Monday, August 31, 2015

Bendigo Flag Burner Found.

The she male who not only burnt the National Flag in an attempt to create a riot has been identified. It just so happens to be involved in nearly every incident on the day. Probably undeniable proof her balls are much larger than the girly men who are with it.

At the end of the day its just another Fascist Antifascist trucked in from Melbourne by Stephen Jolly and Andy Fleming. Carrying on their Nation Wrecking Work on behalf of their masters.

Fascist Antifascist giving the salute.
Costing the tax payers of Victoria once again hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention wasting unknown resources in babysitting these Marxist in the largest Police operation ever to be held outside of Melbourne.

Notably missing on the day and most of this year, scum bag and all round Marxist King Pin Anthony Main. Anthony is probably busy giving evidence at the Royal Commission currently being held into Union corruption. But Anthony Main's non attendance didn't prevent his boy lover  Darren Rosso showing up.

You will remember Darren from the video below. An absolute shit bag seen below beating up the elderly with Yarra Socialist Anthony Main. How very North Korean of them.

But lets get back on track. Flag burner she male from Melbourne Fascist Antifascist. These idiots give legit Fascists like us a bad name. But if you believe all the Communist BS propaganda  from WW2 about the Gestapo's spy networks reporting on and silencing the citizens. You would be on the money saying these guys fit the bill perfectly. No doubt they really took it all in from their Left Wing Professor's at Uni or the local commissar at the Anarchist Squat. They listened that well they are now emulating the lies feed to them. But you and I dear reader know this is nothing but typical Marxist behavior and nothing to do with Fascism.

The Flag Burner.

Come at me bro
Attacking from behind, very typical.
Looking more like a very ugly boy here.
So I guess a name isn't very far off now. Cant wait.


Once said...

Wonder how she'll be feeling now she's been found? :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she is feeling proud, and ready to call for her "rights" to freedom of expression(even though the UPF arent entitled to the same "right" in her eyes). These scum are the eternal victims as are those that created them. She won't fear for her life as some are saying, because the Patriotic and Nationalist movements arent stupid enough to put their cause at risk for this kind of filth. Antifa Australia arent used to this type of opposition or the numbers involved. As it grows, so does Antifa's desperate, attention seeking, antics. They are doing a fine job of destroying themselves.