on these bastards to the authorities if requested.

Now when you finished listening to the above, you may be interested in listening to the following radio program. HERE Just click on the Sunday Morning Program and jump to the 30 minute mark. Some very interesting comments from a particular Muslim Security marshal from No Room For Racism. It doesnt get any clearer who the trouble making fanatics are.

Good Night Left Side! The fucking streets dont belong to Cultural Marxist Scum like you.   


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Report his site to National Security Hotline.

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